Men’s Swimwear: Your Style Guide


Can’t wait to enjoy the summers by the beach? When we talk about holidays by the beach, the most important thing to consider is a swimwear. Usually ladies are seen to take a piece of cake when it comes to swimwear. But time has changed now, they aren’t the only ones enjoying colorful swimwear. Men seem equally interested in it. Bored of those traditional men’s swimwear? It’s time to go vibrant and vivid! With the merman trend on, men are taking their swim wears seriously. If you are also thinking to buy swim wear for men, read on for some style tips… 

high Don’t forget the fit!

A wide range of options are available in the market starting from designer swim wears to contemporary & competitive swim suits. When trying to find a right swim wear for you, it’s important to consider the purpose of the swim wear, the fit and the kind of style that complements your body type. While broad shorts are best for taller men, basic swim trunks are better for short heighted ones. Whatever the kind of style you choose, remember that comfort and ease of movement is the first thing that you need to consider. Of course something really tight or loose isn’t flattering!

Key Styles in Swimwear for men

Board shorts: This type is perfect for teenagers and young men who love water sports. Thinner men should look for broad boxer shorts with bold patterns to add bulk and larger men should go for solid shades or subtle patterns to gain a slimmer look.

 Swim Trunks: These are the most comfortable and classic swim wear that works for almost all the ages and body types. These shorts make the legs appear taller, hence perfect for shorter men.

Square Cuts: If you like the fit of swim briefs, but are conservative in approach, a square cut swim suit will be perfect for you. This kind of swim wear is versatile and fit for all body types. The body hugging fabrics are comfortable and look trendy too.

Swim Briefs: Commonly known as speedos after the brand that introduced this style, they are tight fitted and minimalistic in appearance. These swimsuits allow ease of movement and provide comfortable support. It is best for athletic body types.

Jammers: They are ideal for speedy swimming. They look similar to cycling shorts, the tight fitted jammers provide more coverage than square cuts and briefs. They are generally worn by swimmers as they come with circulation improving compression technology.

Whether you choose board shorts or swim trunks, the key to look good is to carry it with confidence. So without wasting much time, go for it! Shop for men’s swimwear online as you are too handsome to have to look for a parking spot!



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