Your Guide to Dressing Business Casual

casual dress for men

The formal, black and white suit at work is a thing of the past. With workwear becoming relaxed at most offices, it becomes confusing to choose the right attire. Anything too casual would be inappropriate, while something full-on formal wouldn’t suit a relaxed dress code either.

Don’t let your professional dress code ruin your personal style or vice versa. With this simple guide, perfecting the business casual should be easier to nail…


You cannot do away with shirts even if it’s a business casual dress code. But instead of a rigid colour or type, you have a lot more freedom to play with colours and patterns. The business casual look is all about balance. Colours and statement clothing is okay, but remember that you’re still in office, so avoid making your look cluttered. If you want something other than shirts, a crew neck and casual t-shirts is also a good option.


When you choose trousers for business casual wear, make sure that they make a contrast with your shirt and jacket colours. The ideal business casual trouser would be slim and fit well. Chinos are a great option, so are certain trousers that are more relaxed than your regular suit pants. Cropped or upturned trousers that cut at the ankle are a great match for slip-on shoes like loafers, which must be worn sockless. Depending on the season, you can also pair cropped trousers with boots.


Your jackets must always be in a different colour than your trousers, so as to make a contrast. A navy or grey blazer, a short, tweed jacket, or a corduroy jacket are the top jacket choices for business casual wear. You must always wear a jacket that fits you well; the shoulders should sit right, the sleeves should be of the right length, and there should be no stretching when you button up. A light, neutral hue is best suited if your pants are dark. If you want something different, a V-neck jumper can be an ideal alternative to a jacket.


In a business casual look, keep the accessories to a minimum. Necktie isn’t required, belts can be woven, and socks can be done away with (considering the shoe). A nice watch, a pocket square in a bright hue, and a pair of stylish shoes are all the accessories you need to perk up your business casual attire.


There are more choices in shoes than in clothes when it comes to business casual attire. The most common business casual shoes are loafers and moccasins. The best part about them is that they are available in different colours so you can add a lot of variety to your looks.

If you aren’t sure about business casual shoes and would like to stick to the safer options, derby shoes and patent Oxfords would be your ideal choice. Derby shoes are more casual and easier to slip on, while Oxford shoes are more traditional lace-ups.

Final word…

Your office attire should help you stand out by lending your personal touch to the look. Always make sure your business casual attire is neat, sharp, and professional.


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