The Types of Men’s Dress Shirt Collars- and How to Choose the Right One


Choosing a shirt is a fairly easy task, at least when compared to the task of choosing the right dress shirt collar. With a plethora of dress shirt collars and with the traditional collars making a comeback, it can be really confusing to choose the right collar for the right occasion. Considering that the wrong collar at the wrong occasion is a serious etiquette mistake, one must be very careful. Plus, the right collar is a mark of sophistication and will make you stand out. Here’s a guide on the most common collars of today and how to wear them…

The Straight Point

When you’re looking for a balanced collar fit to be worn at formal and smart casual occasions, then the straight point collar is the one. This collar style is cut in straight lines that end in a point and is marked by its small spread. Usually associated with traditional men’s dress shirts online, the straight point collar looks best without a necktie.

The Spread Collar

As the name suggests, this collar is known for its huge spread and is best suited to formal occasions. The spread varies in widths and angles, but this type of collar is perfect for every kind of formal wear- from work to weddings. Always wear a necktie with a spread collar.

The Wing Tip Collar

This is the collar for black-tie events. Meant to be worn with a tuxedo and a bowtie, the wing tip collar is the most formal of them all. It’s a short collar with two small wings (hence the name). This isn’t a regular collar type and isn’t a wardrobe essential, unless you’re required to attend black-tie events every other day.

The Button-down collar

One of the most popular collar types, the button down collar is directly attached to the shirt with two buttons. It is best suited for casual occasion since it’s the least formal collar, and can be worn with or without a necktie. The button-down collar comes in a wide range of spreads, letting you choose according to occasion and men’s formal shirt online.

The Club Collar

A rare collar type dating back to the 1800s, the rounded or club collar was patronised by the Mods and golfers back in the day. The club collar requires a small tie knot, and remains a classic collar for the sophisticated gent.

The Tab Collar

Another rare collar type, this one requires an elaborate four in the hand knot and is usually favoured by men who prefer their collars traditional and vintage. It is actually a shorter form of the straight point collar. Remember that this collar type is very traditional and can never be worn without a tie. The coats and jacket you wear with it should be bespoke and classy.

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