The Essential Stuff: Oxford Shirt and Dress Shirt

PrintGuys, do you actually know the difference between dress shirts and oxford shirts? Are they interchangeable? Well, most guys consider them same because they both have collar, long sleeves and button, but there are actually some differences which you might not have noticed. Let’s get deeper into the detail…

An oxford shirt is like a dress shirt, but they are a bit different. They generally have a button down collar that eliminates the issue of collars flopping around. Also, the oxford shirt is named after the specific kind of fabric it is made from; the oxford cloth!

Though you can wear the classic oxford shirt with buttoned up suits, but this lends a more casual appeal to the shirt, making it less formal. Coming down to the comparison, oxford shirt versus dress shirt, there is none which is better than the other. The way you pull them off for different occasions makes a difference.

Style: The main difference between oxford shirts versus dress shirts lies in their style. Dress shirts generally tend to be conservatively styled and are colored in subtle tones. They tend to have stiffer collars. While oxford shirts are laid back shirts that come with lot of bigger and bolder patterns, pockets, epaulets, buttons and decorative stitching. The collar tends to be less stiff.

Size: Dress shirts are judged by neck size and sleeve length, while oxford shirt comes in sizes like small, medium, large and extra-large.

Fabric: Dress shirts are made from superior cotton fabric with high thread count. While oxford shirts are less conventional and come in rugged weaves like plain oxford or flannel. They come in various shades and patterns.

Length: As dress shirts are made to tuck in, so they are generally made longer while oxford shirts can be worn untucked as they are smaller in length.

Why invest in an oxford shirt?

Versatility: It looks good on every body type and it complements with rest of your wardrobe. They can be worn with casual pants and professional trousers, they look equally appropriate.

Comfort: The oxford material is generally woven in a basket weave pattern that is soft and comfortable and is less prone to wrinkles than a typical dress shirt made from cotton.

Durable: The heavier fabric and weave of shirts make them more durable and resilient as compared to other blends. It can be worn for 5 years or more and they look equally good as brand new shirts.

We would suggest to go for each type and pick one for each occasion. They key rule is to add more versatility in your wardrobe so that you don’t have to think much when dressing for different occasions. Keeping all this mind, go and grab some classic pieces!


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