How to shop responsibly

Fashion changes constantly. In fact, the men’s clothing market is not moving at a glacial pace anymore. Keeping up with the women’s fashion market, men’s clothing is also seeing new trends and fast fashion every season. The result is a highly competitive clothing industry and buyers falling prey to villainous marketers.

As shoppers, we must apply some discretion before picking up whatever is advertised to us. Whether you prefer to touch and feel your clothes before buying or are hooked to men’s online fashion stores, shopping responsibly can make a big difference to the your life as well as those of the people associated with the clothing industry…

Need vs Want

It helps to ponder a little. Do you really need that pair of pants when you already have 50 more? Is that shirt really going to make you look younger? Do you really think that tee is the answer to all your problems?

No. Clothes are necessary and style is appreciable, but it doesn’t mean you have to buy everything that’s being sold to you. New fashion every other week and increasingly competitive pricing result in more wastes and unfair labour practices. Learn to separate your wants from your needs.


Before buying from just any brand, do some research about the brand’s ethical practices, environmental credentials and fair labour practices. Visit the websites of brands and see if they publish clear details about where their clothes are made, what materials are used, and under what conditions.

It’s harder to do this for faceless, corporate labels but possible for smaller labels.

Buy second hand

There are small charity stores in every country where people can donate their clothes and can also buy preloved items. Not only do you find great deals at these places, but can also find your favourite designer wear at unbelievable prices. You also extend a garment’s lifespan and contribute to charity by buying preloved clothing, instead of shopping from fast fashion brands.

Care for your clothes

The best way to slow the fast fashion for Men cycle is to take care of the clothes you already have. To begin with, follow the care instructions that come with every garment, whether you do online men’s clothes shopping or buy from a shop. Wash your clothes less frequently, use the right heat and right detergents, and dry your clothes properly to avoid ironing.

Keeping your clothes organised in the wardrobe, not throwing them on the floor, and saving them from unnecessary wear and tear will make them last longer and have you shop less frequently.

Repair and recycle

Back when Men clothes weren’t cheap, a rip in the elbow or a torn seam didn’t mean the item was unwearable. It just needed a little repair and it was all good again. Ever thought of doing that for your clothes?

You don’t have to be able to know how to sew in order to repair your clothes. Just take them to a tailor or a dry cleaner and they’ll do it for you. Certain clothing brands and labels offer repair services completely free of charge.

When your clothes do reach the end of their lifespan, recycling is another option. Many stores and big labels take old clothes for recycling. If you shop from men’s fashion online store, you should be able to find stores that take clothes for recycling.


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