Retro sportswear back in style

Sports and fashion have merged many a time to result in stylish sportswear that double up as everyday casual wear. With the athleisure trend really big right now, sportswear doesn’t belong only to athletes anymore; just about anybody can incorporate casual sportswear into their everyday wardrobe.

This season, men’s sportswear is taking a nostalgic plunge and rediscovering five old-school items that were once part of men’s sportswear. With all things vintage being revived, these classic sportswear pieces are also finding their place back in mainstream fashion…

Open collar polo shirt

The Sixties saw the rise of both sports and the open collar polo shirt. This retro piece is once again back in fashion, and can be a sophisticated casual wear option rather than to a game of tennis. An open collar polo shirt is best worn in crisp white or other neutral hues like blue or beige, and paired with slim-fit trousers and slip-ons shoes.

Track Jacket

A sportswear classic, the track jacket is lightweight abs versatile, and has rules on and off the athletic track for years. When wearing a track jacket, opt for deeper hues since this piece of clothing looks best colorful while being reminiscent of the original track jacket. For a sporty look with a refined touch, pair plain, dark denims and smart shoes (with or without white socks) with the outfit.

Sports shorts

Men’s shorts come in a variety of styles, but the sports or athletic shorts are back in fashion again. They are slightly higher cut than the average chino or denim shorts and it lends a sharper silhouette to the garment. Sports shorts aren’t just meant to be worn by athletes; men who want to flaunt a stylish, relaxed, off-duty look can also go for a pair of shorts in a neutral hue and wear them with anything, from a simple T-shirt to a polo. Sports shorts are usually made in nylon or jersey and are comfortable for all-day wear.

White trainers

Men’s white tennis trainers are a welcome break from all the loud colours and designs that have taken over the sneaker market. While these are called tennis trainers, they are extremely versatile and can be worn for a number of casual looks. Understated and timeless, the white tennis trainers are best paired with cropped trousers and a polo for the ultimate sports casual look.

The Barrel Bag

Even though it never really went out of fashion or use, the barrel bag is being reinvented over the last few years, and has become the favourite of more people than just gym-goers. With style, comfort, and the right amount of space to carry your everyday essentials, the barrel bag is a great alternative to your weekender or duffel bag, and also has a strong sporting history behind it.

Retro sportswear can be turned into an elegant and sophisticated casual wear option. Embrace retro sportswear this season to stand out from the crowd.


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