Going flawless with Chinos


No one knows why men’s fashion changes at snail’s pace. Sometimes it take years to trickle down the lane, but when a fashion idea enters the road, it tends to stay there for a while. One such outlandish fashion material is khaki pants and chino pants for men. Though both the terms are generally used interchangeably, but both are different. We are here to let you know the difference between slim chino pants and khaki pants.

What are chino pants?

Earlier chino pants were profusely abused by the fashionistas calling it a baggy loose fitted garment worn by desperate people. But now time has changed and so has the chinos. Nowadays, these pants are available in a better fit, good construction and in different shades. Truly, these pants have revived against all the odds and have become a popular option among men. A great substitute for denims in summers, they are surely in vague right now. You can buy men chino pants from sale as they offer incredible options and features under one roof.

The revival of Chinos

If we talk about the difference between khakis and chinos, then let me tell you, khaki is not a pant or any kind of fabric, rather it is a shade. Some people tend to interchange these terms, but this is incorrect. Unlike Khaki, chino refers to the fabric that these pants are made from. It is a twill fabric made from 100% cotton, which is durable and rugged. Its origin dates back to Spanish American War when men in force used to wear it because of its durability.

PrintIf we go deep down in the history lane, we will come to know that its actual origin lies in China, which lent its name Chino that means Chinese in Spanish. As told above Khaki is not a fabric, rather a color fumed by Sir Harry Lumsden for British Force in the year 1848. Literally describing it, this color is a mixture of coffee, curry powder and mulberry juice. A point to remember is that many chino pants are available in khaki shade but not all khaki pants are chinos. We hope that you got the difference!

Final words

With the era of men shrinking trousers, chino pants have dominated the market. Thanks to their shorter and tighter fit. Frankly speaking, the right proprietor for chinos is the 21st century man. So are you the one to go for chinos, or still wish to remain with your denims?


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