10 Things You Must Never Ever Wear to Office

Every man who has to go to office every day surely knows that some things are not to be worn to work. Yet, there’s no dearth of men who make those blunders again and again, incorrigibly. Not only are they eyesores but can also be in violation to your office dress code. Out of all the blunders that men make when dressing for office, here are the top ten that make you look anything from sloppy to ridiculous.

Wrinkled clothes

Seriously, every adult MUST know how to use a simple iron. When you turn up at work in wrinkled shirt and pants, you not only give the impression that you don’t take your work seriously, but also aren’t capable of doing everyday things like ironing your clothes.


Barring the watch and wedding band, any other jewellery is out of place at the office. The importance of this cannot be stressed enough. Even if you like having jewellery on yourself, leave them at home before heading to work.

Non-leather shoes

Leather shoes aren’t classy and timeless without a reason. They last long, look sleek and polished, and go best with your office formals. Shoes made of cheap materials harm your feet, wear off quickly, and look unprofessional at the workplace.


Are you a school kid? Do you carry text books? Do you need separate compartments for books, pens, glue, etc? Are you going for a hike?

If your answer to those were no, then you shouldn’t be carrying a backpack to work. Grow up, get yourself a decent briefcase.

Fancy belts

Belts are not just for holding your pants up; they make a big impression, depending on how you wear it. Keep the fancy belts and buckles for other occasions, and choose the sleek, subtle, leather belt for work always.

Gym socks

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that no one can see your socks. At some point, your pants are going to ride up and let your socks show, and what a disaster it would be.

Loud patterns

Keep the wild prints and patterns for casual occasions. Your office attire should be neat and clean, free from anything loud and distracting. They don’t make you look the professional adult you’re supposed to be.


Unless you work at a garden or a poolside, sandals are something you shouldn’t even think of wearing to office. Next time you do, see in the mirror how you look wearing sandals with office formals.


Hats shouldn’t be worn indoors. It’s rude to do that. We’re assuming you do not work under the blazing sun, so there’s no reason you should be wearing a hat to office.

Dirty clothes

It’s time to learn how to use a washing machine. Enough said.

Your workplace is where you have all the opportunities in the world to make a great impression. Don’t let your attire ruin everything for you.

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