Check out some great exercises to build muscles in the right way

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Working for long hours in the office and then getting worried about what to have for dinner, is what everyone’s daily routine these days. And when all of a sudden a thought strikes you just like a lightning bolt, that you should join a gym, you are all ready to burn a hole in your pocket. Well, when the next day arrives, comes along the laziness that screws the whole plan. So, take it the easier way and follow these easy muscle building Exercises that will make your day and more to come.

Pike Push-Ups and Split Squat Jumps

You can start the pike push-ups by doing sets of 4 with reps of 12 and the split squat jump of 4 sets having 10 reps for each leg. For pike position, you only need to keep your arms and legs straight while keeping your hips high. Now lower yourself slowly and then bring back your body in the same manner. For Squat jump, you basically need to jump in the air while doing a squat down. And when you do that you have to land in the opposite stance by quickly repeating the exercise.

Spiderman Crawl and Push-Ups

This exercise will have sets of 6 and reps of 10 each where in Spiderman crawl you will have to take your body forward by taking a step ahead with your right arm and right leg. It is just like the way the Spiderman crawls. And same goes for the push-ups in his style, where you keep your one leg up while performing the traditional push-up.


On an average, you can do a set of 10 reps at an interval of 30 seconds and repeat the same 4-5 times. This exercise is considered as the best home remedy to enhance your core strength and tone your midsection immensely. If you are a beginner, then don’t lift your back up entirely as this might cause strain the back muscles. Make sure that you continuously exhale and contract your abs while you perform this exercise.

Triceps Lunges and Dips

Never forget a leg day, they say. So, all you need to do is with a standing position, take a leap of faith forward ( a step is what we mean) and bend the knee to 90 degrees. Do this with each leg for 3 sets of 10 each and keep the shoulders straight every time you do it. For the dips exercise, all you need is sit and rise from a stair or a chair or an edge of the seat and complete a set of 20. Remember to keep the shoulders down and elbows real close to your body while exercising.

This exercise might seem quite easy to perform. However, as you get a hold of the sets faster you can increase the reps according to your strength. You will notice the difference sooner than you expected if you tend to follow the regime strictly.

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