Break Up-How to Make Vendetta Technique Work for You

Break ups are part of our lives. In our times, various men including Ranbir Kapoor to Akshay Kumar to Shahid Kapoor have witnessed them. And it’s not just the Bollywood celebrities, a lot of us, including your close friends have dumped the buckets of ice creams, chocolates or watched weepy romantic films in the vengeance after a break up. Is it a solution? No. we, at offer you a solution that may make you look like a million bucks.

Wear street style clothes– Starting from deep navies to crisp whites to nautical trend to bold red, street style stripes are in trend.

How to sport the look?

Keep the look casual by wearing a thick statement stripes on t-shirts and jacket. Team it up with darker sunglasses.

Go for brown suede shoes- Brown suede shoes are worth to invest in. It lends timelessness to the looks.

Another option to consider is men’s espadrilles India because they are cool as cucumber. Sweat is an inevitable part of summer season that causes unpleasant feeling and inconvenience for the job commute hence Espadrilles online India is the solution. They are light weight, breathable shoes designed to keep us cool, even in the toughest conditions.

Espadrilles shoes in India are versatile, comfortable and well ventilated footwear that keeps you calm even during the sweltering heat.

Fedoras- It is practical yet stylish contemporary wear. It is available in various colours and offers maximum versatility. Beiges are summer staple, but if you want to go beyond that rusty green or dark navy can serve you better.

Traditional gingham motif-You can never go wrong with the traditional gingham motif. It is the ultimate and classic trend. Conventional colours should be considered while buying gingham shirts. Keep things timeless, and diluted! Gingham accessories like belts, ties and pocket squares further perk up your overall look.

Denim shirt-whether you may call it as a new trend or old trend, this trend have earned a revival. Update your wardrobe with relaxed denim shirts for Men. They are versatile and are available in both darker and lighter shades. Tailored denim jackets are also an option to consider.

Tartan print-this back to school print has come up with the newest interpretation. Apart from shirts, tartan blazers also work well. They create a statement piece and are available in alluring shades. Go slow by introducing classic print styles or be bold with brighter versions of the print.

Final words

Taking revenge in this form is healthy and is the best way to reclaim the self-worth. We all have heard this quote,” Don’t get mad, get even”, but we say don’t get mad, get smoking hot. It is the best way to release tension.


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