What to consider when purchasing a swimwear?


Old world charm still dominates the swimwear segment, but thankfully at Zobello – Online Fashion Store for Men we offer you limitless options to select from. Here we have mentioned some trend upgrades in the swimwear market:

Types of swim wear

Before you zero upon any kind of swimwear, remember that it’s really important for you to pick the style that matches with your own taste, preference and purpose. Not every swimwear is made for your body. Swimwear is a versatile wear, so you need to think upon what else you will be wearing with it. Today’s choice of swimwear focuses more on practicality and looking good. The most popular kind of swimwear is loose cut. However, there are other choices available too with respect to function, length, looseness before and after.

Here are some of them:

Cool swim trunks– they are common like board shorts and very similar to everyday shorts. These swim trunks generally have lining inside the shorts and they are made from polyester and nylon.

Men swim briefs– the men swim briefs are similar to competitive swimsuits with a difference that they don’t have aerodynamic features like drawstrings, pockets, patches, and seaming.

Thong– a thong swimsuit on a man may be considered as sexy by some people, but other label it as a nude show. Whatever the case is thongs are not appropriate for public beaches. Moreover, one must have an extra ordinary physique to look appealing in such a swimsuit. Shoppers who have the body to flaunt such swimsuit can find it in different materials, colors and styles to select from.

Jammers-apart from traditional swimsuits, jammers are also available for sport athletes and competitive swimmers.

Wet swimsuit-before you buy swimwear for Men, remember wet swimsuits are the best for people who remain under water for prolonged period of time, because it massively reduces the loss of heat. They are close fitted garment that won’t keep you dry the entire day.

Graphic swimwear for mens– Graphic swimsuit for men reflects your personality. It is available in various colors, prints and shades. If you are a little conservative then graphic prints are not the right choice for you, and if you are not comfortable at exhibiting your assets, its better to avoid snug briefs.

How to style up your swimwear?

Whether you buy mens swimwear online or a classic swimsuit, these accessories are must have:High performance swimming goggles, head vortex performance swimming goggles, swimming vest, mask, swimming cap, swimming arm band, to name a few

What not to buy?

If you truly want to look trendy, avoid bright shades and stick to navy or charcoal grey. Also, remember pin stripes and polka dots are not only two patterns that you should think about. Make your purchase based on color, fit, length, style, purpose, preference and don’t be a fashion victim.

Final words

On that note, now you know that there are a plenty of options to select from. But remember, buy a swimwear that you feel most comfortable in.


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