Dos and Don’ts of Wearing a Blazer


There are few things as versatile as the blazer. In a rapidly changing men’s fashion scenario, there aren’t many constant pieces of clothing. But the blazer for men has stood the test of time. A premium quality, finely tailored blazer can be heavy on the wallet, but the good news is that you can wear it to several places, from casual to office formal.

The blazer is no longer only the top half of a suit. It can be worn with everything from denims to shorts. It can be worn to every occasion, from work to weekend. The blazer can be your best friend no matter what your style and what the occasion.

But to be able to bend the blazer rules, you first have to know them really well. Here are right dos and don’ts of men’s blazers…

1. Do ensure that the fabric of the blazer is durable and made of natural fibres. Blazers made of natural fibres not only last longer but also keep you more comfortable than synthetic fibres.

2. Do make sure the blazer fits you well. Always go for lightweight blazers because they fit better and also keep you more relaxed. Lightweight blazers can also be easily dressed up or down according to occasion.

3. Instead of sticking to a single fabric, feel free to experiment. There are several high quality blazer fabrics and they are all great, from light glossy twill weaves, simple tropical plain weaves to linen or linen silk blends. You can keep different fabrics for different occasions.

4. Plain and neutral colours work best in blazers, making them versatile and flexible. Be it colours or textures, always keep things plain and simple. This makes the blazer easier to style and work with different outfits.

5. Play around with the undershirt. While a shirt and tie is the usual pairing with a blazer, they can be easily replaced by a T-shirt, a jumper, or even a sweatshirt. Pick your undershirt according to the occasion to add more punch to the outfit.

6. When pairing sneakers with a blazer, stick to simple, clean designs. Avoid any sneaker that looks like it’s meant to be worn to the gym. Only wear understated, minimal sneaker styles with your blazer.

7. Keep it neutral when wearing a blazer for work. Your blazer shouldn’t stand out with weird or bold colours. It should be in an office appropriate colour like navy, grey or black. Use accessories and accents instead to spice up your outfit.

8. Maintain the size of the blazer. It shouldn’t be shorter than your shirt. Letting your shirt hang below your blazer will make you look like you’re wearing someone else’s oversized blazer.

The blazer can be played around with in many ways. Know the blazer style rules to be able to break or redefine them.

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