Surprising Interview Tips for Job Seekers


Finally, you have been successful in the college exam, but amidst this tension one more stress is peeping in. Yes! You guessed it right-Job. How to achieve a particular job? Is there any specific direction that you need to adhere to? How to be a perfect candidate for the job? Well, in this article we will describe everything in a detail.

Prepare your resume- your resume is the reflection of your personality and it does mark impression on the recruiter. This is your entry way to get a job. But through this paper you need to create an impact. But how to outgrow from the competitors and jaded HR professionals! Well, we have rounded up the cream of the crop so that you don’t need to visit here and there for the advice on how to succeed in an interview.

Tip 1- Prepare resume keeping in mind the length-before preparing a resume, remember it is important not to hoot everything on the paper because an average recruiter scan your resume in 6 seconds.

Tip 2- try to use the right words for the resume-you will be surprised to know that some words are acceptable and others are worst terms to be used in the CV. Here are some words that you need to avoid like best of the pack instead of that you can write achieved, go-getter attitude instead of that you can write improved, thinking outside the box, instead of that you can write trained/mentored how many people, team player instead of that you can write ideas implemented, and the list moves on.

Tip 3- Dress right for the interview- well, when it comes to interview, you need to dress appropriately.

Avoid wearing double breasted suit; as a single breasted suit is better and safe bet. Fabric must be season appropriate and neatly pressed. Wear the navy suit for the first round of interview and grey for the second round of an interview. Don’t buy sweatpants for men online India. A blazer or sports jacket is again too casual to wear for the interview process. If you are searching for a position in academia, where professionals are not required to dress formally, then unwind your fashion sense in a different way. But it doesn’t give you liberty to wear espadrilles mens India.  Espadrilles India men are casual and trendy shoes meant for non-formal occasion. Hence, our advice is to stick to classical and traditional dressing sense like navy blazer, formal trouser and blue shirt. The location of the interview may be different, but the purpose is the same.

Last but not the least; if you are planning to buy espadrilles men online ditch the idea and substitute it with the dress shoes.


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