An introduction towards Plimsoll Shoes


The plimsoll shoes is a kind of athletic shoe with canvas as upper sole and rubber at lower part. It is a kind of beachwear shoe. The plimsoll shoes are one of the effortless ways to look stylish. You can pair them with sweatpants or jersey shorts. In this article, we will discuss a little about origin of men’s plimsolls and why it has gained momentum.

Origin of shoes

Its origin can be traced back to the parts of the United Kingdom and is also called as a sand shoe and has acquired its name from Nicolette Jones Book the Plimsoll Sensation. In the UK, plimsolls were generally worn by the school children.

Sometimes, they are also referred to as a modern substitute of espadrilles.

You can team it up with:

You can team up these shoes with jeans or shorts or anything that you call as casual. They will look good no matter what you wear it with. You can find a lot of brands in these shoes. But not all shoes are the best; you need to select an appropriate company that offers a notch above quality shoes.


What kind of shoes are in fashion?

White and off white plimsoll shoes– the white and off-white plimsoll shoes are the best colors among them. Various designs are available. These shoes are summer appropriate and look cool with jeans and linen shirt.

  • The brown laced version
  • The brown laced shoe looks classy and is a little bit expensive. If you really want to spend a huge amount on the shoes, then they are the perfect shoes for luxurious people. It really looks sexy!
  • The grey plimsoll shoes

The grey plimsoll shoes look cool on anything and everything. They are very casual and you can wear them with the jeans and shorts. Not only they are comfortable, but also one of the best option available in the market.

The slip on plimsoll shoes

The slip on plimsoll shoes is classy and stylish. They can be teamed up with casual attire and semi- formal clothes. They look cool and are available in a wide array of options. Moreover, they are extremely comfortable and look stylish.

Black shoes

Nothing beats the beauty of black shoes. These shoes can be worn with the formal attire and casual shoes. They are damn comfortable and stylish. Wear them and see the difference.

Final words

In a nutshell, plimsolls are the best casual shoes that can be worn on the different occasion. Add them in your wardrobe and see the impact that they create. Want to know more about these shoes? Or still confused on how to sport them? Well, stay tuned to our blog Zobello – Online Fashion Store for Men.


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