Men’s blazer style guide

A blazer differentiates men from the boys. When a boy grows into a man, faces situations where he has to dress up and present his best self, he starts needing a blazer. If there is one garment that can instantly make any outfit come alive, it is the blazer. The many reasons to wear a blazer include its versatility, its stylishness, the ease to mix and match with different outfits, and its ability to give a masculine shape to your physique with its V form. It’s certainly an indispensable garment in a man’s wardrobe.

The blazer began as a class distinction back in the 19th century, when the elite classes wore the blazer with their own style and color codes to differentiate themselves from the other classes. Today, the blazer is worn by all, and there are various styles and designs it is available in. Just throw on a blazer and your outfit is instantly transformed from casual to smart-casual.

With blazers being a must-have item for today’s men, there are a number of modifications that they have undergone in the last few years. From designers to big brands, everyone now has their own take on the garment, which means there are a number of designs and materials that the garment is available in.


Blazers aren’t just available in blue, grey, and black anymore. Whatever your taste, you’re going to find a blazer to your liking. From pink to neon green to maroon, there’s a color out there for you. Just make sure you wear the appropriate color to the appropriate place!


Like colors, there’s a lot more variety in the pattern department also. From a herringbone blazer to a printed one, there’s no end to the number of styles you can get with the modern blazer. You can wear a formal solid blazer to work, and a chic velvet blazer to a party, and a bold printed one with your summer shorts. Even if the rest of your outfit is plain, just a stylish blazer can bring your look alive.


Blazers can be made of various materials. Your choice of blazers should ideally depend on the season. During autumn and winter, the perfect choice would be a worsted wool or flannel blazer because it keeps you warm. In summer, go for lightweight like cotton or linen since they keep you cool and comfy.


There are three categories of blazer pockets: the jetted pocket blazer, the flapped pocket blazer, and patchpocket blazer.


Blazers usually come in two variants: single-breasted and double-breasted. While single-breasted blazers are more common, double-breasted one are for those looking for something dressier.

Whether you choose solids or patterns, single-breasted or double-breasted, when it comes to blazers for men, there’s no beating its class and elegance. With a number of different kinds of blazers in your wardrobe, you can be confident of looking stylish and dapper no matter what the occasion.


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