New Ways to wear Denim!

tIf there were one fashion trend that you can’t do without, it would be denim! Men’s denim shirts are the ultimate go-to option to add to simple denim jeans, cropped pants, printed trousers, men’s shorts and practically everything in your closet. Whether you opt for the statement indigo shade or a light washed acid shade, this fashion trend is a must-have for any season. Buy men’s printed shirts in chambray designs to go with chino pants in beige, dark brown or camouflage prints for a smart look. Style the overall ensemble with black biker boots or rugged Derby boots in a dirty green shade. Chambray shirts can be styled as an outerwear jacket, with oversized statement black tee shirts and corduroy pants for a diverse way of wearing denim.

On Zobello, you can find a dynamic selection of blue denim shirts online. Their classic and utilitarian vibe offers a strangely vintage feel that’s hard not to fall in love with. Wear these eye-catching shirts layered with white polo tees and brown corduroy jackets for a formal touch. Look for tie and dye shirts in new age faded details that look great tucked in a pair of faded blue denim jeans. Style the look with your favourite white sneakers or faux leather mesh loafers. Denim shirts also make the perfect airport look, when worn with biker boots and jogger pants in grey or light brown shades. You can always add on a long-sleeved denim jacket or white corduroy outerwear coat or even a slogan sweatshirt hoodie!

If you’re simply meeting the guys for a Ginger ale or a beer at the local sports bar, pick a grungy, relaxed outfit that makes it easy for you to play a game of pool whilst attract some attention from female onlookers! In order to nail the macho, cool guy vibe, wear a faded denim shirt with dark washed denim for a denim on denim ensemble or white pants for a sophisticated and unique look. Pull together the overall look with a woven brown belt and oversized Derby boots in a dark brown shade.

Denim shirts and denim jackets are versatile pieces for your everyday ensembles. Be it a casual lunch with your family, a biking weekend trip with the guys, or an airport ride for a business client meeting, these street-smart and always on-trend basics will stay in your closet for years to come. Worn with cropped pants, stripe black and white trousers, khaki men’s shorts, white pants, and acid washed or ripped denim jeans, denim and chambray shirts add eye-catching appeal and always make a statement wherever you go. These classics will never really go out of style and can definitely rescue you out of fashion faux pas situations! It also offers a great way to invest in key pieces that play the role of transitional dressing in your summer and spring wardrobe with apparent ease. So, we suggest you shop for denim and chambray shirts online and pick distressed and tie and dye prints to better carry off the style in a big way!


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