Clean suede shoes the right way


If you own a precious pair of suede shoes, then your worst nightmare would be someone stepping on them. And while going about your day, such instances can always happen, especially in crowded places. What do you do? Do you head straight back home and start cleaning your shoes?

Suede may need to be given a little more care than usual, but it isn’t all that difficult to clean. Whether due to a freak accident or because of normal wear and tear, shoes are going to get dirty. But don’t worry. Suede shoes can be cleaned easily at home. Here are six ways you can do it…

Get a suede brush

To clean dirt and scuff marks, a suede brush is your best bet. This is particularly helpful if your shoe is completely suede and has a soft grain. You can purchase this brush with a suede cleaning kit. A suede brush removes dirt and marks when rubbed vigorously in both directions. But before cleaning with a brush, make sure your shoes are completely dry.

Get an eraser

For marks or stains that won’t come off with a brush, you need to use a suede block, which is kind of an eraser that gets rid of stains and also softens the material. Suede blocks don’t harm shoes no matter how hard you scrub, so you can afford to rub vigorously to remove stains and marks.

Remove water stains carefully

There’s only one way to remove water stains on suede, and that is to clean it with water. It’s true that water can discolor suede, but if applied properly, water helps clean stubborn stains.

First, apply a thin coat of water on the outside of the shoe, and let it dry overnight in a well-ventilated area. When the shoes are completely dry, gently use a suede brush to bring the grain back into proper position.

Invest in a suede cleaning kit

A kit is great because it contains everything you’d need to clean your shoes the right way. Depending upon the type of kit, it’s going to contain a brush, block, or bar of pumice, a cleanser, and a protector. The kit usually comes in a leather bag, and is stylish enough to stack in your wardrobe.

Clean stains before they set

In case of stubborn stains like ink, blood, or wine, make sure you clean them before the stain sets in. If possible, immediately grab a towel or tissue, and blot it up quickly. Then use a brush to scrape off the stain. Use can also use sandpaper to remove stubborn stains, but you also run the risk of damaging your shoes. For stains that you cannot remove at home, take them to the cobbler.

Protect your shoes

Suede is vulnerable to stains, marks, and scratches, and is harder to clean than most other shoes. Therefore, a lot of care must be taken when wearing suede shoes. To begin with, always use a suede protectant spray after every cleaning and every time you wear the shoes. You must never wear your suede shoes without applying a protector first. It guards your shoes, and keeps stains from settling in.

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