Holi Fashion for Men


The festival of colours is here again with fun, frolic and fashion. This is one occasion where you can let your hair down and enjoy to your heart’s content. Besides, it is also an opportunity to flaunt the latest Holi fashion trends. Go all white, or mix and match colours, with these in-season fashion trends, you can stand out at a Holi party even when you’re bathed in colours!

Tank: For comfort and style when you play with colors, there’s nothing like a good tank top. They provide you with all-day comfort, perfectly go with both pants and shorts, and also let you flaunt your gym body. Zobello has a wide range of tank tops for men, which come with both sleeved and sleeveless. Depending upon your choice of outfit, you can pick any tank top from the range to make Holi a fashionable occasion.

T-shirts: If you are seeking basic t-shirts to celebrate Holi in, then you’re in luck, because Zobello has a huge variety of t-shirts for men. From short sleeved to sleeveless, plain to patterned, there’s something to satisfy everyone style needs. Whether you pair your t-shirts with shorts, jeans, or cargos, the range of colors and designs available at Zobello is unmatched. Along with style, you also get all-day comfort that lets your skin breathe and stay cool.

Swim shorts: This is one item you cannot do without during Holi. Whether you play colors in them or take a post-play dip, swim shorts are a saving grace during Holi. Not only do they provide you with comfort and convenience, they also make you look stylish and cool. Zobello’s range of quick dry swim shorts is made of comfortable, skin friendly nylon that wicks moisture and dries fast. You are spoilt for choice, with six different colors and patterns. With Zobello’s range of swim shorts, you’re sure to have a colorful Holi.

Shirts: For the Holi party, you need to dress up, and what can be better or more stylish for an evening party than a cool, casual shirt? When you need to look smart and dapper, Zobello comes to your rescue with a handsome selection of men’s shirts, ranging from plaid to striped, solid to patterned. Irrespective of what kind of designs you prefer, there’s always something for you at Zobello. Choose from long or short sleeves, printed or knit, and a variety of colors.

Chinos: Something to go with your shirt that isn’t a pair of jeans? Try chinos from the house of Zobello. They look smart and neat, and will be a hit at the post-Holi party. You may have played the most with colors in the day, but when it’s evening and there’s a party, you must look your best. There are slim fit cotton chinos, casual twill chino pants, Lycra pants, stretch chinos, and many more at Zobello. Pair them with your shirts or tees to make a smart Holi look.

Holi is as much about fashion as it is about colors. Keep you fashion up to date this Holi with Zobello by your side!


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