Polo Shirt for Every Occasion


Polo shirt best known as tennis or golf shirt, is a form of shirt with a collar with a planket with two or three buttons, and a pocket (optional). Polo is the T-shirt’s more structured cousin that make men instantly put together. They are one of the most versatile styles of shirt complimenting both work and off work setting. It is considered as the dressier counterpart of a casual tee. It can be teamed up with any type of bottomwear and suits at various occasions. The additional stretch and breathability make them exponentially more comfortable. We witness increasing number of man on beaches, around town leisurely strolling in this piece of clothing. This is a great attire for summer occasions, be it a brunch, golf game or any casual outing.

Let’s face it, polo shirts are worn interchangeably with everything from casual wear to ripped denim jeans. Some men wear them stained whereas others wear them underneath perfectly tailed suits to dinner on a yacht. These shirts have successfully find their place with James Bond on sun spel perfectly paired with Omega Seamaster.


Despite Polo t-shirts broad use, there are few rules that all men should swear by to look dapper in this elegant piece of clothing. To get the look, avoid wearing undershirts with a polo shirt. If your finger can’t stick between a bicep and your sleeve, get a bigger size that fit you well. It should drape nicely around your body without showing much. Also make sure that the trail of your shirt should not go midway past your buttocks. Always try to tuck in your shirt as it looks cleaner. Give the shirt its due by not pairing it up with blazer as fitted shirt looks much better with it. Collar of Polo T-shirts should not be popped up as it seems that you are wearing sunglasses in the evening.

Polo Shirts online are available on portals like Zobello under Topwear section. The range has Striped Pique  men’s Polo T-shirt, Casual Cotton Polo T-Shirts, Indigo Printed Polo T-Shirt and many other. These shirts are available in different colors and is made of 100% cotton with slight stretch and cool finish. These fabrics range from Soft Egyptian cotton to 100% Polyester. This provide superior feel to your ensemble. Polo t-shirts for men are super stylish and are a wardrobe must have for every man crafted from durable fabric with minute attention to detail. These t-shirts are expertly tailored to fit perfectly and give you extra comfort.

Collar Polo t-shirts for men has great following among them as it symbolizes assertion without authority. These shirts are always associated with confident men who have an entity of their own without extra baggage of proving themselves. Therefore these shirts represent today’s men – the modern Indian man – who is clear in his choice without posing a threat to his counterparts. This symbolism finds its takers in the society giving these Buy t-shirts for men a platform online on a larger scale.


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