How to Pull Off Celebrity Looks in Men’s Shorts!


Whether you draw fashion inspiration from Justin Bieber or Ansel Elgort, you have to nail the basic styling techniques when it comes to wearing men’s shorts. The relaxed and laidback nature of this casual wear category has ushered a new fashion trend in itself. Men’s shorts in cheeky above the knee styles or bubblegum pinks and floral reds have percolated every section of the male wardrobe. The best part about the above the length version of men’s shorts is its versatility in fitting every body type. You can team up the trunks with a vintage T-shirt in a bright hue or even choose a hoodie and canvas white and black espadrilles for cocktail hour and a dinner, and you’ll still look charming and great.

Find shorts for men online and create ensembles that are uncomplicated, stylish and totally fun! While shopping for men’s shorts online, Indian fashion platform Zobello is a great idea as it is filled with the latest styles in menswear fashion. While picking out shorts for men, go with a length suits your body type and style.

You can always opt for the most wearable style- knee-skimming shorts in nautical blues and greens. Camouflage print jackets pair so stylishly with white Tees and denim chambray shorts. While shopping, choose ocean-themed blues and whites, while also incorporating a fair share of the sunny yellows and dreamy pinks! Bright colors side, navy blue and cream white also enjoy star power as the color of the season for the summer months. Also, pick out patterns and prints that are fashionably influenced by Eastern elements such as fish, plants, dragons, animals and flowers! Formal men’s shorts are also categories to explore, especially when you’re heading for a weekend brunch or an impromptu beach vacation. Find trousers for men online that are fitted with attractive drawstrings and oversized pockets for stylish as well as functional appeal.

For this season, look to the 1950s and 1960s for some inspiration and go with psychedelic floral prints as well as short-sleeved shirts in white and light pink colors. As temperatures rise, you can easily ditch your heavy knit jacket and instead opt for a button down Oxford shirt. Pick out Hawaiian theme shorts and retro Cuban collar shirts. For an even more summer-appropriate look, don’t be afraid to pick dark colors and girly florals. Keep your accessories in basic brown and black, navy, or white, and let that big floral and tropical palm print in green and yellow speak for itself.

The warmer vacation months invite a fusion of color – green, pink, red and yellow on top-wear and bottom wear styles. Green is a color that is currently booming on the runways and International fashion charts and can be definitely worn in the form of khaki trousers, green cacti-motif shirts or all-color head to toe green Tees and shorts. Beginners to the bright color wheel should complement such hues with subtle accessories such as brown satchel bags, white canvas sneakers and black Derby hats to keep the overall ensemble put together and lively.


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