Fashion isn’t for Men – The Stylish Men’s Clothing Store Today Narrates a Different Tale

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It has been a well-known and widely accepted stereotype for ages that men and fashion don’t go hand-in-hand and the fashion fraternity has essentially been perceived as a women’s exclusive for long now. However, the latest trending fashion styles ruling the fashion industry in men’s wear is showing an absolutely different scenario. With so much happening in the men’s fashion zone, it surely speaks volumes about the fact that rules of the game are changing with increasing number of men having a renewed interest towards their personal style.

Also, just as fashion awakening is taking place in the industry for men and now, men are taking fashion rather seriously, the clothes shopping for men comes across as a crucial aspect to deal with. As tricky as it gets for women’s shopping, the work in action is no less when it comes to shopping for men as well. Even though there are a myriad of trends doing the rounds today for men’s fashion and with the presence of numerous stylish men’s clothing store, both online as well as offline, there’s much scope but the key lies in getting your hands on the styles that suit your personality just right and fit the occasion perfectly. And so, we bring here together some of the classics which deserve to be part of every men’s wardrobe and can promise to help save you at almost every time and place. You have these essentials with you and you are sorted.

Stripes and Checks- Striped as well as Men’s checked shirts and t-shirts are the evergreen style which have been there and are here to stay for time immemorial, never going out of fashion. Choose your favourite striped/ checked crisp shirt with a formal trouser at a day in office or pair a t-shirt in the pattern with your favourite jeans and you are good to go for any casual outing.

Blazer- You can never go wrong with investing in a stylish blazer or two to enhance your layering game like anything. While adding a blazer to your look helps bring that refinement, it also makes any casual t-shirt and jeans combination in an instant slightly formal, smart look for a special event. One can go for blacks or neutral shades like beige, greys, olive green etc. or if you’re feeling adventurous, you may even try your hands at some vibrant shades of blues and purples.

Denims- Of course, every wardrobe is incomplete with a couple of good pairs of your go-to jeans, which can come in real handy at all times. While shades of blues, such as the basic blue, dark navy blue and the washed blue denims is a must, a pair of black jeans is also quintessential to your styling stack, particularly for those evenings with your girl.

Formal Suit Sets- Need we say how critical it is to have atleast a couple of decent formal suits, particularly in basic colours such as black or steel grey, for those impromptu business meetings or even those official trips with your boss. One important point is to never mix your party and professional formal suits together. You can’t swap them, period.

Monochromes- Now, a crisp white shirt is a like a ‘home-cooked meal’, no matter how much you like to eat out, you eventually get back to your roots. In fashion, the monochrome shirts are like a tradition, a ritual one has to be part of. What’s more, you need not waste a second to think about how and when to wear your white or even that envious black shirt, for it will always accommodate itself.

Polo Tees- Last but not the least, your smart business casuals look has to include those fine collared polo tees in both solid colours as well as different patterns, giving you that refined informal look.


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