Give Your Denims a Ditch This Summers- Get Some Serious Style Swap

When it comes to fashion, halfway is simply not just the way to go as it is aptly said that things done half way around are just not worth it. So, if you thought for once that enhancing your style up the torso is good enough to have your style game on point, think again. Just like your perfect summer style should include the best of picks in shirts, t-shirts, casual vests and cool tank tops, similarly, making some of the choicest picks where your bottoms are in question is nothing short of vital.

And, that’s exactly why all you men out there need to give yourself a break from the classic denims I exchange for some comfy cargos and cargo shorts as well as swap those routine trousers with a pair of uber stylish chinos. Moreover, with the advent of the e-commerce and m-commerce shopping portals one can easily buy chinos online and also go for cargos online instead of incurring the hassle of a physical shopping visit, which secretly men would rather let go off, given a choice. Now, let us study a bit about these fashion picks so you know just the right way to style them before you actually go on including some in your wardrobe for the season.

Cargos– Cargos or Cargo Pants are an ideal way to say goodbye to your denims for the season and go for a cool and comfy look, particularly on weekends or getaways or evn those informal business days you have with your colleagues/ business partners. Not only do they give you the much relaxing feel throughout for the strategic fit but also make you look a step ahead where your fashion conscience is concerned.

Cargos Shorts India The reason it says ‘India’ at the end of this sub-head is amply clear for cargos shorts are primarily popular more in the country than others for cargos shorts are not what many men generally prefer or are able to carry with finesse. Cargos shorts are strictly casual and in no way, should be mixed with business casuals; they are just the right thing to opt for when on a carefree outing with family or friends.

Chinos- Owing its origin primarily to the American style, the term ‘Chinos’ comes from Spanish, meaning ‘Chinese’. With a soft and easy-to-handle cotton twill fabric that these are made of, chinos make for one of the most convenient choices for the semi-formal look it bestows on you. Although, the chinos in the beginning were more like loose pyjamas, starting in an unglamorous style, however, in the last couple of years that has changed drastically. Now, the fitted style, chick patterns and a variety of colours aside from just the khaki is what makes chinos the perfect choice for one to go for instead of the regular pants for men or trousers.

Now, with these cool, easy yet trendy options to go for this season, you can be sure of not going the conventional route of just sticking around in your blue denims or black trousers albeit a collection of chic shirts and cool tees. You should know exactly how important it is to pair that cool espadrilles with an equally sassy pair of chinos or cargo pants to make it into an appropriate and stare-worthy look for the day.


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