Cool Tank Tops For Guys


Its summer time and the temperatures are soaring through the roof. Even that thin cotton T-shirt seems to be sticking to the body and suffocating you. You smile to yourself. It’s the perfect excuse to take out your tank tops!

Men’s tank tops or vests as we call them have always been around but have never really caught up as a hot trend. Practical and functional are the terms that define this absolutely cool and hip clothing. The trick is to flaunt it in such a way that it makes you look hot and fashionable effortlessly. Simply sport it with a pair of shorts or rugged jeans. For extra smart look, put on an unbuttoned half or full-sleeve shirt over it.

It is true that these vests are not for all occasions and every body type. They are ideal if you are near a pool, on sea side, jamming in a jam session or a rock show. They are also popularly used while playing sports or sweating it out in a gym. As for the right body-type, if you have a very lean body structure and almost lanky upper arms, mens tank tops are not for you. Cool tank tops for guys are ideal for men with muscular arms and well-built structures as they show-off the well worked-out body. It is perfect for hunks to display their large bi-ceps and tri-ceps and to get the heads turning.

But make sure your vest does not have extra-large arm holes and does not show what is more than necessary. The style of tank tops online currently has closer fitting armholes and necklines that are not sagging too much. So, not only your well-built muscular arms get a chance to play peek-a-boo, it also highlights your abs. But the mantra here is to keep it well-fitted and not too tight.

You can find men tank tops in hottest colours and prints to enhance your style dynamics. Besides, the usual blues, greys and blacks, opt for vibrant colours such as green, red and even pink. To break away from solid colours, go for contrasts. Men’s printed vests in floral prints are big- time in vogue. Large floral prints or small floral patterns can make your men’s printed vests the talk of the town. There is something irresistible about a macho hunk sporting a floral pattern. It’s juxtaposition of masculinity with its feminine side.

Men’s vests in stripes and geometrical patterns also look very classy. tank tops online for men have a plenty of these in black and white, which appear really cool. Make a style statement with printed vest styles with contrast neckband and armholes, button plackets and single chest pocket.

Thus, the humble vest is not just a vest now. It has come of age and is making its entry from bedroom- doors to larger public view. Are you stylish enough to carry it with panache ’?


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