How to Wear the Double Denim Trend!


Double denim is a trend that most of us try to perfect, and then fail. But, it sure is a favorite of many celebrities like Ryan Gosling, Scott Disick, David Beckham and Kanye West! So, it just shows you how well the trend complements guys from any age group. Denim shirts for men are that versatile piece of clothing that can never go wrong, ever.

The one basic rule of thumb you should remember for wearing the denim on denim trend is to make sure that you coordinate between colors and washes. It basically means teaming up a light washed blue denim shirt or jacket with a dark blue pair of denims. You can also pair a dark wash denim shirt or coat with white jeans for a cool look. Darker colors on the bottom are more slimming and lend attractive appeal to your look of the day. Denim shirts need not be blue but can be worn in other colors like red, pink and more.

Another rule while selecting a denim look is to make sure that every piece fits your body type perfectly. It’s generally not a good idea to pair a baggy pair of jeans with an even looser top as you don’t want to seem like an Eminem ‘Wannabee’. If you’re going with baggy jeans, pick fitting statement Tees or varsity jackets to complete the look. Also, go with skinny jeans and loose linen shirts for an off-duty celebrity style look. Stock your wardrobe with a collection of men’s denim shirt styles in micro prints to pair with black sports jackets, white cropped trousers and more.

Denim shirts for men in darker blues to contrast against lighter washed denim jeans. For a stylish mix to your overall look, team up a printed sweater underneath your varsity jacket with your pair of ripped denims. The denim shirt, matching pants, and a couple of accessories like dark aviators and dark brown brogues pull the whole outfit together and reduce the arresting impact of the blue denim look. Brightly colored scarves in red and pink also lend appeal to your denim ensemble.

While buying men’s denim shirts, online shopping is your best option. Invest in a collection of rugged jackets, printed men’s denim shirts, sale-special ripped denims and so much more! Try finding men’s denim shirts with fleece or wool lining for a textured look, something stylish to throw over plain denims and shorts when you don’t have too much time up your stylish sleeves. Male denim shirts are a staple that can totally make your outfit a hundred times cooler and attractive.

When you’re shopping for denim shirts, men do have a lot of choices to shop from. Zobello treats you to a haven of eclectic and fashionable denim pieces to suit different occasions. Start shopping now!


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