Why men need check shirts


Men checked shirts have always been in fashion. The trend has been popular since 1990’s and it’s after effects can be witnessed in 2016 too. Once worn by the hipsters, now they have become popular among the red carpet celebrities too! Several Hollywood and Bollywood celebrities ruled the red carpet with this ensemble. Its versatility makes it a must have in your closet. With so many styles and shades around the corner, it becomes tricky on how to pull it off with confidence. You may think that this shirt always portrays a casual look, but if styled correctly you can easily pull it as a sharp outfit. Read on to know more about this versatile piece!


When buying men checked shirts online, it becomes important to check the thickness of the shirt. It clearly indicates the time of the year it is to be worn. For autumn and winter, it is obviously a good time to wear thick check shirts and you can wear it underneath a blazer too for some warmth. For summer months, grab a thin cotton check shirt, as it’s breathable and won’t leave you in sweating buckets when there is sweltering heat. You can button up or add over a short sleeved t-shirt.


The next thing that you need to consider is the style of the checks. These are available in various designs and it can be a deciding factor whether the shirt is for a formal event or for a dinner date. If you are fond of small checks, pair it with neutral color chinos. The small checks are perfect for formal occasions. Wider checks signify more casual look and is best to pair with skinny or straight jeans. If you stick to two prints, remember it should not clash with each other and in this way you can keep the look versatile too.


Color plays a vital role. A mix of colors like red and gray convert the shirt into a more casual look and it can be paired with dark denim jeans. While blues and white portray a more formal look and go well with trousers or chinos.

Length of the sleeves

Length of the sleeves is important, more in terms of season and less for occasion suitability. Summer is obviously the right time to wear short sleeves and long sleeves are perfect for spring and autumn. You should have one of each type in your wardrobe for added versatility.

Final Word

Buy men dress shirts online and enjoy the experience of shopping at home. This trend is never going to say good bye so it can be worth your investment. Don’t stress your brain too much and grab a piece or two to be ready for every occasion.


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