How to rock bold print shirts

Men do a lot of things for individuality. From funky accessories to bold colours, there are so many things done to make an outfit memorable. One of the biggest trends that immerged out of the quest for individuality is the print trend. While earlier, prints were something only women preferred, now it’s also a menswear favourite, with every brand big or small pushing the trend.

Without a doubt, prints make you stand out. If you’re ever looking to make your outfit memorable, the quickest way to do it is by wearing a bold print shirt. There are many different ways you can wear a bold print shirt. But there also are many ways you can ruin your outfit with a bold print shirt. Basically, there are three golden rules you need to know and follow when wearing bold prints:

Be confident:

This is the single most important thing you have to remember if you want to look good in bold prints. There’s no place for awkwardness or consciousness when wearing bold prints. You must wear it and forget it. If you constantly keep checking yourself in the mirror, you’re giving the impression of being under confident and awkward in your outfit. Don’t wear bold shirts if you aren’t confident of pulling it off.

Get the right size:

Prints aren’t going to flatter you if the shirt is baggy or oversized. Whether you wear a shirt or tee, always make sure you get the size that fits you just right. Before you buy, try on a few different shirts to find the perfect fit. The better the fit, the more flattering the shirt will be on you.

Match it right:

When you’re wearing bold prints, the rule is to keep the rest of the outfit simple. Don’t pair a printed shirt with printed pants or accessories. Choose neutral clothing when wearing printed shirts. The focus should be on the printed piece, and nothing else should steal the attention.

How to wear bold shirts

The men of today aren’t afraid to embrace bold prints. When you wear the right kind of prints for the right occasion, you not only look stylish but also give your wardrobe variety.

When you’re confident of your outfit and sure of not feeling awkward, there are many ways you can style your bold print shirts.

When you’re confident of your outfit and sure of not feeling awkward, there are many ways you can style your bold print shirts.

Casual day out

For a day out with friends or family, a simple button-down polka dot or block print shirt in dark shades like blue, black or red look really cool. Team it with light coloured pants, and a pair of loafers or boat shoes.


When you’re in the holiday mood, floral prints come into play. At a beach vacation, short sleeved, floral print shirt, with a pair of cargos or linen pants can be a great outfit.

Casual Fridays

On days that you can be a little relaxed at work, go for a light printed shirt with tiny motifs all over, paired with formal trousers or chinos. Team the outfit with a blazer a sharp, professional look.

Bold prints shirts are a great way to add personality to any outfit. Follow the above tips to create a memorable outfit!


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