Four Ways to Style Chino Shorts

If you’ve loved chino pants, then you must also have heard of its cousin — the chino shorts. When chino shorts first came into existence, many people, who loved chino pants, were apprehensive of their shorter counterpart. But then, designers started coming up with their own innovations and fashion pioneers rocked the look everywhere, leading people otherwise resistant to chino shorts to embrace it.

The great thing is that it’s easy to both dress up and dress down, that too within your budget. Plus, it’s more elegant that your regular shorts and can be paired with blazers, polos, and boots.

Here are four ways to style chino shorts for different occasions this season…

The Day Look

Shorts are a summer favourite, and with chino shorts you can keep your outfit cool and elegant at the same time. When you’re out enjoying with friends in the daytime, chino shorts come as a sophisticated replacement for men’s chino pants online.

Inject colour into your look with a pair of chino shorts in subtle, summery hues. Since they come at a pocket-friendly price, keeping multiple pairs in different hues isn’t difficult at all. Make the outfit preppy by adding slip-on shoes, unbuttoned casual shirt, and an option pocket square for accessory. The look is subtle yet very chic.

The Formal Look

These can be as versatile as you make them. Besides wearing them for a daytime occasion, you can also wear it to slightly more formal events too (if the dress code allows shorts.

A button-down shirt and an eye-catching jacket are perfect companions for your chino shorts. Feel free to play around with colours, depending on the mood and the place. Don’t forget to pair stylish derby boots with the outfit for an added dose of elegance.

The Street Look

Just like men’s stretchable chino pants, black chino shorts also offer endless ways of styling the outfit. Black can be paired with everything, so can chino shorts. The combination is highly customisable.

Since street wear is really easy to put together, you can wear anything from a plain T-shirt to an Oxford shirt with your black chino shorts. Shorts draw attention to your legs so consider flaunting your footwear with a pair of snazzy sneakers. Add a summer hat to complete the accessory.

The Tailored Look

A pair of tailored wins hands down when it comes to class. Pair a nice short sleeved button down, derby shoes, a stylish belt, a summer hat, and a hold all with the shorts to put the look together. Add a beaded bracelet for taking the look to a new sartorial level altogether.

If you buy chino pants online, you’ll also be attracted to their shorter cousin because of the elegance and versatility it offers. Use you imagination to style your chino shorts and come up with your own fashion statements.


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