Fashion Blunders that Men Commit

Adhering to men’s style is not easy. Starting from the quest of perfect fitting denim shirt to a necktie combination to right shoes to hair look that is appropriate for any event, there are so many factors to take into account. However, there are certain style sins that most of the men make. In this article, we have mentioned the same:

Buying tight fitted denim shirts for man

True, everybody likes slim fit clothes but if you are above a particular age group or if you are a bit glutton, then it is crucial to get them at a bay. A better alternative would be to buy tailored shirts that flaunt your assets and make you look stylish.

Buying wrong Dress shoes for man

The rule of thumb is to buy brown shoes that pairs up well with everything. For instance, if you are wearing formal attire, brown shoes is the safest bet because it doesn’t draw the attention to other variables while if you wish to dress down these shoes offers sophisticated and manly look. The brown has an inherent quality to complete your look. So, go crazy and buy various shades of brown shoes!

Not Denim shirt with chinos

The easiest way to perk up overall look is to pair it with chino pants. Most people wear denim in the lower half so it is the easiest alternative to turn heads around. Chino with brown shades pair well with the denim shirts! Also, the open denim shirt looks awesome for summer. You can do denim shirt online shopping too.

Don’t commit a mistake of wearing different patterns

Only one pattern at a time is the best. Don’t be tempted to pair green men checked shirt and red plaid short to look cool, it is better to wear one of them at a time.

Alternating pleather instead of leather shoes

Well, we all are aware about the difference between leather and pleather but we chose to overlook it because it is cheaper substitute. If you are one among a rare person who is allergic to leather or have another compelling reason to stay away leather, don’t buy pleather because it is toxic. How to make differentiation between leather and pleather? The best way is to judge whether it is leather or pleather is to check the label, smell it, as genuine leather has a smell and a unique touch-if it is too fine, then it is pleather. Invest in quality shoes.

Not wearing ironed dress shirt

Well, it’s the right time to know that ironed shirt is the best. The crisp shirt always does the favour.

Final words

These are the common style mistakes that most men commit. Watch out for these when the next time you dress up for an outing. Are there any other mistakes that you knowingly commit? Let us know in the comment section given below.

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