How to style printed shirts

The key to making your own style statement is individuality. Everyone wears clothes, shoes, and accessories. They way you style yours and the little personal touches that you lend to your attire will make you stand out. Whether it’s a pop-hued watch, colourful sneakers, or funky eyeglasses, that extra touch that you add to your look differentiates you from the crowd.

Men’s printed shirts have been a favourite among the modern men. They are bold, vibrant, and let you flaunt your colourful side. But, while prints may be trending always, pulling them off can be difficult. Before wearing prints, ask yourself if you’re confident enough to pull them off. Wearing prints should never make you feel awkward. You should feel as comfortable in them as you do in any other clothing. Whether it’s men’s Hawaiian printed shirt or floral prints, you can use them to create any look you want.

Smart casual

Printed shirts are more casual than dress shirts and may not be considered a good fit for smart casual looks. But if you can be confident enough to wear prints with your tailored trousers or chinos and successfully pull it off, then you’ll take your style to another level. However, do not pair the crazy prints with your smart-casual pieces. Polka dots, stripes and small motifs are subtle and better suited for a smart-casual look. If you do want to wear bold prints, wear camo printed shirts. This is one print which, although bold, pairs well with smart casual outfits.

Classic Look

The classic look allows you to be more flexible with the prints. The rule here is to keep the other pieces of clothing in neutral hues, from pants to jackets. Consider going for a bold print, since it will add another dimension to your look. Play around with prints and don’t be afraid to try something unusual. Seal the look with a pair of slim chinos and suede boots.

The Rock Look

The 1950s inspired rock look is simple, and can be easily carried off. It’s also effortlessly masculine. All you have to do is pair a men’s floral printed shirt with a basic white tee, slim dark blue denims and a pair of boots. Slick back your hair for some added edge.

The Street Look

As annoying as street fashion might seem to purists, the street look does give us a brilliant opportunity to take a break from classic dressing and do something different. Street style is completely apart from the classic norms of dressing. The rule here is to simply break the old ones and create new. You could choose a tie-and-dye shirt, a batik printed shirt, an ikat shirt, or men’s aloha print shirt, and pair them with whatever catches your fancy- from a waxed jacket to rugged denims or leather pants.

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