How to pull off a sports casual look

Times are changing. The clothes that you so long thought were meant for the gym or for lounging on the couch are now fashionable casual wear.Sportswear for men is steadily becoming part of the off-duty look, and with the right styling sportswear can make you look über cool outside the gym too. No, you needn’t spend on high-end athlesiure items to be able to pull off a sports casual look. Your existing sweatshirts, bombers, and tees are good enough to channel the look.

Here’s some inspiration to help you create you create an off-duty look with sportswear.


Men’s t-shirts have been always been versatile. So when it comes to casual sportswear, anything goes. Every man’s T-shirt collection is enormous. Just open your wardrobe and pick the ones that you’d so far restricted to the gym or TV room. Solid colours are good, so is monochrome. If you’ve got prints and patterns, they are equally great. Sports polo for mencan also be used to replace a regular T-shirt. Just make sure what you’re wearing is well-fitted and doesn’t hang from your frame.


Jackets are a great way to layer your sports casual look. Whether it’s a bomber, a parka, or a windcheater, all of them could be used to create a sports casual look that’s fit for a day out. What’s more, you could wear men’s sports tank underneath the jacket to inject some attitude into the look. You could choose a luxe material (to replicate the look of an athletic jacket) and added details like fancy zippers or eye-catching stitching.


Yes, that thing you wear for an early morning call to the bathroom in winters is a sports casual commodity. Pick something branded if you’re fond of high end stuff, otherwise anything from your existing wardrobe will do. Be it hooded, patterned, monochrome, or striped, just about any kind of sweatshirt can be used to create a sports casual look, as long as it’s well-fitted (or you’ll look slouchy and unattractive).


No, please don’t pick the worn-out, scruffy looking one that you wear to the gym. Choose a pair that’s slim and comfy and preferably has elasticized cuffs. Keep it clean with basic colours and minimalistic patterns and designs, or you could match it with your uppers to create a monochrome look.


Follow the same rules as sweatpants with shorts. Shorts are comfortable, sporty, and relaxed, making them great for a sports casual look. Just treat them as mini sweatpants and you’re good to go.


Anything goes in the shoes department, as long as it’s casual. There are sneakers, the first thing that come to mind when talking of casual shoes. You could wear high tops or low tops, keep them simple or high-end, and you could also play around with different materials to achieve an off-beat look. Just make sure your shoes are clean and decent-looking before stepping out. The beauty of creating an off-duty look with men’s sportswear is that you get to experiment with a lot of styles.

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