What to Wear on the Best Friend Wedding Reception?

Sometimes going to a wedding becomes an unavoidable, as it is your best friend is getting hitched. But what to wear at such occasion! Formal or casual! Dress to impress.

Full suit– most people will answer a full suit is the best option, but wearing a full suit especially in the summer condition might seem to be an uncomfortable task. The blazer and trouser are great option when it comes to attending a business meeting, but for wedding reception a little bit of swag is essential.

Printed trouser– the printed trousers add a hint of texture to the look, so it is appropriate for this auspicious occasion. You can wear them with a classic white buttoned down shirt and a pair of brogues or loafers to complete the look.

Avoid wearing a tie– tie looks best when you are attending a formal event but when you are partying hard and want to look cooler, avoid it.

Chinos-Chinos pants for men are the best way to add casual vibe to the formal occasion. As told above, these pants stretch far away than you can imagine.

What to wear with men chino pants sale?

Slim fit chino pants are the best especially during summer condition or when it is too hot to handle the jeans.

How to wear them?

Wear it with open neck shirt- this outfit is more formal but less smart. The extra addition of jacket adds a layer of formality. It is perfect for boardroom or meeting.

Wear it with denim shirt-the combination of two different shades reveals a lot about men’s personality. The fact is that when you contrast rugged denim shirt with blue chino pants it creates an altogether new look. It is fine example of smart casual look and is appropriate for lunch or dinner.

Combine it with white– it adds an air of sophistication. It is simple, relaxed, clean look apt for casual summer dress.

Slim fit chino shorts for men– these are ideal if you are going to a beach wedding reception.

What to consider before buying them?

Now, that you know how to pair up the chinos, the next question arises how to style it right:

Fit is important– buy a measuring tape or go get measured by the experts if that is what it takes. Flat fronts are ideal for slimmer guys; pleated pants can streamlines a guy with those extra pounds. We advise you to move around before you buy.

Final words

So, after reading this what you have decided what is your ultimate summer look? How do you adhere to dress guidelines without looking dreary and samey? Tell us in the comment section given below

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