The Different Types of Men’s Shorts

Shorts were first invented for the military in Bermuda in order to help them keep cool in the heat by freeing them from the restrictive pants. This style came to be adopted by many a Hollywood star in the ’50s and ’60s, and the trend kept growing through the ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s. From tennis shorts to shapeless denim and three quarter shorts, this men’s style staple has seen a steady rise.

On the brighter side, men can wear shorts today without being embarrassed, and it is also much easier to buy stylish shorts these days. That said, men’s shorts can still go very wrong. Given the variety of fabrics and styles and colours and lengths, no one type of shorts can be the right fit for every man. Shorts need as much thought and attention as any other piece of clothing. Whether you’re buying casual shorts or men’s sportswear online, here are the different types of shorts that you may consider for different occasions.

Dressy shorts

While you’d think ‘dressy’ and ‘shorts’ don’t go in the same sentence, they actually do. Formal shorts are chino shorts or cut-off trousers. These shorts have the same fit, cut, and design of a trouser, but are only short in length. They can be paired with all kinds of tailored clothing, from shirts to blazers. When styling men’s chino shorts, always remember to keep it sockless.


Casual shorts for men can come in different avatars- buttoned up, zipped or tied with drawstring. Men’s casual shorts are marked by their variety of prints and patterns. To keep your look uncluttered, let your tops be in solid, neutrals colours, which will make your shorts stand out. Sportswear for men can also be counted as casual since they’re worn even outside of the gym.


The denim short has been making a comeback since 2014. The best thing about denim shorts is that it blends the earthiness of casual bottoms, with the versatility of regular jeans. While some varieties are actually cropped jeans, with zips, buttons, and pocket details, there are others that are indigo-dyed shorts. Men’s denim shorts online are meant to be casual and relaxed, therefore, keep your look simple, by pairing a casual shirt or tee with your cropped bottoms.

Swim shorts

Swimming shorts are the most vibrant and colourful of all men’s shorts. Swim shorts are also a form of sportswear online and come with different types of closures. The fitted, retro shorts usually have a snap-button closure while the looser, roomier ones are cord-pulled. These flamboyant shorts are strictly meant to be worn while you’re around water — the beach, the pool, or maybe if you’re going fishing. Being caught wearing swim shorts somewhere other than the water can be a serious fashion disaster. You can afford to be really relaxed with swim shorts, so bring on the flip-flops and vests to pair with them. Go shirtless only if you plan to take a dip.

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