What to pack for a weekend trip


Packing for a short trip is always confusing. Since that empty bag is so tempting to be filled up, there’s a good chance of putting in more stuff than necessary. What’s worse, you could end up packing all the things that you don’t need, while leaving behind the essential ones. What a disaster!

The key to packing carefully for a weekend trip is to take things that are versatile and can be mixed and matched. Planning at the last minute is never recommended. Therefore, plan ahead and prioritise versatility when packing for a weekend trip.


The Bag

You must have a proper bag to pack your stuff in. A good weekender bag is your best bet when packing for a short trip. It comes in a wide range of materials and colours, shapes and sizes. The variety means there’s a weekender for every budget. You might need to shop around a bit for the one that’s right, so look for high quality and style within your budget.


This is where many get it wrong. What clothes you pack for a weekend trip depends on where you’re going, what activities you’ll do, and what kind of weather you’ll encounter there. If you’re going for a relaxed trip with no black tie events or skiing activities, then these are the things you’d need to pack:



Dark, slim jeans are best for travel. They are versatile and classy and can be worn with anything. Avoid distressed or excessively detailed denims, and stick to the timeless ones.


It doesn’t get more basic than a T-shirt. A plain white T-shirt and another in a neutral colour should be enough for a weekend.

Dress shirt:

For nicer occasions, a dress shirt is a must. Have at least one button down with you to pair with everything from denims to a blazer.


It’s always wise to carry something for your smart-casual needs. Whether you pair them with a blazer, wear with shirts or polos, or roll up the cuffs, chinos look good in all.


A navy blazer is the most versatile, can be dressed up or down, and can be paired with both denims and chinos.


You should ideally carry two pairs of shoes: casual shoes and dress shoes. Lightweight sneakers, loafers, or other slip-on shoes are perfect for casual wear, while brogues or Oxfords are ideal for formal wear.

Socks and underwear:

Never neglect this. Comfortable underwear is always a must, no matter how long you’re travelling for.


Remember to pack a versatile belt, and a tie. Keep your sunglasses and watch simple and all-round, and leave the fancy stuff at home. Only take accessories that you really require on the trip.

Grooming kit

You need to look clean, fresh, and polished no matter where you’re going, which makes it essential to carry a grooming kit. The kit should contain your toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant and fragrance, along with any skincare or hair care products you use every day. Take sufficient prescription medications if you require any, and don’t forget your shaving kit.

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