Chino Shorts – Confortable and fashionable

Men’s fashion has expanded over the last decade and the options made available are countless for everything. You have everything from your silk coats to denim shorts becoming the next trendsetter. And it is a matter of time before something new and way out of the box will pop into this fashion world. While we could wait for the next trend to be set , we can also create our own trends and who knows, it might become the next big thing. That’s how flexible the fashion industry is.

For example, the chino shorts for men is literally the next big thing. With its perfect fit and multiple styling options it has become the go to for every occasion of many male fashion bloggers out there. Chino shorts for men are perfect option when you want the comfort of shorts while not losing the professional look. Its inconspicuous pockets, solid colours and lack of fade lines give it a sleekness that jeans often fail to give. We all understand the need to be comfortable and still look like you walked straight out of fashion magazine. Branded shorts for men are another important thing.

It is important to buy shorts from a brand which understands your body’s need and makes you feel like a super model at the same time. Chino shorts are excellent fit for the mass as they are super breezy and comfortable. Thus, finding the right branded shorts for men is a must. Chino shorts is made from cotton twill fabric. You can dress it up in multiple ways with versatile fashion choices. You can pair it with simple articles of clothing like a t-shirt to go for a casual look or you could also pair it with some loafers and a collared shirt to give you the professional look you desire. Go for a  beach or a pool party while wearing a pair of chino shorts along with a pair of solid espadrilles or maybe combine those chinos with a blazer and shirt for a great date night look. They are your fashion best friend when you literally have nothing to wear (been there, don’t that). So, if are having one of those days when nothing seems to catch your eyes go for chino shorts as they are the perfect answer to your inner fashion self.

It is known to one and all that denim is possibly the most chilled material ever. It is super casual and definitely the most relaxed material one can get. Thus, denim shorts are you next best friend. They are super stylish and can be dressed in many ways. You can even wear flip flops with them. Make sure that your denim shorts fit you perfectly, like a glove while giving enough space for movement. Printed shorts shorter than your average knee length are the latest trend and will definitely give your look the oomph factor it needs and take your outfit to the next level.

So, choose your style and embrace your looks. Shop online, shop smart and never fail to cease the moment with your style. Happy Shopping!


Vests for Men Online at the Best Price

Summer is almost here and soon it will be time to discard the warm sweaters and jackets for something cool and summery. What better time than now to buy your summer wear collection when sale and online discounts are around the corner. But, wait, in your rush to buy that Hawaiian shirt or for that matter those snug sweatpants don’t forget to buy that one essential inner wear that can give a boost to your style quotient.

As an innerwear, vests normally didn’t get that much of an attention when it came to buying clothes in general with many of us considering it as a drab wear that is better wore inside a shirt to t-shirt. However, of late the trend is changing with people giving a lot of attention to the quality and style of the vests so much as one can find young men spending considerable time on fashion stores trying to buy vests online.

Once a popular sleepwear, vests today have now become a fashion statement so much that one can now find them in printed and embroidered styles in addition to the normal striped and solid ones. Unlike the staid white vests, these printed vests are pretty much favored by a young crowd who, given their funky designs and witty quotes, prefer them over the normal vests. You can buy a sleeveless rib arm holes printed vest and pair them with a roll up summer shorts and cool espadrilles for a perfect Goan beach holiday. Want a boy next door look, why not team a funky printed vest with an open shirt and a denim. With printed vests, you can experiment with a variety of looks so don’t forget to check out Zobello’s amazing collection of printed vests online in India.

In addition to polo neck and round neck vests, gym vests are another category of vests that has captured the imagination of many when it comes to comfortable gym wear. An interest in health and healthy living in recent years has led many young men make beeline to the gymnasium and this is where gym vests have found a sizeable fan base. Available in XS, S, M, L and XL to suit the needs of different body-type our collection of men gym vest make an excellent gym wear for a perfect workout. You can team your sleeveless cotton ribbed neckband with arm holes with a breathable sweat pants for a weekend workout at your neighborhood gym. No longer will there be a problem of a tee shirt interfering when you lift those heavy weights or go about shooting a basket with friends.

You can also buy both colored and printed gym vests online in India at -one of India’s popular online fashion store for men. In addition to vests, you can also buy sportswear, swim wear and fancy accessories like belts, socks, bags and shoes. With everything available under one roof, you need not go anywhere else to buy products to jazz up your style quotient.

How to Pick the Right Casual Summer Shirt for Him

Summer is one of the best seasons to display multiple styling options for not only women but also men. You can experiment with your appearance by choosing cool summer shirts. Remember, here we are talking about the ideal casual shirts, not the dress shirt. The truth is, not many men know the difference between the two and end with purchasing a wrong shirt for casual summer style. So, let’s start how to choose the right casual summer shirt for him.

Pay Attention to the Fitting

Whether it is a dress shirt or a casual one, proper fitting can enhance your personality. However, the fitting of casual shirts is a bit different than the fitting of dress shirts. Here you have the flexibility to choose a looser and more relaxed fitting. While looking for branded shirts online or offline, make sure that they are a little bit loose in the waist and chest and at least a half an inch extra in the shoulder area. The reason for the looser fit is to protect your shirt from ugly “sweat marks” which is not liked by her at all.

Summer shirts are designed to be worn without tucking so it is essential to watch out the length. A shirt is too long if it is covering your hip but the size is ok if you are wearing a kurta style shirt. Usually, summer casual shirts should be of standard length, neither too long nor too short.

Light & Breathable Fabric

Along with a loose fitting, you will have to watch out the fabric quality. For summer, pure cotton and linen are considered the best choice. Your local market can be lacking in varieties and may not offer discounts. In this situation, buy linen shirts online. From reputed online stores like us, you can easily access the rich texture pure linen shirts at attractive ranges. Linen casual wears are usually expensive but they are perfect to get a dapper look in the hot seasons. Cotton is also a good choice to slip on for your beach party or casual outings.

Choose Different Styles/Colors/Patterns

Don’t stick yourself to one particular pattern and style. The men’s fashion market offers a plethora of summer designs to choose from. The hood style informal shirt can be a perfect choice for night outings and dinner date. If you going to a wedding or a family party, a Nehru collar short kurta can make you a head turner.

While going shopping for formal shirts for men online or offline you have to be careful about the color choice. But with informal shirts, you are free to choose any color and pattern. You can try Ikat and flower printed to look effortlessly casual. To get the simple and neat look, try plain maroon, black, navy blue and stripe shirts.

Go for linen, denim and cotton shirts online shopping! Summer season sales are offered by many online shops where discounts can be ranging from 10% to 50% or more. So, it saves your money and helps you buy your favorite casual summer shirt.

Shorts for Men: The Mini Fashion

According to several women, men do not know how to wear the right shorts. Yes, this was said by most of the women in a survey made. Few of the women out rightly quoted in a magazine “Dear men, please do not wear shorts/ men should not wear shorts.” The reason for their statement was rather very silly. Men have hairy legs and decorated tattoos which are supposedly not the right thing to show while you are in shorts. Many studies have shown that shown that we normally do not live in such a climate that can support easy wear of shorts for men. But this is far away from the reality. When the sun scorches high up in the sky with blistering heat, you end up wearing shorts. You simply feel that cool breeze in a pair of cool micro shorts for men.

So, when all those critics who say that pants are surely better than those probable gym shorts for men, show them that the existence in shorts is a much cooler way to sway in fashion rather than those formal trousers or a pair of denim.

When it comes to going for a Sunday brunch, you will quite often find men teaming up their shirts or fashion tees with a pair of ripped denim or casual trousers. But I am here to say that if you pair up your loosely knit shirts with a pair of cool looking, funky shorts for men, I am sure that you will rock the Sunday brunch. If you consider yourself a fashion disaster in teaming up your attire, I am sure these points will surely help to get you through.

  • If you are more of a casual party person, you can surely buy Denim shorts online in India. There are umpteen numbers of brands available online including Zobello as well as in the stores that will allow you to buy some classy shorts for yourself.
  • No matter even if you are more of a gym and fitness freak, you might end up wearing those cool tees with a pair of pajamas or active wear. But I guarantee you that if you buy printed shorts for men, I am pretty much sure that your looks will rock even in the gym. Go ahead and show those well, toned legs.

So, the reflection is that it certainly takes some amount of efforts to be put in when you are dressing up in shorts or denim shorts. Don’t be afraid to experiment until you find out what suits the best for you. Visit Zobello where you can find numerous options for a perfectly comfortable match of shorts for men with a choice of ever-refreshing color. These shorts are not only made from the best handpicked, top-notch fabrics but also are manufactured by the in-house skilled designers and craftsmen. These vivid patterns and styles of shorts are specially designed to increase the fashion statement of your casual outing or beach vacation. So don’t wait up and order shorts for men online. Happy shopping with Zobello.

4 Unique Ways You Can Style The Shirts for Men Easily

Shirts for men are like dresses to women; both feel incomplete and just can’t do without them, respectively. Shirts are, undoubtedly, the ultimate fashion staple for every man and almost the one go-to item in their wardrobe that they can blindly bank upon at all times. While there is an endless variety when it comes to finding your choicest branded shirts for men, the one critical aspect is to know how best to style this evergreen fashion essential. Here, to make it simpler for you to innovate, we have got 4 easy breezy ways of putting those stylish gents’ shirts the right way on you for every special occasion.

1. With Ripped Denims- This can work as one of the best blend-in outfits for men when it comes to quirking it up their usual style, comprising of a conventional t-shirt- denim or shirt-trouser combo, and entering among that trend-setter league instantly. Ripped Denims have off lately garnered tremendous popularity amongst the youth as well as adults alike for they look funky cool and lend you that necessary fashion edge. While styling your favourite men’s Printed shirt with a fitted pair of ripped denims may not seem natural at first, it’s definitely one pair to make heads turn even while you are laid back in your casual gear on that relaxed day out.


2. With Cargo Shorts- Pairing up a nice crisp solid shirt with your smartly fitted cargo shorts, ending just above your knees has become a rather attractive attire recently. Again, it perfectly infuses the formal with informal look and makes for another trendy, eye-catching look to sport at a friend’s party by the pool, beachside or an exclusive farmhouse. For a more sophisticated look and feel, add on a blazer in a fabric of your comfort and choice and you are all set to rock the evening. Take cues from the fashion experts including MTV VJ Andy and Actor Rannvijay Singh, who are among a few having nailed this look a number of times on their shows.


3. With Dhoti Pants- Dhoti pants have been creating quite a rage in the fashion circle and are sure enough to make it for a rich statement this wedding season. But the catch here is to style them just perfectly so to avoid mixing patterns that don’t work well together. The usual way to go about styling your dhoti pants is with a nice, flattering kurta for a pure desi look while some guys are also going the fusion route by styling them with tees and jackets. Now, one lesser explored way to try pairing it will be with the men’s western style check shirt for that envious Indo-western look. It will look more than an ideal pick this wedding season, providing the colour and fit sits right on your persona. For a little more spark, you can play with the look by adding a complementing stole or scarf to it and you are good to rock any wedding ceremony.


4. With Sweaters- That’s a more common but surely a great way of retaining that smart, formal look while moving to work on those chilly winter days. Even though the clear drawback of pairing your stylish shirt with a sweater is that most of it gets hidden underneath while only the collar or maybe a little bit of the upper part visible through. Yet, there is no denying the fact that shirts do count and from the collar itself, give a nice, well-defined touch to enhancing your overall professional look when you are not in a mood to sport those blazers or suits on some days. A V-neck styled sweater works well with a wide collared shirt underneath and you get the freedom to play with colours thanks to the fuss-free weather.

What’s Your Brand for Casual Shirt

For very long, shirts have been a major part of men’s outfit and branded shirts for men have defined them. The distinct entity which is found in the branded shirts for men has been such that they have thoroughly observed the changing style whether they were trying to achieve a sexy slim lined cool look, or a relaxed, more casual and breathy finish where the luxury with comfort was always taken into the consideration. A modification in fabric puts your regular styled shirt on completely new fashion and comfort grounds making it special. Quality shirts, normally offer great taste to your wardrobe and style which makes it worth spending time and money on them. Any brand of shirt you select to go for; from a regular office wear to fancy casual cool shirts, pay attention to the fit that should complements your attire to nail the perfect gentleman (charming devil) looks. Our online portal is committed to bring you all the latest in men’s shirts section. If you’re looking for the best fashion advice for men, then you’ve come to the right place.

The moment you put on a Branded shirt, there’s a new sense of confidence that takes you over. You feel no less than a movie star! Brands are not just tag names but are preferred because of their distinct designs, detailing and quality of material. There are so many styles in branded shirts: from the flannel shirts that are effortlessly combined into casual looks, to the men’s oxford shirt that support and define the formal wear. Shirts constitute an immense chunk in men’s attire.

Slim fit shirts for men hug your frame and can actually make you look slimmer and about 5 kilos lighter. The darker the shade of your slim fit shirt, the slimmer you appear to be. The key is to select a precise size in slim fit shirt. While the over-all fit that includes the shoulders and chest, is about a measure smaller than what you usually wear, the sleeves and length are perfectly your regular size. Remember, the size should be just right; neither small nor large. If you have a little paunch, make sure that the length is covered by the shirt. Too much of belly fat and we do not recommend a slim shirt for you.

New fashion shirts help you to create your own personal style and help you to stand apart in a crowd of like dressed boys and men. The shirt styles do not change a lot. They mostly remain the same over years or even decades. What changes actually, is the trend, which can sometimes be very short lived, so much that it is hard to take notice of what is latest and what has become passé.

In shirts however, miniscule change such as a slim collar, grand dad’s collar, fused collar or a Chinese collar shirt in a different colour can make it a trendy and fashionable shirt. A change in print from season to season also labels a shirt as a new fashion shirt. Florals, retro, stripes, checks and colour blocks are some of the examples. So, you know, it doesn’t take much to be wearing something that is in vogue

I can never forget those long drives at midnight wearing casuals and winter special blazer for men

I have lived a very sheltered life because I had overprotective parents. They never allowed late night trips, out of station parties or even having a couple of beers with friends. So, when I got married, I decided that I won’t repeat the history and be a liberal husband and father. My wife has always been proud of my modern mentality, and when she gave birth to our twins, I vowed not only to let them enjoy life but ensure that we enjoyed life together.

The incident I am sharing here occurred when my kids were 14 years’ old and were eager to try new things. They had heard (from their friends, of course) that long drives at night are cool. They asked my wife about it, and she asked me. As I had vowed to let them be free, we made a ritual of going for a long drive once a week. As it was quite cold outside, we decided to wear casual clothes, and I combined them with winter special blazer for men.

This was a very wise decision as more often than not, my fashion-friendly wife had to wear it during the drive (as she refused to wear bulky sweaters or her own but feeling cold soon). My kids often needed my blazer as a blanket when we returned from the late night long drives as they fell asleep halfway through. Seeing the increasing need for good blazers, I bought a few top-quality winter blazers onlinefrom and put them in the car.

As Delhi’s winter was legendary at that time, I decided to buy winter special blazers in a jiffy, and they were delivered quite quickly. I also ordered two small sized ones for my kids’ use, and they loved the surprise. These blazers made them feel like little important men, and we had a lot of fun. I felt glad of my addiction to these blazers whenever I saw my wife taking warmth from them or my kids wearing them as little blankets.

It was only thanks to these winter special blazers for men that we enjoyed the classic kulfi at all-night ice cream parlors and none of us caught a cold. They also protected us when the temperature was in single digits and ensured that cold winds did not affect us. I have a couple of photographs of my kids (who are 17 now and feel embarrassed if they are seen with their parents like many teenagers) in those oversized winter special blazers for men and those pictures never let me forget how wonderful those days were.

I just wish that one day, we all will restart the same adventure and my kids will be grown men who would want to order their own set of winter special blazers for men. After all, we are a family, and my kids do love my wife and me a lot!

A bike ride to Uttarakhand with my besties, old jeans, summer jackets and tank tops for men

One of the experiences of life people never forget is their college days, especially those unplanned trips that happen on the spur of the moment and leave us with endless memories. One of such trips that I always cherish is the first out of station trip that I enjoyed with my gang of guys. I remember it was a lazy Friday afternoon and two of our last lectures were canceled as a professor was absent. We were all thinking of hitting a food joint in the locality and heading home when suddenly my pal, Raj suggested that we take a weekend trip to Uttarakhand where his sister stayed with her husband.

Though all of us were intrigued, none of us were sure how we’d all get the tickets to Uttarakhand from Delhi. When I voiced that concern, Raj suggested that we pull off a bike ride. The second issue that came up was clothes as all of us had no spare clothes. Raj had a solution for that too. He suggested that we all take our spare tank top for guys that were present in our gym locker (the gym was only a few steps away from the college).

Though we hesitated a bit but then decided to pair our jeans and summer jackets with tank top for men. It was July so the heat and humidity were at their peak in Delhi and we didn’t think someone would bother what we were wearing as long as we didn’t flash those abs or broke any traffic rules. Though I felt a bit weird wearing Tanks for men under my summer jacket and driving a bike, Raj told me that it was a new fashion trend we were setting. I mutely thanked god that I had bought the tank tops from which meant that they were not only stylish but extremely comfortable as well. After driving the bike for two hours straight, I realized that they were actually made of breathable fabric and was not sticking to my body despite the fact that I was sweating a bit.

After every two hours, we took a break and ate something at a roadside restaurant. When we finally reached Chopta after an 11-hour drive, we did nothing but slept through the night. Then we explored the surrounding area and enjoyed a few hiking trips too. Thankfully, Raj’s brother in law lent us some clothes, and we didn’t roam the markets wearing tank top for guys. But we did stick to them during the long treks as no one really cares when you are trekking. We switched summer jackets with winter jackets because it gets quite cold in the evenings at Uttarakhand. We even enjoyed the rain during an evening trip and were drenched. The trip ended on Monday evening as we drove back to our homes with souvenirs for our family members and lifelong memories in our hearts!

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Every man deserves to feel like a royalty with these ethnic shoes for men this wedding season

We as Indian contemporary youth often feel embarrassed to acknowledge that we truly love and cherish our ethnic heritage! But modern does not have to have a linear style dominated by foreign influences; we can choose to have the best of both worlds when it comes to modern day fashion. And we should, since we are blessed with the most vibrant of ethnic apparels and accessories.

The wedding season is upon us, and while all our friends get serious and begin to tie the knot, it is time we also think about beginning to be honest with ourselves. While we are dabbling with important life decisions and choices about the bigger things, let’s also think about something seemingly small! Why do most modern men fret from wearing a nice pair of ethnic shoes for men? Our generation is by far the most gender-confident when it comes to self-expression and acceptance! But then why should our heritage footwear, which is often unfairly marked as ‘too much’ be kept buried under the dark shadows of ignorance?

Mojaris shoes online are now making a welcome comeback with modern twists made to the typically leather handcrafted shoe. The royal ethnic footwear worn by kings and princes of bygone North India was somewhere lost and buried under boots, shoes and other western influenced footwear for men. Back in the days, these would have real gold and silver along with precious gem stones stitched on them as the perfect royal shoes! Then with time the commoners designed similar styled shoes without the precious ornamentations, but still made sturdy with good quality leather. Anthropological history suggests that the shoe was designed keeping in mind the harsh extremes of climates prevalent in the northern part of the country. Something only good quality, strong leather was well-equipped to tackle!

The shoe is said to have originated during the rule of the Mughal dynasty and was decorated with Zari, vibrant colors, gem stones and trinkets. They later shot to fame in the fashion block with the Mughal Emperor Saleem Shah, which is why Mojaris are often called as Saleem Shahis! Modern day Mojaris or most of the men’s festive shoes online still go best with clothes like Salwar Kameez or Sherwanis, that are both common traditional apparels for North Indian men.

Even today Mojaris or Nagra casual shoes for men are exclusively handcrafted by skilled artisans who have mastered their arts as a part of their family legacies! Jutti (nagra shoes) making is still a quite cumbersome task that requires the joined team work of different artisans who have been at this craft for generations now. The raw leather or materials are usually procured by the chamaars who use the process of vegetable dyeing to prepare the leather. Then the materials go to the Rangaars who are in-charge of coloring or dyeing the materials, and then the mochis assemble each piece of the shoe with all its accents and decorations to intricately give birth to a real sartorial masterpiece!

If you want to rock a pair of mojari or nagra shoes for men, then pair it with a quintessential ethnic wear. For a simple cotton kurta, you could bring on the statement shoes with vibrant colors. A good rule of thumb when styling ethnic shoes is to try and match the shoe zari color with your outfit zari color! So, go on and get bold this wedding season!

Zobello – Online Top Quality Formal Shirts for Men

Men’s Formal Shirts have always been unrevealed affixes for years. Dressing for accomplishment is an art that is close to the heart of the men who aspires of incredible accomplishments. A huge assortment of formal shirts is now a stipulation for the modern era. It is considered to be a must have for any get-up. Quality Formal shirts not only provide sophisticated, classy looks but also are a sign of elite class through and through. You either can wear it at work place or rely on them during formal gatherings. It is time to upgrade your closets up with the latest formal shirts available on Zobello. You not only will get the newest collections of formal wears from our own brand name but also get to choose from our immense array of unique formal shirt designs. Keep your street style up to equality. Find your new men’s formal shirt today online at Zobello.

Shop Online for Formal Wears For Men:

Since years, Zobello has been offering a unique collections of formal wears. It is a one stop online shop fashion store for men. Look bold, bright or subtle with our own manufactured products. Zobello presents a wide range of online shirt for men. All you have to do is, browse and go through the top-quality assortment of formal shirts for men. Specify your body size and select your own choice. Get the latest collections at the most economical and affordable prices. Zobello has an in-house manufacturing unit which provides clothing made from the premium quality fibers. We design our own products and promote under our own brand name! Each of Zobello’s products is designed with extreme care and attention. And our men’s formal wears are also no exclusion!



Zobello’s Top Handpicked Formal Wears:
The motives may vary. But the concept is to keep an eye out for the latest in formal wear. Zobello makes this chore awfully cool. We present an immense selection of the best formal wear. Get a casual formal look by choosing checkered linen shirts for men. It is made from fine quality Italian linen. It has a full button placket with relaxed collars and side chest pocket to keep those aviators safe. Team it up with white chino pants and navy slip-on espadrilles to get the complete look.
Zobello presents assorted selection of vigorous formal shirts online for men. It is just what you need to stay curbed in any situation. Choose from immense assortment of formal wears for men online. Get ready for any event with all the new stocks with new styles. Avail 20% discount offer on your first clothing purchase. You will surely fall in love with Zobello’s offered ranges for men. It is easy to care and have become a desirable apparel option for today’s modern man. So, go ahead and revivify your attire with Zobello collections. Now you can shop for yourself or send parcel as gift to your loved ones nationwide.