Best Beachwear for men online at the best beach shop in India

When shopping online for casual wear, multiple aspects are to be given importance and this time, with the fresh new collection of men’s casual wear at Zobello, you will be left with be spoilt for choices in every segment. The collection of beachwear for men india is all set to inspire you with the newest motifs and patterns. So, go ahead and celebrate your youth with the range of designer beachwear for men at an affordable pricing.

Patterns & Designs: You get to choose from a large colour palette, ranging from cool blue shades to the warmest red. For all the urban men who prefer gentle shades and elegant patters, designs like String Print Pull On Swim Shorts, Shack Print Pull On Swim Shorts, Solid Quickdry Swim Board shorts, Surfer Nylon Swim Shorts and the Side Stripe Nylon Swim Shorts can be perfect options. When it comes to patterns, there are numerous options. For all the fashion lovers who prefer bold shades and fun prints, options are plenty among the Beach Ready Nylon Swim Shorts, Colorblock Summer Swim Shorts, Fun Printed Swimshorts, Print Block Swim Shorts and many more. If you are heading to the most happening beaches and want to have the ultimate amusement, you can have a look at the charming Bold Tropical Print Swim Shorts, Beach Ready Quickdry Swimshorts or the Palm Print Pull On Swim Shorts. With the online shopping option in swim shorts for men, it’s way easier now to pick the best designs from a varied range. Most of the shorts are designed with side pockets for the added look and comfort.

Quality & Comfort: When it comes to beachwear for men buy online, you must be worried about the quality as for all fashion followers, these two aspects are the most important apart from the design. Here, you will get the swimwear and shorts in all sizes, ranging from XS to XXL. If you know the exact size that’ll fit you well, pick the ideal one or if you are confused with the size, our size chart will help you to make an easy size selection. These shorts are made of premium quality fabrics such as pure nylon and polyester that won’t fade easily and provide ultimate comfort, supporting your agility and activity.

Wash Care: Maintenance of these shorts is quite simple as they can be hand or machine washed at home with any mild detergent. However, it is recommended to avoid extreme hot ironing as that might damage the fabric and the prints. When it comes to fabric, one quality product from the range is the Quick Dry Nylon Board shorts, which is made of pure nylon that provides quick water absorbance. The stitches on the fabrics are sturdy enough to provide long usage.

With so many options at Zobello, shopping for beachwear for men is not a difficult task anymore. Don’t waste your time worrying about the quality as these products ensure optimum usage and comfort. So, go ahead and shop from the premium range of beachwear and swimming trunks online.


Best Summer Blazers for Men online at Zobello

In a party or evening night out, dressing up according to the theme becomes a challenge sometimes. Not anymore as you can be the showstopper of any party by sporting a classy blazer from the exclusive range of Zobello. These blazers are crafted while keeping in mind the changing trends in the global fashion scene. Comfortable and light weight, these blazers are appropriate for the upcoming season. So, go ahead and explore the collection to upgrade your wardrobe with these designer blazers.

Premium Design: The range of men summer blazer varies from different designs like solid, printed, checked or patterned. These styles can make any casual outing just perfect, when you team them up with a pair of denims, cargos or cotton trousers and casual shirts or tee shirts. You get to choose from a wonderful range of colours, starting from classy black to peppy yellow. If you are looking for a white blazer that can be worn to a cruise party or a business meet, go ahead and get the White Unlined Casual Blazer that is designed with a simple unstructured single collar, two flip pockets and white button closure. The fine twill cotton makes this outfit absolutely comfortable for the summer. You also get to choose from other solid shades like black and green in this style.

If you love to wear patterned blazers or just want to give it a try for the first time, the Cherry Tartan Plaid Casual Blazer makes a perfect option. This casual summer blazer is designed with checked pattern I cherry red and grey shades all over that completes the style of this one. If you are heading for a weekend trip to any coastal destination and want to dress up according to the holiday spirit, the Palm Tree Print Summer Blazer can be a worthy pick. This blazer features palm tree prints in blue shade all over in the solid white base. When paired with washed denims and a tee shirt, this blazer can make you the style icon among your friends.

Comfort & Fit: The summer blazers are crafted with the finest fabrics like premium quality twill cotton, pure canvas and light denim. Hence, these are extremely soft against the skin and perfect for long wear. Most of the blazers provide standard fit and you get to choose from various sizes, starting from XS to XXL. If you find it a little difficult to choose the correct size for yourself, no worries as you can take assistance from our size chart that is provided in every product page.

Wash Care: The summer blazers, made of quality fabrics, can sustain for long if a little care is taken to maintain the quality of these. The blazers can be simply washed at home using a mild detergent. However, it is recommended to avoid extreme hot ironing as that can damage the quality of the fabric.

So, if you haven’t explored the collection yet, go ahead and choose the most stylish blazer for summer from the range. Hurry up as stocks are running fast!

Prepare to take the plunge into the deep end of the pool!

The temperature is rising everyday now, while many places still remain snow capped we are already shaking off the winter weights to slip into our sleek swimwear and take a dive into the cool pool waters! If you are planning to take a trip to the beach or even just visit your local public pool, packing two swim shorts instead of one is always a good idea! From the latest summer special collection of swim wear for men online on Zobello, you can pack the perfect pair of classic and sporty swim shorts. You will be prepared to raise the temperatures higher with your trips to the beach playing beach volley in one pair while the other one dries.

Any modern stylish man worth his trunks knows that you need one casual and one fancy swim shorts for men. One you can wear during day and one for the night. Never be boring with separate pairs for the beach and the club. You can work-out in one, lay back with the other stylishly fitted one. With the various styles available at our online shop for swimwear for men, we have got your covered.

Quick dry colored Stripe swim shorts from Zobello:

What could be any better way to wake from the lazy winter days and chase away winter blues with a beach ready bod? Turn to our very nautical themed striped swim shorts for men with 2 straight cut side pockets for optimum comfort. The standard fit swim shorts will hang perfectly fitted to any body type, giving a tall and sleek silhouette. Available in a range of colors from blue, grey, navy and more, this is the perfect nautical themed swimshort that is made of 100 percent polyester mesh that dries super quick as soon as you get out of the water.

Men’s tropical printed swim wear

Imagine sun bathing under the shade of a coconut grove, sipping Piña Colada while the continuous humdrum of the waves beating against the shore, hums nature’s best playlist for you! What would imagine wearing on such occasion? Is it a bulky three-piece suit or some tropical-themed, printed swim shorts paired with your favorite holiday shirt and a light pair of espadrilles, fedora optional! If the latter is your choice, then you would love the quirky pineapple print, flower print or leaf print swim shorts for men at Zobello, as they are the perfect apparel for a handsome beachwear for men bum look!

Men’s tropical printed swim wear

Even the closet geek in you can look stylishly cool at the beach this holiday with a quirky printed swim shorts paired with a simple white tank top, some basic espadrilles and your usual intelligent swag. You can choose from Zobello’s quirky printed shorts, like the swan print, fish print or the giraffe print quick-dry swim wear. There are prints galore at Zobello, with other choices like the parrot print, banana print or even horse print, all of which are made of 100 percent nylon fabric to dry fast and wick off moisture.

Simple color block swimwear styles

If you want the cute boyish charm of teenage days with your swim shorts, reminiscing about the fair at the pier and eating ice cream by the beach dresses online. Then just pack with all kinds of color block swimshort options you can get at Zobello. And there’s plenty there with striped, nautical themes that come with elastic waistbands for the perfect fit with slide pockets to carry everything you need.

Summer holidays are all about eating, drinking, relaxing and having a great time with friends and family away from the office. So, if the ocean’s also calling out to you. Be ready to take the plunge with the perfect swim wear for the occasion!

A guide to branded summer blazers for men

It would be an understatement to say that the quintessential summer blazer for men is an iconic wardrobe essential that goes synonymously with the summer season! This has been the central piece for almost every gentleman’s wardrobe for decades now. These days it has also transformed into the perfect corporate attire for women, however it translates into different things depending on the situation.

It’s a blazer not a suit – Buy blazers for men right:

It often boggles the minds of many online shoppers who aim to buy blazers for men online in India but end up scratching their heads to understand what blazers are! Many believe that blazers are simply jackets that can be worn without matching pants. After all, that is how the Oxford American dictionary describes it – as a sports jacket that is usually worn without matching pants.

The Oxford English dictionary steps a few inches forward by explaining the blazer as a colored jacket usually worn by sportsmen or school kids as a part of a uniform, a plain jacket which is not a part of a suit but is acceptable as a formal wear. Basically, it is a jacket that often resembles a suit in some ways but is not a suit!

But just by going along the dictionary meaning does not deem us with ample sartorial wisdom. These dictionary definitions are neither specific nor complete. But they get close to explaining the charm of blazers, which are colored, standalone jackets, that double breasted and come in both summer and winter fabrics, usually sported by school children and sportsmen.

The best blazer you can buy online in India:

There are too many modern iterations of this classic wardrobe piece, but usually the best type to swear by is the standard blazer with double-breasted style complete with two buttons. However, consider the occasion you will be wearing this blazer to before cart your blazer online with Zobello. Unstructured shoulders i.e. those without shoulder pads and patch pockets are usually considered casual and are not fit for formal gatherings, such as a business meeting.

Finding a suitable branded blazer for men, this summer:

A suitable blazer always fits well, lying between the sweet spot of not too tight or too loose. This is how you can achieve that sweet spot during your blazer trials, to choose right:

How to determine it’s too tight:

If after buttoning the blazer you get an ‘X’ shape pulled at the back, then it is too tight.

If you find the sleeves too tugging and the shoulder restrictive of movement then understandably it is too tight.

How to know if it’s too loose:

If the seam of your shoulders and sleeves extend beyond your natural shoulders it is too loose.

If it looks wrinkly and disheveled it may be too loose.

If the jacket cuffs extend beyond your knuckles it is definitely too loose fitting.

How to choose the right fabric and color for your summer blazers:

This is the most exciting part of shopping for branded blazers online. For summer navy, khaki, white, patterned, striped, plaid, gray, olive green, maroon and any other shade imaginable go well. Usually gray and navy are the safest choice for men as they are easy to pair, but as it goes in fashion, safe can sometimes be boring!

As for the fabric, twill cotton blazers are the best for the tropical summer weathers that offers lightweight, breathable wear that keeps you comfortable and sweat free. So, go on and choose your blazer to be dapper this summer!

Find the Best Blazer For Your Style at Zobello

Let the style does all the talking for you sporting a stylish blazer from the online store of Zobello. It is needless to say that the outfits you wear reflect your personality and to ensure you get the most suitable casual outfits in an affordable range, we present casual stylish blazers for men that are crafted with premium quality fabrics. So, explore the collection and pick the ones that cater to both your style and budget.

Designer Casual Blazers: We present to you a plethora of collections within men’s casual blazers that evoke unmatched fashion statement. You get to choose from a huge colour palette, ranging from classy shades of brown, black, beige, blue, white to warm shades like maroon, red, multi-colours and many more. Patterned blazers are extremely popular in the global fashion scene presently and you can opt for summery prints in pastel shades that can make you the showstopper of any occasion. If you love to dress classy by sporting a simple blazer with minimal designs, you can opt for products like the Khaki Solid Casual Blazer, White Unlined Casual Blazer, Mens Seaweed Green Twill Blazer, Dark Grey Solid Casual Blazer and Solid Green Casual Summer Blazer.

A black casual blazer makes an integral part in every man’s wardrobe and if you are searching for a classy black shaded blazer that can be teamed up with a pair of denims and casual shirts, go ahead with the latest Solid Black Casual Blazer from the range of solid blazers. In summer, nothing can beat the classiest mens linen blazer and we have an exclusive range of linen blazers for men at affordable pricing. If you love experimenting with fashion by sporting bold shades and cool prints, the Casual Printed Black Blazer and the Palm Tree Print Summer Blazer are the products that you can choose from. Options are plenty when shopping for men’s blazers at our online store. To get that ultimate summer casual look, you can pair these blazers with a semi formal shirt and a pair of washed denims from our range.

Fit & Fabric: The men’s casual blazers are crafted of superior quality fabrics like pure cotton, canvas and denim. Though perfect for the summer, these casual blazers are ideal for every season and occasion. The soft fabrics of the blazers ensure extreme breathability and comfort while you wear them for a long hour. When it comes to blazers, you can never go wrong with the size as a proper fit can make your style while a wrong fit can just ruin it. Hence, you need to be careful while choosing your preferred size. The blazers are available in all sizes, ranging from XS to XXL. If you find it difficult to choose the exact size, you can take assistance from our size guide that is available on every product page.

Easy Maintenance: To maintain the quality of the blazers, all you need to do is wash them with a mild detergent at home. These blazers can be easily hand or machine washed at home. However, avoid using harsh detergent and extreme hot ironing as that might damage the quality of the blazers in the long run.

With the online shopping option, your blazer online shopping experience can be the easiest. So, without giving it a second thought, shop online for men’s casual blazers from Zobello today!

Buy Swim Shorts for Men Online at

If you are packing your vacation bag with the best outfits in your wardrobe and the long worn old swim briefs, think again. You could be one step ahead to spell fashion by getting new branded swim shorts from our exclusive range of branded swimshorts for men. To make you stand apart from the rest of the crowd in the upcoming season, we are presenting to you a fresh collection of swim briefs and beachwear that can amp up your style quotient. So, go ahead and explore the collection of swimwear that is crafted with utmost precision.

Designer Swim Shorts: When shopping from Zobello, you can never be wrong in the designs and within the collection of swim shorts and beach wear, you can opt from a huge colour option, ranging from warm shades like red and multi colour to the classiest blues and blacks. Patterns look extremely stylish in swim shorts and you get to choose from a varied range in digital patterns. Designs like the Bold Tropical Print Swim Shorts, Palm Print Pull On Swim Shorts and Beach Ready Quickdry Swimshorts can be the ultimate choice for every pattern lover. For all the urban men who love to dress classy are the products like Surfer Nylon Swim Shorts. If you are willing to hit to the pool by sporting the boldest prints, go ahead with products like the Print Block Swim Shorts, Fun Printed Swimshorts, Colorblock Summer Swim Shorts and many more. Now it is way easier to shop for the branded swim shorts online as you get exciting offers in the range of swim shorts from us.

Comfort & Fit: For great comfort, most of these swim shorts are designed with side pockets. Material and fit go side by side when it comes to the comfort aspect. Here, you get the swim shorts that are crafted with the finest fabrics like polyester and nylon. The swim shorts are available in all sizes, ranging from XS to XXL. Moreover, out size guide is there to assist you in selecting the ideal size for yourself. Board shorts are extremely popular now-a-days and within the collection, the Quick Dry Nylon Board shorts is an exclusive product that is crafted with quick absorbent technology.

Easy to Maintain: Maintenance of these shorts is quite simple as they can be hand or machine washed at home with any mild detergent. The stitches on the fabrics are sturdy enough to provide long usage. However, it is recommended to avoid washing the swim shorts with extreme hot water as that might damage the fabric and elasticity of the products.

So, what are you waiting for? By checking out all the featured products, buy swimming trunks online from the house of Zobello at the comfort of your home. To make your online shopping experience a memorable one, we have exciting offers for you to avail. If you are worrying about the quality of the swim shorts, rest assured as we ensure optimum usage and comfort provided by these products. Hurry up and shop online today as stocks are limited and are running out quite fast!

Amazing Tips for Men to Wear Sneakers in Style


Nowadays, sneakers are more than gym and activity shoes. They can be paired with any off-duty outfit to enhance the style quotient of any man. Thanks to today’s fashion brands and the competition in market for providing wide ranges of sneakers to wear the footwear in style.

It doesn’t matter what kind of sneakers you love to wear, there are a few basic principles to carry the footwear that you should follow to nail the perfect style.

Buy Sneakers as Per Your Have in your Wardrobe

Before purchasing a pair of sneakers, go through your wardrobe to understand which color and style will suit you more. Choose the style that can complement the clothes which you already have. It will be considered a smart shopping by saving your money. You don’t need to buy new clothes to match with your shoes.

Wear them on the Right Occasion

Sneakers are versatile. As per designs and colors, you can wear them at many events. Plain men’s suede navy sneakers and black sneakers are perfect for occasions like weddings and evening parties. But multi-color sneakers are ideal for casual outings and night parties.

Keep the Footwear Neat & Clean

Don’t just collect your favorite footwear, keep them neat and clean occasionally. To maintain the shine and great look, it is important to wash the laces, brush the outsoles and use shoe trees to maintain its finishing.

Sneakers with or without socks

It is primarily depended on the type of clothes you are wearing with the pair of shoes. For a cool traveler look, sneakers without socks can be a smart wear with 3/4ths or shorts. Wear with socks when you team up the footwear with chinos. With jeans, you are free to wear sneakers with or without socks.

Different Types of Sneakers & Their Style

Basic Sneakers

The footwear is available in leather and canvas materials with basic colors. The style is affordable and easy to wear. The basic classic can be paired with denim, chinos and shorts of any color. But these shoes are not designed for every occasion.

Luxury Sneakers

Buy luxury sneakers shoes online! This is one of the best destinations to buy luxury shoes at affordable prices. Refined luxury style sneakers may bear a resemblance to the basic sneakers but are made of pure treated leather. To buy the style you will have to pay more than a basic style sneaker.


If you are a lazy kind of man who doesn’t like laces, buy slip-on style. These designer shoes are easy to put on and take off. They are comfortable to wear during traveling. They come in leather, faux leather and canvas materials and have a sleek design. Creative textures and weave styles are available in slip-on style if you buy branded ones.

Buy sneaker shoes online to revamp your wardrobe. No matter which color and style you would like to buy, online shopping will give you the opportunity to get your favorite style at affordable prices. During occasions like New Year and Christmas, online shopping for shoes can save your money by offering huge discounts.

Buy Canvas Low Ankle Lace up Plimsolls Sneakers for Men

With the online shopping facility available, now you can shop for anything easily from the comfort of your couch. Among all casual outfits and accessories, sneakers stand apart as this pair of casual shoes can make you feel absolutely comfortable besides staying updated with fashion. So, if you want to be in the limelight wherever you step out, pick a pair of classy sneakers from Zobello’s wide range of classic sneakers. You will be completely satisfied when shopping from our collection, which aims to reflect the spirit of youth.

Premium Design: This collection of men’s ankle sneakers shoes and high ankle sneakers is designed while keeping in mind the changing trend in global fashion. Hence, any pick that caters to your style and budget would be a worthy pick. If you are a person who loves simple dressing, you can check out the new Men’s Elastic Tassel Navy Boat Shoes, which are made of solid cotton canvas. This pair is designed with adjustable elastic cords closure that is very easy to use. The solid canvas upper body comes in five shades like navy blue, brown, grey, black and beige. You can choose any one that you desire. From the range of high ankle sneakers online, the High Ankle Snap Strap Plimsolls makes a suitable option for all those who prefer to stay in vogue by making a bold fashion statement.

Make every step that you take a new beginning by sporting the Faux Leather Urban Plimsolls. This ankle length pair of plimsolls is made of superior quality faux leather. The options of three shades of brown and others look street ready and nail the perfect hipster look. If you are looking for a pair of comfy sneakers for your everyday college purpose, you can choose among products like the Canvas Lace Up Plimsolls, Lace Up Mesh Plimsolls or Checkered Lace Up Plimsolls. The collection of sneakers for men at Zobello includes cool shades like blue, grey, white and warm shades like red, yellow, multi-colour and many more.

Comfortable Fit: All these shoes are available in different sizes, from 6 UK to 12 UK. If you cannot decide which pair would get you the perfect fit, you can take guidance from the size chart that is available in every product page. These sneakers are crafted from premium quality material, making them extremely light weight and soft against your skin. The foot bed of these shoes are designed with sweat absorbent technology that will keep your feet fresh and cool.

Easy to Maintain: The sneakers are quite easy to maintain as you can clean any dirt or stain from the surface using a soft cotton cloth or a mild bristled brush. If properly maintained, the quality of these shoes can remain intact for a longer period. The sturdy outer sole of these shoes ensure that they can endure rough weather conditions.

So, what are you waiting for? Exploring this range of men’s ankle sneakers and high ankle sneakers online, gift yourself a pair today! The pair you pick will be your best companion for years to come.

Buy Sneakers Online For Men

Maintain pace with your active life with casual shoes such as sneakers. Sneakers are the most comfortable and easy to get in kind of footwear for men, as men do not use much of their time getting ready. However, your choice of footwear talks a lot about your personality and lifestyle so, you should choose them carefully. Sneakers, however, are your savior at most of the occasion and the latest designs and patterns of sneakers available online make these casual shoes match almost all sort of attire and also, the lace-up sneaker shoes for men just lifts the overall look. On a fairly hectic day, sneakers can save your feet and provide ultimate comfort throughout the day. These casual shoes are for all seasons and you don’t need to spend time thinking what goes with what. You can easily pair a light colored t-shirton a summer afternoon with denim jeans and a pair of trendy sneakers. Let people admire your new style mantra while you sit back and relax. Even for athletes, a pair of sneakers is their first choice owing to its level of comfort and durability. Now, durability is not synonym to all the sneaker shoes available online or in stores, you need to buy the shoes made of high-quality fabric material. Zobello offers a versatile range of supreme quality lace sneaker shoes online in India for men.

These lace sneaker shoes provide a firm grip and ultimate comfort to people who need to be on their toes throughout the day or people engaged in athletic activities like jogging or exercising. If you need something elegant and trendy on a date, go for a pair of dark jeans with white polo t-shirt and men’s elastic tassel khaki boat shoes available on the website. Pick a pair of sneakers of patterns including checked, printed or solid and define your own style statement. The high-quality fabric used to craft these shoes includes canvas, cotton, faux leather and faux suede, which make these sneakers long lasting. Complete your wardrobe collection with lace-up sneakers available on the website including men’s suede navy sneakers, faux leather lace-up plimsolls and high-ankle ankle snap strap plimsolls. The lace sneakers are the trendsetters and make you the center of attraction wherever you go. These sneakers are made for urban streets and invoke a sense of modernity and elegance at the same time. Also, these lace sneakers are a good option for outstanding in the crown on the casual Friday in office. Let others keep guessing the new charisma to your personality and you continue grabbing eyeballs of people around you.

So, do not let the best deals slip away your hands and long on today to to pick and choose the best lace sneakers available online exclusively for men in India. You can choose from the range of different style and sizes ranging from UK 6 to UK 10, which allows fitting in the sneakers in the best way possible. Grab for yourself the best-looking sneakers and revolutionize your world of fashionable footwear.

How to choose the best sneakers for men every time you shop online

Before we begin, here is a little anecdote that shows true sportsmanship and sneaker fanaticism… the acclaimed UCLA coach, John Wooden, the winner of 10 NCAA championships in his 12 year spanning career had a unique way of starting every session. He would begin by teaching his boys how to wear shoes and socks right! While as unnecessary as this lesson may sound to you, it was important to teach an important fact. Guys in college were already old enough to know how to wear their socks and shoes right, but by beginning the session with this small lesson made John drive home the fact that – executing fundamentals is necessary to find success easier.

Most men love their sneakers more than anything else in their wardrobe! These days it is easy to buy sneakers online of one’s choice with just a few clicks. But the only glitch in the process is in knowing how to choose the right one for your feet. We are still quite fresh into this year, but already popular fashion blogs have made a rundown of the self-proclaimed best sneakers shoes for men in 2018! These lists usually include the biggest drops by the major name brands in the sneaker industry, promising the world at your feet. But the real best sneaker for your feet may not be what the fashion bloggers say is.

The athletic shoe industry sends out the message that the right sneaker shoe for men is all about the right fashion. But it is in fact not the case. The right shoe is more about the right fit, best injury prevention (based on the activity), performance and durability, and lastly the style for the occasion. Here are a few tips that will make your experience of shopping for sneaker shoes online a rewarding one:

Choose your sneakers based on the activity:

Simply put, sneaker shoes for activities are designed perfect for them. A basketball shoe will be great for basketball, running shoes for running and tennis shoes for tennis. There is no broader conspiracy against your feet at play or marketing gimmick to get you to buy more shoes!

Manufacturers and shoemakers design shoes to help facilitate sportsmen the actions they indulge in for each sport. This helps them perform better and also reduces the likelihood of sustaining an injury. For example, basketball shoes have soles that are designed to grip the court and make quick and agile movements without slipping. They have strong support around ankles to prevent injury from sprains. It is really important that you buy sneakers online based on your activity of choice. And if you split your time between different activities in a day, then opt for more than one of sneakers to prevent injury, stay stylish and improve performance.

Shoes have expiry too:

One of the worst mistakes men make is to go on wearing a shoe well past its prime age. Yes, the look of worn out canvas sneakers with scruffy edges may have their own charm. But they are not good for your feet health. Shoes have proper insoles to support your feet and ankles; but as the interior cushion breaks down one’s entire body suffers the effect causing aches and pains in hips and joints.

Fashion may not be the primary factor determining your shoe selection, but there shouldn’t be any shame in admitting that style matters! So, sit down and do some research on your shoe preferences, while keeping fashion on the checklist as well. Check out the updated collection of plimsolls and sneakers at Zobello, which have specialized cushioned moisture wicking fabric insole for quick sweat absorption keeping your feet happy and comfortable. The array of designs presented specialize in different utility and styles making the collection a must have for men’s wardrobe.