Look Lean in Mens’ Slim Fit Shirts

  • Online shopping with its commendable conveniences has aroused one of the most approachable and unmatched means of buying products with the click of a button.   To a large extent, these web portals have enriched the style of buyers specifically in case of men’s wear as men usually have an aversion to wardrobe shopping.

    Slim fit Shirts Online

    One of up-to-date clothing is slim fit Shirt for men online. The words ‘slim fit’ and ‘trim’,  both are used interchangeably in the fashion industry. They refer to shirts with a well-defined fit and are fitted wear shirts, exact across the chest, designed through shoulders, shaped slit, trim sleeve and handy fit in the waist for a thin presence while still providing enough room for comfort but continue to have clean body shape.

    This is the Right Choice

    Cotton fabric is used specially in summer months as it absorbs the moisture from your skin and evaporates promptly to keep you dry. This is the on is the going style these days and it is believed that this fashion is here to stay for very long time.  This tasteful slim fit Shirt for men online ,  has become immensely popular and made  people aware about latest style to suit them and their lifestyle. Now you can find slim fit shirts in cool and casual styles at www.zobello.com.  The customer friendly online web portal has derived its own fashion brand, stroking through endless segments and is a dedicated online shopping portal for men’s wear.


    It is Print for Me

    Updating the latest fashion prospects never seems to end when you are shopping in order to refine your style. And when we talk about the printed shirts for men, like floral, polka dots, tribal prints in slim fit, they can work for all sorts of men. Moreover, printed shirts for men also go well with jackets in winters as well as cool summer nights. Cotton printed shirts enhance an edge to the steady men’s shirts collection in your wardrobe. These shirts are typically a good option for your spring and summer.

    Printed shirts for men also go very well with swimming trunks on the beach and are the most talked about style. The choices are endless. Catchphrase for www.zobello.com is ‘escorted by our ethics of never negotiating on the quality and providing a value based prospects.’ Our newly featured user website assists shoppers in surfing their choice of new trends. We bring you the best styles through our website, round the clock.

    It is a well- known fact that designers command the fashion industry but trends are   changing rapidly. Those who famed stylists now demand the backing of online shopping guidance. It is a fact, the designers generate the creation but the influencers make the movement. Online shopping with its own style of the enthusiastic designers and the leadership quality of online portals is on its way to create wonders

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Shoes that are in Style 2017

Best Polo T-shirts for Men in Summers


What to Wear on the Best Friend Wedding Reception?

Sometimes going to a wedding becomes an unavoidable, as it is your best friend is getting hitched. But what to wear at such occasion! Formal or casual! Dress to impress.

Full suit– most people will answer a full suit is the best option, but wearing a full suit especially in the summer condition might seem to be an uncomfortable task. The blazer and trouser are great option when it comes to attending a business meeting, but for wedding reception a little bit of swag is essential.

Printed trouser– the printed trousers add a hint of texture to the look, so it is appropriate for this auspicious occasion. You can wear them with a classic white buttoned down shirt and a pair of brogues or loafers to complete the look.

Avoid wearing a tie– tie looks best when you are attending a formal event but when you are partying hard and want to look cooler, avoid it.

Chinos-Chinos pants for men are the best way to add casual vibe to the formal occasion. As told above, these pants stretch far away than you can imagine.

What to wear with men chino pants sale?

Slim fit chino pants are the best especially during summer condition or when it is too hot to handle the jeans.

How to wear them?

Wear it with open neck shirt- this outfit is more formal but less smart. The extra addition of jacket adds a layer of formality. It is perfect for boardroom or meeting.

Wear it with denim shirt-the combination of two different shades reveals a lot about men’s personality. The fact is that when you contrast rugged denim shirt with blue chino pants it creates an altogether new look. It is fine example of smart casual look and is appropriate for lunch or dinner.

Combine it with white– it adds an air of sophistication. It is simple, relaxed, clean look apt for casual summer dress.

Slim fit chino shorts for men– these are ideal if you are going to a beach wedding reception.

What to consider before buying them?

Now, that you know how to pair up the chinos, the next question arises how to style it right:

Fit is important– buy a measuring tape or go get measured by the experts if that is what it takes. Flat fronts are ideal for slimmer guys; pleated pants can streamlines a guy with those extra pounds. We advise you to move around before you buy.

Final words

So, after reading this what you have decided what is your ultimate summer look? How do you adhere to dress guidelines without looking dreary and samey? Tell us in the comment section given below

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The Right Way to Wear a Polo

The polo shirt is often called the t-shirt’s dressier counterpart. And it isn’t without a reason. While the T-shirt is too casual, the polo shirt strikes a middle ground, being fit for casual wear as well as for work on certain days. Men’s polo shirts are particularly great in summer, when the temperature rises and everyone looks for something comfy and stylish to wear. The polo is comfortable, breathable, and definitely more elegant than a T-shirt.

But while it can make you look good when worn right, when worn wrong, it can make you look sloppy. Here are a few tips to help you nail the polo.

The Length

As a general rule, the traditional polo shirts are short in front and slightly longer at the back, so it remains tucked in when you bend. But you must be careful about the length if you’re wearing your polo untucked.

Though the polo is usually worn tucked in, if you must leave it untucked, there’s a simple way to measure the length of the back. If it covers more than half of your back pockets, it’s too long. Find a polo that ends just above your back pockets for the right length.

The Buttons

When you make polo t-shirts online purchase, take a good look at the neckline and buttons. Some polo shirts have deep V necks, which can never be left open. Other polo shirts may not have low necks at all and have to be worn unbuttoned.

This generally differs from one brand to the other. If you aren’t comfortable wearing deep Vs, choose a polo that has a normal neckline and can be worn unbuttoned.

The Sleeves

The ribbing on the sleeves also varies from brand to brand. While some polo shirt sleeves have elasticated ends, other polo shirts have normal sleeves that do not hug tight. Your choice would depend on your activities. If you’re going to move your arms a lot, then choose something that doesn’t sit too tight. For regular or office wear, or if you want to show off your muscular arms, then go for something that hugs snugly. But make sure it isn’t too constricting.

The Hem

There are two types of polo shirts: the modern piqué and the traditional knit polo tshirts for men. If you wear a knit polo, then they come with a band at the hem that clinches around your waist and makes you look slimmer. With a polo like that, you must make sure your pants aren’t low waist and your belt isn’t leather.

The Style

While how you wear your polo would definitely depend on you, there are still a few thumb rules that you should follow. First of all, never ever pop the collar. Second, do not wear an undershirt. And third, make sure you use a deodorant to control the sweat, if you don’t want ugly stains on your polo.

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Think ‘Out of the Box’ this Father’s Day- Cool Gift Ideas for a Cool Dad


If nothing else, today’s youth is definitely known for their ‘out of the box’ thinking and unconventional ways in to live life on their terms and not by an age-old rule book, stamped by the so-called society. This applies to almost everything, in their attitude and behaviour, in the choices they make in life with regard to their education, career and even personal life, be it dating or marriage. Of course, clothes and style sense is no exception to this rule and we see the youth today being very open-minded and vocal about their preferences. Even when it comes to gifting, the old-school flowers, pen sets and wallets etc. are no more the cup of tea for these young ones with a vivid imagination and also, all thanks to a plethora of options available easily these days.

The Father’s Day is just around the corner and the kids are all gearing up to surprise their dads with the best of gifts, which are unique in approach as well as expressive enough to convey their feelings towards this special bond in their lives. While there are a number of gifts for your dad online as well as in the offline stores, it’s not easy to make your pick. Somehow, clothes here seem to rule the gifting game as they are not only utility based but also indicate that as a son or daughter, you do attempt to merge, in any way possible, the thinking gap between the two of you. Because style and clothes at some level connects thoughts with one another, to a great extent, it can speak for your free mind on your behalf. How about gifting your superb and amazingly cool dad an ultra chic yet comfy pair of shorts to revive back those young time memories for your ever responsible father.

So, when you decide to gift a cool chino shorts for father, say for instance, it will not only prove to be a thoughtful gift but will also make them realise the carefree, relaxed vibe that wish to pass onto them. As a bonus, such a quirky present is bound to give you some quality time with your dad, maybe over a game of polo or on a wonderful beach vacation to make perfect use of that pair.

There is immense variety of shorts to gift all your dads, especially those who love the fun family Sunday brunches or even a game of golf with their gang. The slightly sober chino shorts in colours like khaki and beige can be a great pick for them. And not just that, you could also opt for a pair of lazy boy lounge shorts to again enjoy those lazy weekends with your lazy dad but just slightly more stylish. And then, many of us are already lucky enough to have some of the most chilled-out and fun-loving dads, who make it a point to party hard to make up for those stressful hours in life. For such a funky bunch, it can be great idea to go for denim shorts for dad or one can even online shop for printed shorts. Of course, the printed ones are for the strictly adventurous and experiment loving lot; it makes every case for one to make their choices based on your father’s personality and routine requirements both.

Now, let’s study the varied types and ways in which you can help your dad look dapper and right on point with his style.

1. Informal look- This is definitely the very first thing that one associates with shorts usually; shorts means the casual, relaxed and comfortable look. On an off dad, you can help your dad pair his shorts with a smart graphic tee in simple round neck or even a patterned one in v-neck. The cropped shorts and short shorts in fresh bright colours like peach, royal blue and greens can add a good touch for the casual day.

2. Semi-formal look- Yes, this is a lesser known and very less experimented zone for don’t really link the dots between shorts and anything close to formal. But pairing a smart pair of shorts with a shirt or polo t-shirt, layered with a classy blazer is the new fashion statement, picking up popularity amongst the menfolk in all ages at a fast pace. The tailored shorts variant in the segment works best to complete such a look and give your style a sophisticated yet playful edge.

3. Sports look- To add a dash of quirk to your dad’s otherwise basic sports ensemble, you can help him get hands on a sporty pair of baggy shorts, which are very much in trend this season. They work best for a sports affair as they are easy, breezy, light and much more comfortable than anything else. You just need to keep your dad’s body type and the fit proportion in mind and you are done for a perfect look; for best results match it along with a basic collared tee or even a v-neck one with a sports logo of your choice.

Keeping these handy tips in mind, you can surely select the perfect pair of shorts for your dad and surprise him with your newly acquired styling skill; his special day is sure to become even more special with your sincere efforts.

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Father’s Day Idea Under 1000 Bucks

Father’s day is just round the corner. Have you planned anything for your dad? If not, it is high time to plan something for your father. The gift must express that how much you love and appreciate your father.

Instead of planning something big, get your dad a gift that can fit your budget. Emotions are more important than money!! There are many gifts for father that can express your emotions for him. Select the gift that he requires the most.

Following are some father’s day gifts ideas

1. USB style Swiss Army knife

It is a three-in-one portable charger. It is a prefect father’s gift for your technological dad during traveling.

2. Handkerchief set

For the formal father, gift him a set of the handkerchief. Customize them by embossing best dad ever. He is going to love this gift.

3. Cuff links

This is one of the best great father’s day gifts. These cuff links will look amazing on a crisp and white shirt. You can customize these cuff links with the photo of you and your father.

4. Espadrilles

Your father works very hard. He needs a comfortable and elegant footwear like espadrilles. These espadrilles can be matched with jeans and tees. He will look very handsome and smart in these comfy shoes.

5. Business card holder

Your hard working hero is going to love this gift idea. Buy an attractive business card holder for him.

6. Multi- purpose key chain

This is the best versatile tool. Gift him the multi-purpose key chain that can cut things, can be used as a screwdriver. Guys love tools!!

7. Dress socks

You might be thinking is it the gift to be given? Yes, he requires it many times. Pick the pair for your dad that has some beautiful pattern of his favorite color. The design must match his personality. He is going to appreciate this handy stuff.

8. Golf glove

If your dad loves to play golf, gift golf glove. This is the thing which he will use it. When he will see these gloves, he will remember you.

9. Polo tees

For that lazy Saturday and Sundays, he wants something casual to wear. Gift his favorite color stylish polo tees. It can be wear on weekend parties, picnics and clubs.

10. Stunning flower bouquet

Flowers are the ultimate gift ideas for dad. If you are away from your dad on this father’s day. Send him a bouquet of his favorite flowers. It will bring a smile on his face after receiving these flowers. Send a message or poem for him.

11. Shorts

If your great dad is a fitness freak, then shorts for men is the perfect gift idea for him. He can work out in the gym, can play football and tennis in these shorts.

12. Favorite novel

On this father’s day, gift him the new edition of the novel from his favorite writer. If possible, take the autograph of the writer on that novel.

These are some of the best gifts for dad. Make the father-son bond stronger.

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Have you planned anything for your father? If not, then we are here to your rescue!!


Your father is your best friend. He inspires you to work hard and achieve your goals. On this father’s day shop cool sports t- shirts for dad from Zobello. We have a wide range of stylish and colorful tees that will make your dad look younger. Now he does not require to hide his actual age. Pick t-shirt from different patterns, style and features. These tees are best to wear during work out and playing sports.

Get an awesome t-shirt for your best buddy. If you are married, don’t forget to buy the cool tee for your father-in-law. He will be surprised with this kind gesture. You can also win the heart of your wife with such a small effort. Father’s day is an opportunity to make your relationship stronger. He is going to appreciate for your small effort.

In a t-shirt, a man looks different. Let you throw out the baggy shirts from your dad’s wardrobe. Revamp his style with new polo tees. This change will make him feel younger. It will bring the positive energy inside him. He will look smarter and fit in these tees. Let his friends and your uncle envy his new look!! Your mother is going to look at your dad.

Spent some moments with your father on this father’s day. A gift speaks about your emotions and feelings for your dad!! It is the gesture that how much you love and care for him. He has worked hard the entire life just to make your life easier and comfortable. So, it is your turn to gift something that can enhance his personality and provide comfort. Especially for you, we have curated best t-shirts for men on our online shop.

If you are not in town to celebrate father’s day with your dad or don’t have time to shop. Go for online shopping for father’s day from Zobello. Our website has many categories from where you can buy a gift for your best dad.

Shop t-shirts which have moisture wicking technology

Buy sports t-shirts for father from Zobello. These t-shirts have very cool, soft and lightweight fabric. The fabric is based on moisture wicking technology. It absorbs the sweat and let sweat evaporate in the atmosphere. It keeps you odor free and sweat free. Thus, you can remain active and fresh in our t-shirts.

In this hot summer where mercury is rising at 45 degree Celsius or above, you need to feel cool. Playing in the field or working in the gym is really a hell in this humid summers. But no worries now!! Take a chill pill and shop tees with wicking technology from our online store.

These are highly breathable, allow air to pass through and lightweight. Look cool in these hot summer. Let your dad enjoy his favorite sport outside!!

Shop dri-best t-shirts for men at great prices.

Shop Dri-best contrast round neck sleeve cuff crew tee for your hero. It is available in three different colors. Contrasting neck band and cuff will make your dad look handsome. Surprise him with this t-shirt. He is going to love it. A distinct t-shirt for your father is the tee with thumb hole. Is your father a fitness freak? If yes, then these stylish tee is best for him. He can play or do the workout for long hours. He will feel comfortable in this tee. We have the stunning collection of sports t-shirts for dad.

Contrasting neon panel with seamless detailing provides you better ventilation during hot summers. We have three attractive colors in this hot range. Let your father look incredible in this neon tees. Upgrade your dad’s wardrobe with short sleeves with crew neck t-shirt. This t- shirt is best when he is going out with friends in club, barbecue or champagne party.

If looking for a unique kind of tees for your dad, then side panel contoured crew tee might attract you. This is an elegant yet sophisticated piece for your father. Team them with his favorite pants, chinos or jeans.

You might be thinking that we have talked so much about the fabric technology, but what about the cost!! We offer these dri best t-shirts at great prices. It will fall in your budget and you are going to love your shopping from Zobello. We believe in making your shopping experience awesome so that you will love to come again and again!!

Gift your dad the comfort, style, and function of a workout tee.

The most important attribute is that these tees are very comfortable during the workout. As your father tend to sweat a lot in the gym. He might feel lethargic due to sweat and odor. But in our t-shirt, he can remain active, sweat free and odor free the entire day. What are you waiting for? Buy father’s day shirts to make him feel special.

He can enjoy his favorite golf, tennis, cricket or football in these tees without getting worrying of sweat and bad odor. To prevent his skin from pigmentation, you can also pick long sleeve solid crew neck tee from our store. The fabric is of high -quality and lightweight.

We have a competitive edge over others. As we have our in- house manufacturing. We design these tees keeping abreast with the latest trends in fashion. You don’t need to keep worrying about the fashion trend when you are a loyal customer of Zobello. We take care of the new and latest trends while designing these clothes.

We have a dedicated team of professionals that are always ready to assist you. You can browse through various categories and shop for your father. We understand that your father is your hero. We take care to deliver high-quality apparels and service to you. We will get it delivered the same day or next day.

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How to pull off a sports casual look

Times are changing. The clothes that you so long thought were meant for the gym or for lounging on the couch are now fashionable casual wear.Sportswear for men is steadily becoming part of the off-duty look, and with the right styling sportswear can make you look über cool outside the gym too. No, you needn’t spend on high-end athlesiure items to be able to pull off a sports casual look. Your existing sweatshirts, bombers, and tees are good enough to channel the look.

Here’s some inspiration to help you create you create an off-duty look with sportswear.


Men’s t-shirts have been always been versatile. So when it comes to casual sportswear, anything goes. Every man’s T-shirt collection is enormous. Just open your wardrobe and pick the ones that you’d so far restricted to the gym or TV room. Solid colours are good, so is monochrome. If you’ve got prints and patterns, they are equally great. Sports polo for mencan also be used to replace a regular T-shirt. Just make sure what you’re wearing is well-fitted and doesn’t hang from your frame.


Jackets are a great way to layer your sports casual look. Whether it’s a bomber, a parka, or a windcheater, all of them could be used to create a sports casual look that’s fit for a day out. What’s more, you could wear men’s sports tank underneath the jacket to inject some attitude into the look. You could choose a luxe material (to replicate the look of an athletic jacket) and added details like fancy zippers or eye-catching stitching.


Yes, that thing you wear for an early morning call to the bathroom in winters is a sports casual commodity. Pick something branded if you’re fond of high end stuff, otherwise anything from your existing wardrobe will do. Be it hooded, patterned, monochrome, or striped, just about any kind of sweatshirt can be used to create a sports casual look, as long as it’s well-fitted (or you’ll look slouchy and unattractive).


No, please don’t pick the worn-out, scruffy looking one that you wear to the gym. Choose a pair that’s slim and comfy and preferably has elasticized cuffs. Keep it clean with basic colours and minimalistic patterns and designs, or you could match it with your uppers to create a monochrome look.


Follow the same rules as sweatpants with shorts. Shorts are comfortable, sporty, and relaxed, making them great for a sports casual look. Just treat them as mini sweatpants and you’re good to go.


Anything goes in the shoes department, as long as it’s casual. There are sneakers, the first thing that come to mind when talking of casual shoes. You could wear high tops or low tops, keep them simple or high-end, and you could also play around with different materials to achieve an off-beat look. Just make sure your shoes are clean and decent-looking before stepping out. The beauty of creating an off-duty look with men’s sportswear is that you get to experiment with a lot of styles.

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Why Pick Tank Tops For Men While Going on a Holiday?

Summer is here and we are sure you are planning a summer holiday. Whether you are going to your hometown for reminiscing childhood memories of you are heading to a cool place to beat the summer heat, you should pay particular attention to your wardrobe. We know that men like it simple so we encourage you to pick tank tops for men while going on a holiday as it will give you the following advantages.

They are lightweight: If you wish to feel the air when you are on a holiday and don’t want the holiday gear to stick to your skin when you sweat, you should pick a few from online tank top in India as they are very lightweight. Look for a product that is made of cotton or any other light fabrics that are breathable. It will ensure that you don’t get too hot or sweaty even if you go for hiking or play volleyball the entire day.

They Make You Look Young: When you buy tank tops for men, you will also realize that they cut down your age. They will make you feel young from the inside and outside as well. They are so casual and comfortable that you would want to wear them indoors and outdoors as well. When you get comfortable with them, you can pair them with some shorts to complete your young look and add in a pair of loafers, sunglasses and a hat to feel like you are a teenager again.

You Can Experiment with Your Look: Another advantage of these products is that you can try different color, style, design options and looks. You can wear them with shorts, with jeans, and with cotton pants without looking weird. Also, there are several color, style and design options available when you shop for men’s vests online that you will want to buy at least a couple of them during your first shopping spree.

No Laundry Hassles: A thing that we like about this piece of clothing is that you don’t need to pay hundreds or rupees to get them laundered at the hotel where you are staying. You can easily clean them yourself by dipping them in soapy water for some time and rinsing them. It’s so easy that you can do it even after a tiring day. You can let them dry overnight and they will be good to go in the morning again.

Easy to Carry Around: Last but obviously not the least, you can trust the tank tops for men to not add weight to your luggage. If you are going for an overnight trip, you can simply roll them up and add them to a duffel bag. In case you are planning a long getaway then too they won’t take up much space. We understand the pain of carrying your luggage so we always suggest gear that is lightweight so that you don’t have aching shoulders as soon as you reach your hotel.

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