How to Complement Men’s Beach Wear

I have always been a disciplined kid who traveled with his parents only and traveled to our village in Rajasthan when we left Delhi’s home. As a result, till the time I reached college, I had never even seen a beach. The incident I am going to tell you happened when I was in the third year of college, and a college trip to Goa was planned.

When I heard that we were supposed to go to Goa, I started looking for swimming dress for men and bought a couple of pieces from I thought that my shopping was done as I had bought all the essentials. It wasn’t until a week was left for the trip when my friend Vivek told me that apart from some good quality beachwear for men, I needed some accessories that would complement the mens beach wear and make me look cooler.

Again, I visited Zobello and bought two pairs of footwear, a duffle bag, and a few cool belts. The footwear I opted for were espadrilles, an option that works for every type of dress be it swimwear or jeans and a t-shirt. The duffle bag I opted for was expandable, so I was able to fit in everything I needed for the 3-day trip with ease. I also bought a few cool belts that made my shorts look sexier and helped me look a bit leaner.

As I didn’t want to repeat the same mistake, i.e., not buying anything vital for the trip, I consulted Vivek again who told me that we were traveling to Goa in extremely hot weather conditions, so I needed some essentials like sun shades, caps, towels and a headband. I ended up buying three pairs of sun shades that matched my swimwear dress for men and protected my eyes from harmful UV rays. I also bought three differently colored and styled caps that protected my eyes and face as well as a headband that contained my somewhat long hair perfectly. I had a few fresh towels at home, so I didn’t buy any new ones for this trip.

Like always, Vivek’s advice worked flawlessly for me, and I looked really cool on the trip. I also felt very comfortable in the clothes I had opted for as they were all made of breathable fabric and didn’t let me feel too hot. I would surely recommend to everyone who is looking for men’s beachwear as the website not only has the essentials but very cool accessories as well. All the products I bought for that trip are still in my closet, and I look at them whenever I am in a reminiscent mood. Some of the stuff like the sun shades and the caps are still used by me whenever I go out as they were quite trendy at that time and are still very fashionable. The quality of all the products from Zobello is awesome, and I can personally vouch for that.


Get ready for beach season with best swim shorts online

Every man needs a snazzy swim short regardless of the place he is visiting for a refreshing swim. Be it at the twinkling waters of the Cancun Beach or jumping off the diving board of your local public pool in the height of summer or even if you are just taking a dip at your humble backyard pool, swim shorts are a must and the more stylish the better. The popular notion about most men’s clothing is that choice is easy and options limited, but if you take a good look at the spread of beach shorts for men online at the online fashion store Zobello, you would know that notion is no longer valid.

Whether you are searching for the latest in sultry men’s swimwear fashion or broad shorts for agility at beach sports or even for the latest in hydrodynamics for your swimming competition, with the latest collection of swimwear for men online at the popular online men’s boutique, they have you covered, literally from knee to waist or even higher!

We are a brand known best for our simple yet stylish renditions of ordinary men’s apparel with a unique tweak. The broad shorts along with other contemporary swimwear for men online are all inspired surfer fashion and suited to everyday fashion without tiptoeing too far from the modesty line while being sexy enough. If you are looking for a classic swimwear style then opt for shorts with bright and vibrant colors and patterns with a comfy fit. A good choice in this category is the sporty multicolored quick dry swim shorts available at the Zobello beach shop.

The trend of quick dry swim shorts online has picked up pace recently as they offer the convenience of running between the water and the sand with ease, so you can switch easily between a good swim and a great volleyball game without needing to change or having clingy wet swimwear chafe your nether regions. We have all been there and it is not comfortable.

If you find it difficult to pair your swim shorts with the right holiday printed shirts for the complete Frank Sinatra like dapper look, then visit the beach shop at From eclectic prints like palm trees, bananas, to tribal knit ones and the classic old Hawaiian Aloha look with a style update, you will find every imaginable printed online at this well-stocked beach shop.

The holiday swimwear for men available in India are made of 100 percent pure nylon quick dry fabric so that you alternate between the water and land without needing to wait for the pesky shorts to dry. Nylon fabric with polyester mesh also offers amazing agility for performance swimmers in the pool as well as in the waters of the ocean. Enjoy a quick dip and then sit and relax at the beach or poolside lounge with your favorite tropical cocktail at hand in these great looking swim shorts that will have heads turning. To finish off the look choose the perfect espadrilles to complete your handsome tourist look with a Mediterranean vacation touch from the beach shop and you will be set to raise the heat this summ    

Buy Sneakers for men online in India at the best price

Sneakers are perhaps the best companion of a man during all season and occasion as these are classy and yet high on comfort. A perfect pair of sneakers can enhance your look and complete the overall style. Hence, to stay in the trend wherever you step out, shop a pair of sneakers for men from the house of Zobello. These premium quality sneakers are crafted with classy design and superior material. Explore our range of men’s sneakers and buy sneakers online India from the comfort of your couch.

Elegant Design: The international standards are maintained while crafting the sneakers for men at Zobello and these sneakers are surely going to make you stand apart in a crowd. You can choose from a variety of colours and styles within this range of loafers, plimsolls and sneakers. For the urban suave men, there is a huge option of elegant hues like beige, brown, black, blue and white. Those who clove to sport bold colours can choose from a huge palette of red, yellow, green and multi-colored ones.

If you are looking for a pair of lace sneaker online India that features simple design and is ideal for your everyday wear purpose, you can choose the Canvas Lace Up Plimsolls, available in the elegant shades like black or white. Teaming these sneakers with your casual tees and a pair of denims can never fail to make you the show stopper among your friends. Snake patterns are extremely trendy and can accentuate any boring outfit by adding a touch of spark. Go ahead and opt for the Snake Skin Faux Leather Plimsolls that feature lace closure and a soft cushioned foot bed. The vulcanized rubber outsole and moisture wicking technology make this pair a worthy pick for all.

Comfort & Fit: The sneakers for men at Zobello are made of superior quality fabrics and are extremely lightweight to keep you comfortable for the day long. Most of the sneakers are made of genuine canvas, cotton, faux leather or faux cotton fabric. The shoes are scientifically designed with cushioned food bed to allow your feet stretch and stay cozy all the time. Proper fit is equally important to get enough comfort. These sneakers are available in all sizes, ranging from 6UK to 12UK. To assist you selecting the ideal size for your feet, our size guide is there with detailed description.

Easy Maintenance: The sneakers are designed with sturdy outer sole material like vulcanized rubber, providing superior longevity than the ordinary sneakers. To maintain the quality of these sneakers, all you have to do is rub the surface with a soft cotton cloth and remove the stains from its surface using a soft bristles brush. If taken proper care, the designs and colours will remain unchanged enduring harsh weather conditions.

We have come up with excellent offers and discounts for you to enjoy online shopping with us. This exclusive collection is surely going to satisfy you in the long run. So, without much delay, go ahead and shop online for high top sneakers India from the exclusive Zobello store right away!

Useful Summer Blazer Guide for Men to Look Handsome

Hey, it’s time to cheer for men because the fashion world has upgraded men’s fashion wardrobe to the next level by offering cool summer blazers. It means men can now wear blazers not only in winters but also summers to find an effortlessly handsome look. The summer style blazers give the same dapper look that you get from winter style blazers. If it is your first time to pick a summer blazer, here are some guidelines to enhance your style.

Choosing the Right Fabric

One of the prime differences you can notice between summer and winter style blazers is its fabric. Cotton and linen are primarily used to manufacture lightweight summer blazers. You can confidently layer your simple shirts or t-shirts with these blazers to give a lift to your personality. Both cotton and linen are natural fabric, absorb moisture and keep the body cool. So they are comfortable summer outerwear.

Selecting the Right Style

If your local fashion retail stores have limited options, move to online shopping for blazers. Reputed online fashion stores like Zobello offer branded and stylish blazers for men. Options are available in forms of collar patterns, colors and design.

Checked or plaid blazers of red and black, cream and black and white and black are evergreen wears. Fashionable men should have at least one pair of checked blazer in their wardrobe. If you are puzzled which color blazer goes well with a shirt, picking a checked style will be an ideal option. The plaid style outwear looks stunning with almost all types of plain shirts and tees

During summers you try hard to look fresh all time. Online fashion stores offer palm tree printed and many other printed blazers to get the best summer look. These blazers look different from plain style outerwear but they are capable to give a fresh casual look. You may look different from the crowd.

If you are desperate to try something new in blazers, you have 4 flap style pocket outerwear to shop online. The blazer helps to get a casual look in no time. Pair this unique piece with slim pure denim pants.

Don’t Compromise with Brands

When it comes to perfect finishing, size and durability, branded jackets are the best option for anyone. Reputed fashion brands like Zobello have blazers of 100% cotton, denim and linen. The outerwear of these breathable fabrics is available in different UK size. You will face no problem in terms of choosing the right size blazer when you know what your exact size is. Branded outwear have durable double stitching. They don’t easily tear and provide the best appearance because of long-lasting color and material.

Carry More than One Style Blazer with You

You may have several different types of blazers for winter. Now, it’s time to upgrade your wardrobe with summer blazers. It is not sufficient to have only one blazer for summer. As you know due to sweating, the clothing in summers starts stinking. Buy different styles 4-5 blazers and dry clean them often.

Three ways you can style men’s summer blazers!

If you thought just sliding into a nice summer blazer for men was it, you don’t need to do anything else to cut the crowd and stand out as the most dapper, then you were wrong. Be it well-tailored, fitted, relaxed, double-breasted or simply single, blazers are the most versatile pieces of summer wear for men. Hence, should be given their share of respect as the most important summer apparel for men.

There is a slight misconception of well-fitted, tailored blazers among men; they believe that such blazers are only suitable for weddings or serious business meetings. But that is not the case, blazers are highly flexible and can be styled as you like without over thinking it. So, go on a shopping spree picking out online blazers in India and read on to find out 4 classic styles you can wear your sartorial all-rounder of a summer blazer.

The Palm Tree printed Soft collared summer blazer:

This is a fancy one, mostly associated with formal wear. The eclectic print coupled with the laid-back looking soft collar makes it a perfect fit for special occasions. Go attend a Polo match or an outdoor brunch with friends on a Sunday summer morning with this blazer and you will have eyes all over you. The cutting style and silhouette of the blazer can be traced back to the Victorian times; inspired by the then called smoking jackets, but such printed men’s summer blazer marrying contrasting colors on a fitted silhouette forms the perfect piece of apparel for the season ahead.

The printed version from Zobello is a subtle update of over-used classic style that brings the contemporary with pizzazz. This can be paired with dark-colored denim, fitted navy trousers and a light colored t-shirt or shirt underneath. To look edgier you can also pair it with double denim, i.e. a fitted denim shirt underneath or a knit t-shirt for adding textural dimensions to your outfit.

Plaid casual blazers:

The summer season calls for a wardrobe overhaul, it is the perfect time to lend a lease of life to your clothes. And the best way to do so is to shake off those sartorial shackles of heavyweight clothing off your shoulders and donning something fresh, vibrant and fun with all the serious fashion punctuations like the Cherry Tartan Plaid casual blazer for men or even the one in maroon. While having a little more color and punch than a normal solid colored blazer, this is the perfect piece for casual or business casual gatherings. It can be equally appealing as an office wear at a laidback company. You can make it a little more formal by taking the maroon blazer and doubling down on maroon by layering it over a comfy maroon formal shirt and pairing it with a dark brown or black fitted trousers. Finish of the look with suede shoes and you’d be grabbing everyone’s attention at the Monday morning presentations too!

The Prussian blue 3 button Fleece Blazer for men:

Are you heading to watch the game this Friday night? Or taking your girlfriend to the opera? Then pick this jacket to be the sartorial sweet spot for a perfect off-duty look. The fleece blazer achieves harmonious middle-ground between relaxed and refined dressing in blazer territory. Pair this one in Prussian blue with khaki chinos and a grey or white fitted casual shirt, finish off the look with a dark colored pair of espadrilles to maintain the relaxed vibe, and you will look serious business even on the weekends!

Swimsuit Online Shopping Guide for Indian Men

Are you thinking to join a swimming club this summer? If yes, then update your swimsuit wardrobe. Instead of repeating your previous year swim trunks, wear trendy and updated style swimsuits. A pair of calve length broad shorts is actually a high school boy fashion. For young and dynamic young men, selecting the right pair swimsuit matters a lot. Men’s online stores like Zobello have multiple options for swim trunks to find the best pair that matches to your taste as well as budget. One of the major advantages of swimming trunks online in India is to shop in bulk because it saves more.

Below are some useful guidelines to shop swimsuits online.

3 Popular Styles to Choose From

From India to America, these 3 types of swimsuits have caught the attention of men.

Trunks are one the most favorite swimsuits of swimmers in India and abroad. They look like shorts but are made from light materials like nylon and polyester. The clothing length is in the mid-thigh. Indian men, who want the flexibility to sit, swim and move without any hesitation can choose trunks.

Boardshorts are another very popular style swimming wear for men. They are actually a longer version of trunks ending just above the knee or past the knee. They mostly have a non-elastic waist. If your mood is to just chill out near the pool, buy the swimwear shorts online in black, blue or printed style.

Screen Shot 2018-04-30 at 2.39.24 PM

Swim briefs are popular among those young and dynamic men who don’t mind to display their legs and thighs. The body-hugging swimwear has a V-shaped front that shows off thigh.

Look Fresh & Different from Others with Floral Trunks

Do you know floral pattern trunks give the feeling of freshness in the scorching summer? The summer season in India is too hot to bear. In this heat, keeping your look fresh in the swimming pool area can be a little bit challenging. But a floral pattern trunk can do this task easily. Buy the floral pattern hot trunks from online fashion stores like Zobello. To make your look complete, it will be good to purchase an embroidered or geometry print espadrille online also.

 Consider Your Body Weight & Height

For Indian men who are shorts, trunks can be an ideal choice for them because they give the feeling of long legs. Indian guys who have good height can shop boardshorts. Make sure the length of the shorts is above the knees. Men with a fair and toned body can confidently wear swim briefs as they give much space for leg movement. But when you are just chilling near the pool, choose trunks or boardshorts. For fat Indian guys, boardshorts ending just above the knee are considered a perfect swimwear.

Buy More than One Pair of Swimsuits

A clever swimwear India online shopping means save more. You get good discounts along with no shipping charges. It can be possible easily when you buy at least 2-3 pairs of swimsuits together. Online stores have set the price goal of free shipping. If you reach the goal, you can able to save more.

Sneakers blur the lines between work and fun!

It has been quite some time now that the lines that segregated the casual attires from formal ones are slowly blurring and rounding off to simply being acceptable looking outfits. This trend of evolution of fashion has especially taken a stronghold in men’s apparel more than women’s ware. These days you would not see men walking the busy streets of major metropolitans around the world in their suits and hats, dressed formally for the work day ahead. Streetwear in its own sense has evolved as a hip style and people of all age groups and professions have been adding their personal flair to the outfits they wear on the ‘streets’. As the younger generations set foot in the workplace they are bending the rules of typical office wear from the drab grey suits and imposing boots to more comfortable, relaxed yet simplistic business casual outfits.

A prime example of the blurred lines of fashion between the work and fun is the advent of modern sneakers like the black leather, monk strap plimsolls for men from Zobello.

Sneakers, a class of footwear initially preserved for the school gym, as early morning obligatory running shoes or for packaged holidays is now emerging as acceptable footwear for all occasions for men and has emerged as an important part of men’s wardrobe, pairing well with both casual as well as formal outfits. They are the contemporary man’s all-day shoes to slip into the gym and walk into the boardroom with, alike without a sparing a thought. They are especially popular during the summer months because contrary to popular beliefs, wearing well-covered footwear is good for maintaining healthy feet and keeping the body’s thermostat in check during the scorching hot season.

While it may seem counterintuitive, but sneakers are in fact the perfect summer footwear. They are lightweight and designed to wick off sweat and moisture while maintaining proper airflow in and out of the footwear. Needless to be mentioned sneakers are designed to provide optimum agility to the wearer, which is why they are the armor of choice for all modern athletes and sportsmen. Presently, the best sneakers for men that you can get your hands on are the elastic tassel sneakers and faux suede or leather plimsolls available in a variety of styles and colors. We recommend having at least three pairs of everyday sneakers to switch around and wear for a comfortable walk to work or run in the gym without needing to pack 2 different pairs of shoes. While black, white and navy are men’s go-to colors, if you are looking to buy sneaker shoes online, try something different like the new chocolate brown, elastic tassel boat shoe sneaker, the faux leather lace-up plimsoll and a comfy canvas lace-up plimsoll

If you are looking to shop for the aforementioned stylish sneaker shoes for men and many more like them, be sure to check out, for the widest range of sneaker shoes online in India

Cool Yourself in Trendy Swimwear

Now that the summer is here, everyone is looking for ways to cool down. Avoiding getting drenched in sweat is the number one priority for those of us living in the hot and humid tropical zones. Most of us have our own way of beating the heat and my favourite method to do it by going for a swim. Other than cooling you down, swimming offers a plethora of health and other benefits. It is a very efficient way to burn calories, helps in building muscle and toning the body and improves your endurance. However, whenever I go to a pool in India, I am appalled by the sort of gear used by the other patrons. People just love to rush in wearing a regular pair of shorts instead of a proper costume. Not only is this behaviour unhygienic, it also damages the filtering system of the pool, putting everyone else at risk. Thus, I recommend everyone to look for swimming trunks online at if they are planning to go for a swim.

The number one problem that arises when one intends to buy a pair of swimming shorts, is which sort to buy. With so many different materials, styles and designs, it is hard to figure out which swimsuit will satisfy all your requirements. When it comes to the material of the fabric, you will most commonly find swimming trunks are made out of nylon and polyester. You will go through the pros and cons of both of these, so that you can figure out which kind of swimsuit best fulfils your desires. Nylon is a robust and durable fabric which offers a lightweight, smooth fit to the wearer. The low water absorbency of this fabric ensures that it dries very quickly, which makes it the perfect choice for a casual beach vacation. However, it is to be noted to prolonged exposure to sun or hot water will cause to fabric to lose its colour and fray. Polyester, on the other hand, is form fitting and even more durable than nylon. In addition to that, it is chlorine resistant and holds on to colour longer. Thus, if you regularly swim in a pool, it is a no-brainer to have a couple of polyester swimsuits on hand.

Whether you intend to go to a pool or are planning a vacation at the beachshop, the aesthetic of your swimsuit matters. People these days are conscious of everything in their attire, from their sunglasses to their shoes. I believe a similar respect should be extended to swimsuit india too. The issue is that people fail to realise the variety that is available in swimsuits. Thus, do not settle for mediocre designs and last year’s fashion. It is very easy to get the best of the best these days’. Just head online and look for swim shorts for men at You can find hip colour block prints, bold tropical styles and all of the latest different trends available at the most competitive prices.

Sneaker Shoes: Adorn Your Feet

Shoes were invented in desperation when a king got frustrated with his feet getting soiled in the dust, every time he stepped out of his palace. Roads were carpeted and many other measures were adopted but nothing worked until a man gave the idea of covering the king’s feet in leather. So goes the folklore.

Things are no different today. Shoes continue to remain an integral part of dressing up. Shoes play an important role in completing your style statement. In fact, it’s your shoes that will help you stand apart in a crowd of people, considering that everybody is wearing the same kind of outfit.

Sneakers, the most common avatar of casual shoes have a lot many more brownie points than just being comfortable. First, sneakers shoes for men are available in a variety of materials, breaking away from just leather look of moccasins and canvas of sports shoes. So you can have sneakers in leather, canvas, cotton, silk, polyester and many more fabrics. Secondly, there is a huge variety of colours to go with your mood and personality type.

Sneakers have a dual advantage, one being comfortable and second being closed and snugly wrapped around the foot providing a firm grip. This is the reason these are the most preferred form of footwear among college-goers and youngsters. For those who have to walk a lot every day or use public commute system, it is important to wear closed shoes to keep the feet clean and free of dust. What can be any more ideal than sneakers for men? Not only, they protect your feet, they also look cool with jeans and other casual wear. The flat and cushy sole aids walking around the campus.

Another point in favor of sneakers is that they keep your feet cool and ventilated in hot sweltering summer months of the tropical Indian weather. The feet can breathe and thus stay healthy and free from skin problems or feet odour.

Canvas shoes for men, with or without laces serve the same purpose. They look cool with jeans and capris and are ideal for a casual day in the market or mall. Canvas for one is durable and enduring. Two, it is no longer a boring looking black white or military green shoe but is rather available in many bright and eye-catching colors and even prints.

Ankle length sneakers look especially smart and trendy. They lend an extremely young look to the wearer. Zobello’s black faux leather ankle length sneakers are charming and eye-catching. Another trendsetter is the high ankle sneaker. Not only they can be paired with shorts and jeans but also make you appear taller. The all-white is another rage that has caught on. There is this military print for the sturdy types and Aztec and tribal print for the creative ones. Abstract prints are ideal for your adventurous moods while sober plain colours for your regular days. Thus there is something in it for everyone.

Beachwear Shop Online for Men

Screen Shot 2018-04-25 at 2.26.13 PM

Those days are gone when you had only a few options when it came to men’s beachwear or swimwear. The global fashion world of today has given a platform for new styles and bold prints for the swimwear that are not only trendy but comfortable as well. This season, do give your collection of swimwear a glamorous makeover with the huge collection of men’s swim shorts and swimwear from the house of Zobello. Buying beachwear for Men online is now a piece of cake as we provide you multiple options in fabric and design so that you exactly get what suits you the best.

Casual Shirts for Holiday: Holidays are incomplete without a new set of printed holiday shirts that are made of soft and lightweight fabrics like cotton and linen. For every urban gentleman who loves to step out in style, we present a premium range of casual shirts that reflect smart casual dressing. In tropical destinations, wearing soft fabrics like cotton or linen are considered to be the best and we present a plethora of designs in cotton and linen half sleeved shirts to choose from. If you are looking for a printed casual shirt in a cool shade, opt for the Mens Forest Bird Print Linen Shirt or the Mens Black n White Tie Dye Summer Shirt.

Screen Shot 2018-04-25 at 2.26.49 PM

As one of our exclusive products, the Mens Palm Tree Print Linen Shirt is designed with palm tree prints all over in a pastel blue shaded base. The shirt, made of pure linen fabric will let you chill out with ease. If solid shaded shirts are your favorite, you can always choose among designs like Mens White Casual Seersucker Shirt, Military Style Twill Shirt With Epaulets and Mens Indigo Linen Short Sleeves Shirt. These shirts are available in all sizes, ranging from XS to XXL. Selecting the perfect size for yourself won’t be a problem, as you will get assistance from our size chart on every product page.

Swim Shorts & Swim Wear: If visiting a coastal destination, your holiday will remain incomplete without swimming and here we present a range of swim shorts that are made of premium quality nylon and polyester fabric. Within this range, you get can choose from various designs like solids, color blocks, stripes, and prints. So, buy swimwear online by having a look at the charming Bold Tropical Print Swim Shorts, Beach Ready Quickdry Swimshorts or the Palm Print Pull-On Swim Shorts that are crafted in optimum style. Most of these shorts are designed with side pockets for the added look and comfort.

Screen Shot 2018-04-25 at 2.26.57 PM

 Espadrilles for Fashion & Comfort: We have come up with a new collection of footwear that blends comfort with high fashion. As casual footwear, espadrilles are the trendiest in global fashion scene as these not only look classy but also are the most appropriate for the humid weather. With jute insole and rubber outsole, the espadrilles provide optimum quality to wear for a long period. All sizes are available in the range of men’s espadrilles.

Screen Shot 2018-04-25 at 2.27.11 PM

So, to become the style icon during your holidays, shop online for the beachwear online India from Zobello at the earliest!