Are Tank Tops Perfect for a Beach/Pool Party?

The winter season is soon going to be over and the beach party season is all set to rock the parties. Go through your wardrobe to know how many style shirts you have for such party. Do you have tank tops? These stylish sleeveless tees are comfortable to wear and need no effort to look casual. For men, tank tops are the best way to display their biceps and impress girls. A beach or pool party is all about fun and full of activities. In this case, a casual and comfortable look is required to put on. If you attend the party in a full-sleeve t-shirt, it will be fairly uncomfortable for you to soak yourself into the water and participate in fun activities.

Reasons for tank tops for a beach/pool party

During beach/pool party, tank tops for men are considered as an active wear, giving you full freedom to use your arms. Countries like India, the beach spots are sunny and hot. In this context, the sleeveless tank tops seem comfortable to wear. It prevents ugly sweat spots. The stretchable body-hugging polyester tank top will enhance your style. You can easily find a casual smart look. A tank top can be layered with front buttoned half-sleeves shirt. The combination will definitely make you look handsome. These are some vital reasons that encourage youngsters to have a good collection of tank tops.

How to Wear

Fitting of the tee is an essential aspect. If you are not slim, don’t buy slim fit. Usually, regular fitting is an ideal choice. It easily covers your body flaws. According to fashion experts, the tee should fall just below your belt loops. Make sure it is not hugging your torso tightly. The fitting should be neither too tight nor too loose. Ideally, the tee should hang about half an inch away from your body to prevent it from body sweating.

The amount of skin you want to show is necessary to analyse. Choose the tank top that is not too loose to show your nipples. The armholes of the tee shouldn’t descend further than your first rib and the neckline fitting should be good enough to prevent revealing more skin.

A tank top can be combined with a pair of shorts to make you ready for a beach or pool party. You can also wear a pair of loose fitting jeans with it if your plan is to stay away from water activities.

Shopping of the Tank Top

Shopping for tank tops can be done from local to online markets. Those who love updated and trendy design in tank tops can confidently choose online shopping. Buy printed vests online in India because these tees are the best for beach parties in India.

Tank tops from online in India are available in different colors and style. Bright and dark color branded tank tops can be purchased from online stores at discounted rates. You can buy these tees of different patterns to try something new and trendy. So, trend lovers can move to online shopping for the tank tops.   


Men’s Branded Gym Vests Online

Gone are the days when men vests were considered as necessity that were to be worn either as an innerwear under a shirt or as a sleepwear. Nowadays men’s gym vests are viewed more as a style statement rather than a necessity. You can now find youngsters wearing them as a fashion statement both in the gym as well as in any casual gathering.

Branded tanks for men have become the choice of many fitness enthusiasts who look for a quality gym wear that will not just absorbs all the sweat post an intense workout also gives them toned look. A good breathable and fit gym tank tops for men is therefore is the key.

As one of the premium men’s online fashion store Zobello.comoffers an enviable range of men’s gym vests. These are available in a variety of style and designs as well as in different colors and cuts. Of the various styles available printed vests, gym vests and the ever-popular regular vests are the ones that are often shopped online by men visiting the site. As opposed to the regular sleeved/non-sleeved vests that can be worn under a shirt, printed vests which give a dashing look are best suited for the outside normally at the beach or at a casual gathering while gym vests are ideal for the gym where you can sweat out unabashedly without any worry.

In-fact, these branded tanks for men are the best gym wear that one can wear to the gym. Besides absorbing the sweat, these gym tank tops make working out more comfortable by allowing easy movement of hands when lifting weights or using a treadmill. The Dri-Best Work Out Tank With Chest Pocket is just what you need for a day in the gym. This round neck midnight navy regular fit vest made from moisture wicking absorb sweat and odor and keeps you fresh while its front pocket is ideal for holding a phone or an I-pod whilst you sweat it out during a run. Similarly, the sleeveless slim fit cotton Aztec Print Beach Tankwith ribbed neckband gives a perfect beach party look when teamed with a roll up summer shorts and cool espadrilles.

At Zobello’s, you can buy men’s gym vests online without any worry or hassles. Just breeze through our online catalogue to pick what you like in terms of style, design, fit, size and pattern. Order what you like simply at the click of a button. Our payment options are flexible, you can either pay online or opt for our COD facility and if your order is above a certain amount, we will ship it free of cost. We also have an easy return policy whereby you can either to return the vests in exchange for other for ask for a refund. Not only this our 24×7 customer support is always there to help you out should you have any queries.

So, log on to India’s premium men’s only online fashion store and order your gym tank tops now.

Be the Trendsetter with Solid Blazers

Dressing like a man is important to today’s world. A well fitted outfit, that is suited to the occasion will not only make you feel good, but also boost your confidence and self-esteem. This is not mere conjecture, but a scientifically proven fact. In a world where people are likely to judge you after mere fleeting interactions, it is important to put your best foot forward. Not only will those who you interact with take you more seriously, but you will also feel more comfortable in your skin in these situations. However, I see many young men struggling with this. After all, transitioning to formal wear after a comfy life of tees and jeans is hard. This is the reason why I recommend anyone who is adapting to life in more formal settings to buy solid blazers india.

A blazer, much like the suit, is a jacket which has been one of the most essential elements in a man’s wardrobe for centuries. Unlike the suit however, you are not restricted to in your choice of pairings. The blazer is incredibly versatile and looks great with almost all the components of your wardrobe. This allows you to mix and match and create many great combinations, which would have not been possible with a suit. Thus you can spice up even a very limited wardrobe with just one blazer.

You might’ve have heard men discussing about the fit of a blazer, when the subject comes up. Although all the jargon might seem complicated, there are just a few simple things that you need to make sure of to get that perfect blazer. The blazer should fit you comfortably after fastening the top button. Not too tight. Not too loose. The seam of the sleeves should be perfectly aligned with the end of shoulders. If there are any wrinkles or bunching of fabric around the shoulders or the sleeves, then the blazer does not fit right at the shoulders. The sleeve should be just long enough to let the half an inch of the shirt cuff to show.

Another essential element of dressing up is the accessories. Of course, you can completely leave them out for an understated look, but you should be aware that accessories add a certain, undeniable weight to your outfit. In fact, they are great way to add some colour into a dull outfit. Ties, pocket squares and belts can greatly increase the impact of your attire and can also facilitate some great colour accents. Secondary accessories like watches, cuff links, tie bars etc. can be used to add some bling.

I have always had a preference for blazers in neutral tones like black, navy or grey. These colours are easy to pair with and thus allow you to make many different combinations. The best mens solid blazers are found online fashion stores, since in physical stores the range is very limited. Due to the liberal return policy and great discounts, I suggest everyone to check out mens solid blazers online.

Hot Shopping Tips on Juttis for Indian Bridegrooms

Like an Indian bride, an Indian bridegroom also needs to dress up neatly. Instead of choosing a western wear, traditional dresses are more appreciated for him. Along with a Sherwani (Indian traditional attire for men) the most adorable footwear is none other than Juttis, also known as Mojari and Nagra. The traditional shoes are worn mostly in North India during religious occasions and weddings to find an effortless ethnic look. Like your Sherwani, selection of Juttis can be a little bit tricky. So, it is essential for you to learn how to pick the right Mojari.

Style & Variety

While shopping for men’s Nagras shoes online or offline, you should know about its varieties in order to find the right pair. The Juttis having an M shaped front is known as ‘Panna’ is usually intricately embellished. On the other hand, Nagras have a soft rounded front looking like modern day’s ballerina footwear. Motifs on the shoes are inspired by Mughal architecture and Rajasthan’s rich artwork. These traditional shoes have elegant thread work, sequined designs and many of them are hand-painted. If you love the simplicity and at the same time give value to tradition, jacquard slip-on juttis can be an excellent choice. These shoes have simple flower or geometry finishing. You can get them at cheaper rates. If you love plain Juttis featuring no designs, choose plain leather Mojaris. Pure leather made Juttis can be heavy in your pocket. You can consider a pair of faux leather Mojaris. Faux leather looks similar to real leather in terms of shine and look.

Shopping Based on Your Entire Attire

Since you are a bridegroom, you should look perfect. Don’t take chance with your appearance. Try to match your Sherwani with your Nagras. So, the best shopping guide is that first purchase your Sherwani and later move to Juttis shopping. You can play with colors but be careful. If the Sherwani color is cream or off-white, match it with a beige plain Nagras or brown Jacquard Juttis or sequined embellished juttis. Contrast colors for the shoes can be selected but avoid selecting green, pink or yellow. Royal colors are brown and black but selecting a light color Mojari is always a safe choice. You can easily team it with any color Sherwani. If the Sherwani is simple or not so embellished, choose an embroidered Juttis. It will enhance your personality. Go with Zobello Mojari online shopping because it offers more choices than the local market.

Make Sure about Your Shoe Size

Comfort plays an important role when it comes to shoes. Since it is your wedding, uncomfortable shoes can bring anxiety. Buy a pair of Nagras that you can easily slip on and slip off. Online shoppers should double check their size to avoid choosing a wrong pair. Nagra casual shoes for men are available in different sizes from online. Before shopping from online, rush to your nearby shoe shop to measure your actual size. A shoe seller can let you know your exact size.

We hope these hot tips on Juttis will help you buy the best pair.

Need suggestions? Find out the best in Plimsolls and Sneakers

Men have left the girls behind in style quotient. That’s a fact, why horrified? Did you just imagine that girls do it all? Sorry dear, time has changed and so have men.

Let’s explore all about footwear, for men. Can you just consider the fact that there are endless styles in footwear for girls and though men are racing behind, they are soon going to be far ahead in the league.

Talk about dress shoes, sandals, plimsolls, loafers and what not! Men beat all. Find them obsessed with their footwear and the best part, they flaunt it. “Shoes speak about your standards”, Yep, Really! it happens. Wearing a crisp white shirt along with formal bottomwear and rugged formal shoes, you’ll get stuck to the last.

Why? That’s because one slight fault in dressing especially, shoes can do blunders. Shoes are the integral part of your wardrobe, whether it is men or women, they are quite important for your style statement. Being said that, deciding the right shoe for the right occasion and then dress accordingly is a chief priority.

Plimsolls or flat sole shoes are a hep now-a-days. The upper canvas glued together to the rubber sole, is the speciality of the shoes. These beachwear shoes as the name suggests were created especially for the sandy land. Plimsoll is another name of these beach shoes.

These solid faux leather plimsolls are best suited with t-shirt and a pair of jeans. That rugged streetwear look perfectly goes with these shoes. Solid black faux leather plimsolls, these shoes give a perfect rich look and are good for almost any occasion. You may find other varieties but the faux leather plimsoll beats all.

If you are sporty and need ankle support, Canvas High Ankle Lace Up Plimsolls are the best choice. With that Cushioned Moisture Wicking Technical Fabric, it gets better for the wearer, which is the main aim for the manufacturers.

We call sneakers as the synonym to comfort. Find out mens sneaker shoes online with variety in style, texture and materials suitable to your type. Wear it with the casual t-shirt and suitable apparel to get that killing look.

People buy sneakers not only to flaunt their style but solve the primary purpose i.e. comfort. Apart from buying correct size and best fit, soles have gained popularity among the buyers. Decide your sport and buy the best suitable sneakers.

The bottommost layer of sneakers are generally made up of flexible rubber layered with polyutherane while the inner layers keeps your foot comfortable.

High ankle sneakers India is specially designed to keep the vulnerable ankle in place. This high heel design is in vogue and has become popular among the young generation.

The best part, you don’t have to roam around store to store, find you best pick over the internet through e-commerce websites which displays their best collection so that you have the better options to explore. Find plimsolls and sneaker shoes for men with ultimate collection saving time and energy. Beat the stores and work on your mobiles to get everything on your screen, only for you.

Buy Canvas Low Ankle Lace up Plimsolls Sneakers for Men

Just like clothes, shoes and accessories can enhance your style quotient in an effortless manner. In recent years sneaker shoes have become a part of a man’s attire and many a man are now giving attention to one part of the fashion attire that was entirely overlooked- men’s shoes!

Unlike the old times, when a man had just one or two pair of shoes in his closet for all of their everyday needs, nowadays people have three to five pairs of footwear for different occasions – be it office, causal, sports or gym. Nowadays one can find men’s shoes in different materials such as canvas, polyester, faux leather, faux suede, jute and in colors and patterns ranging from the ever popular black and brown to printed and embroidered patterns.

An excellent example of this are the Print Block Lace Up Plimsolls from the house of Zobello. With an insole made of the latest cushioned Moisture Wicking Technical Fabric, this Cotton Canvas sneaker shoes is perfect for a day’s outing. Similar to this is the canvas low ankle lace up plimsolls which will you an extra edge with your friends with their faux leather piping. You can buy these sneaker shoes online India at Zobello – Online Fashion Store for Men, which house some of the most amazing collection of men’s footwear including high ankle sneakers -one of the most popular and favored shoes of men in India.

These high ankle sneakers in India make a perfect accompaniment for both casual and formal outing. Pair a high ankle white sneakers with some formal shirt and trousers and behold you have captured the suave look for a business meeting. Night out with friends and family nothing will look better than comfortable converse high ankle sneakers teamed with well fitted jeans, a Polo tee shirt and a snazzy belt, so make sure that you have one in your closet.

Stylish, durable and big on comfort, you can buy high ankle sneakers online indiaeasily online on one of India’s best online fashion store for men at a budget that is easy on the pocket. Besides footwear, you can also take your pick of some of the top selling swimwear, inner wear, bottom wear and top wear and other accessories to go with your sneakers. Style is important whether they be clothes or footwear, so make sure that you go through the online catalogue thoroughly before deciding to buy a pair or two of sneaker shoes onlineBesides sneakers, you can take your pick from Zobello’s collection of formal shoes, casual shoes, sports shoes, running shoes and well as the eternally favorites – loafers, sandals and flip flops without which a man’s footwear collection is never complete!

So, what are waiting for! Go through our online catalogue of trendy and stylish sneakers for men and buy them now keeping in mind the color, fastening, the tip shape, the sole material, the upper material and yes, your foot size! And if you need any help our 24×7 customer support is always there to lend you a hand.

What happens when a girl decides to buy cotton blazer India for her fiancée

Like most Indian women, I also agreed to the marriage with a guy that my parents picked up for me. He was decent, well-settled but a bit shy. We just met three or four times and then we were engaged. The engagement was like most Indian functions, full of pomp and show and we barely got a chance to speak to each other. When I heard that he had been promoted at work (from his sister with whom I had developed a great bond), I decided to buy a gift for him. As I have seen him wearing cotton blazers often, I decided to shop cotton blazer online and offer it as a gift.

As I had never shopped for men’s clothing before, I turned to my best friend-cum-confidant and sought her advice. Since she has been happily married for years and always offered me great advice, I trusted her the most among all my friends. She advised me to check out and claimed that there I could find top cotton blazer online. As expected, she was right, and I did find a lot of options on the website. Since the collection was quite amazing, I bought two cotton blazers online. One for my fiancée and one for my dad.

I ordered the products to be delivered to my office, and that was a mistake. As I work in a startup where everyone knows everything about each other’s personal life, people easily guessed for whom I have picked the gift and started to tease me for it. Unfortunately, when I reached home, one of my little cousins also saw the package, and I was teased mercilessly once again. It was at that time I thought that maybe my decision to buy cotton blazer India was a bit over the top.

Surprisingly, it was my father who came to my room before dinner and asked me to show him the gift. Though I was thoroughly embarrassed (and a bit annoyed after all the teasing), he seemed quite calm and said that he would invite my fiancée and his parents for lunch on Sunday and give me an opportunity to give the gift myself.

Sunday seemed to arrive a bit earlier at that time, and I was given the opportunity to show my room (again) to my fiancée. It was then I hesitantly offered him the gift. Though my fiancé (now my husband) is a shy type of a person, he seemed quite boyishly excited and asked if he could try it on. Thankfully, the cotton blazer fit him perfectly (due to the sizing information her sister had shared with me), and he seemed delighted. It took me a few minutes to stop him from going in front of his parents wearing the blazer, but he agreed. He told me to keep it with me for the time being and that he would wear it to the office the first day he joins it post our marriage. The sincerity in his eyes and the look of affection is what made my adventure of buying cotton blazer online worth it. Even now, four years since our wedding, he looks dashing in it and I feel a little proud of my choice every time he wears it!


You know the feeling of living in a tropical country? Well it does mean you get to buy vests and tanks for yourself. When you think of tank tops for men, do you wonder what are the options for tank tops online? Well, if you haven’t looked into it yet, then you must at least check before you fuel your engine and hurt the atmosphere for something that was so easily available. Why just that, try out men’s vest online too, it is definitely going to give the environment some time to breathe, because that fuel is kind of chocking it.

Let’s not forget the importance of knowing what you wish to order or buy because if you have an idea it helps in filtering your hunt and saving time for you to look out for other things in the same time. It is pretty easy, you search how to buy vest online India and the desired websites will pop up on the screen for you to go through and have a look at their items. One of the best portals to check tanks and vests online is

With the fine and guaranteed product quality, Zobello offers some of the finest tanks and vests online. Housing all the clothing products needed for making a bold fashion statement, ti truly redefines mens casual wardrobe online. So now, with few clicks here and there on the items you can shortlist the desired tanks tops for men and men’s vest online. Well, that wasn’t as tough as it may seem before. Technology may seem tricky and difficult but it is to make your life easy and less complicated. The advice here is to go with the flow and match the trends of each day without any hesitation, what so ever. Now that you are aware of what to be done, what are you really waiting for? Go home or wherever you are and log into your laptops or desktops and get going mate.

We know it is a real task to pick the right tank top online and to buy vests buy online, India is actually a growing market and should be respected and experimented with as well. You have to see for yourself the options that are available online, it will blow your mind out of proportion because the options are so many that you will be confused or rather surprised enough to digest the fact that the world is so well inter connected that all the big brands are accessible with just a click to you. You can pick the right colors, materials you want, brand you wish for, all can be easily sorted once you decide that this is how you want to shop. There is absolutely no harm in seeing your options before you jump into the pool of purchasing. It is in fact a sign of a smart consumer if we may say so. Now, in tropical regions this is a blessing to have ample of tank tops and vests to go with you as they are soft and skin friendly suiting the climatic calls, and at the same time gives you a chance to flaunt your muscles and showcase those abs you worked for. There is no shame in this business.

Everything about your Shirt

Let’s start with a very basic question: What is the first thing which attracts you to select a garment? 99.9% people will answer “Looks”, very obvious. Honestly, not being rude with the rest, let us ignore whichever opinion it is.

Considering the fact above, the manufacturers make sure that the garment is attractive enough to catch the eyes of the people. Is this factor fair enough to buy a garment? No, not at all. The next big thing is the quality.

Why are we discussing these things? Because the further discussion talks not only about the looks but also about few other factors which are as important as the appearance of the garment.

It is well said, know his shoes first to know a man. But, I feel the attire speaks a lot about a man in the first look. That crisp white shirt with magnificent patterns and comfortable fabric with perfect fit, what do you have to say about such appearance? Maybe yes, this theory can make through the shoe story.

A man’s shirt defines his very first impression he makes in front of a person, it speaks about you. For every different occasion, we have different types of shirts to explore, Hawaiian shirt, formal shirts, informal/casual dressing and many more. Your mood goes with the type and colour of shirt you wear.

Therefore, to make a bold impression you find that crisp shirt with solid colour, well enough to impress the person in front of you.

Men need numerous shirts which can speak for him at every occasion. You can find a heap in the wardrobe to define himself.

What about that heap you want to have. Going around shops, brand, malls etc. it seems to be a tedious task, how about you get a choice to sit at home and get your pick through a mouse click? Going for shirts for men online shopping could be the next best idea. What’s the first best? Nothing, just your decision to buy some for yourself.

Find out the apt dressing for summers

Tank tops are the saviour against the sun’s cruelty, that hot and humid environment, sounds odd? But this is the bitter truth! We all desire minimal clothing and keep ourselves cool and in today’s modern world, the online fashion portals take care of you at every step; therefore, introducing these vests for men in unimaginable prints and colours. Believe me, that’s your best partner for hot season.

How about yellow print tank top along with blue solid shorts and espadrilles, you are so going to rock the summer. Going under harsh sunlight doesn’t matter anymore. Get going for the beach party in your tanks and shorts, be the style icon for all. Colour block, embroidered, printed, solid or striped, find out these amazing prints on your tanks along with collar of your choice, polo or round neck and stand out of the crowd. A chest pocket in white and blue add elegance to your looks in these vests. With all gala colours, just get your pick and enjoy summers! Comfort is the prime priority in summers, you want to be cool and airy then select the garments which can help you with this.  Get those comfortable printed vests online India to flaunt your best amongst your peer.

With the range of comfortable fabrics like cotton, cotton stretch and polyester, you can attain immense comfort and be stylish at the same time. The sweat will be absorbed by the fabric and you can remain cool and rejuvenated throughout the day. Find out your best size, if you are not sure then go for size chart, find your correct size and go for it. Workout, sports training and exercise, you can do it all in the most comfortable way. The top absorbs all the sweat and let air pass through keeping you cool throughout the period.

One unique advantage to go with online shopping portals is that you can customize your product because we have our own manufacturing unit so as to manufacture your requirement, your way. You can always select your colour and fabric with prints or not. Going for gym! You may probably find your best fit. You need vests which can dry quickly, keeping you comfortable throughout the period. You must have a tank top which is maybe loose fit with big armholes and sleeveless, perfect for your gym. Find out your gym vests online India. It sounds like tanks are wholly made for gymming purpose, perfect for gym but not sure outside? Things may get iffy while selecting the attire with tank tops. Find out the tanks which can sport outside the gym for a number of occasions or maybe not.

Buy printed vests online India with Zobello. Get those prints for grownups which can make you look super cool amongst your peer. Pair your printed vest in contrast with your lower; make sure you go for solid lowers and not the printed ones to enhance the looks with those printed vests. With the upcoming summers, get that funky and comfy look with the tanks and enjoy the sun even when the mercury has gone over the top.