Walk in Luxury with Stylish Sneakers

Shoes are the most underrated part of any wardrobe. They are the ones that protect your feet from dust, debris and unwanted microbes. They provide proper support for you to comfortably stand. And finally, they are the final element of any outfit, the element one relies on to provide the finishing touch. Having a few good pairs of shoes in your wardrobe isn’t a luxury but a down right necessity these days. After all you need a formal pair for all those business meetings and occasions, sports shoes to do some athletics, however, when it comes to casual shoes, the first thing that strikes the mind are sneakers.

Sneakers are the comfiest, most versatile kind of shoes known to man. Their immense popularity speaks for themselves. 8 out of 10 youngsters on the streets will always be flaunting their new pair of sneakers. To say that sneakers are a global phenomenon, would not be wrong. After all everyone, from rappers to Hollywood stars are snapped wearing sneakers from time to time. Behind this popularity of sneakers are a multitude of reasons. Firstly, their aesthetic is based all around comfort. Sneakers let you stay at ease throughout the day, especially if you happen to stand for long durations. The form factor promotes ventilation and keeps your feet fresh. Further, the sneakers are durable and are built to last in the rugged conditions of the cities. Unlike formal shoes, they don’t need to be polished or cleaned regularly. In addition to all this, the greatest advantage of the sneaker presents itself in the form of multipurpose nature of this shoe. Want to go for a jog? Check. Need to knock out some chores? Check. Going to hang out with the boys? Check. Sneakers seamlessly fit into all sorts of environments without a hitch. Just slip them on and go about your task.

Now that you have decided to get a few sneakers shoes online india to breathe some life into your wardrobe, it is also important to understand what goes well with them, so that you can craft the best outfits out of the existing clothes you already have. Again, the versatility of the sneakers comes into play. Be it shorts, chinos or jeans; sneakers look fantastic with everything. The same pair you wore with shorts and a sleeveless tee can also be dressed up and worn with a button up and chinos. Just keep your eyes open and always be on the lookout for interesting attire ideas. As far as colours are concerned you can go the classic route of neutral colours, or go for something flashier like tropical or abstract prints.

To buy the best sneakers for men, one can head online and easily browse the insanely large catalogue that online fashion stores have and choose a pair that fits your criteria. Everyone knows that if you buy sneaker shoes online, you can get the huge discounts in addition with the comfort of shopping while being anywhere in the world.


Surfing Grace in Amazing men’s Beach Dresses

I am of the opinion that travel is one of those things that rejuvenates a human being. With travel becoming a cultural phenomenon that grows more accessible by the day, I feel that it is important for everyone to take a short break or two every year. 2018 is filled with long weekends and vacation you can use to take a short trip to refresh yourself and take some time away from the busy urban life one has to lead in cities. My personal preference is to hit a beach and laze the day away, reading a book and sipping on margaritas. Beach vacations are the best way to re-energise yourself and just do what you want. However, the beach also requires a certain kind of dressing sense, which I find lacking in general. Thus, to get the best out of your beach vacation follow this guide so that you can your hands on the ideal wardrobe.

Beaches are a wonderful place to go and have the time of your life. You can feel excited, festive vibe all around as you travel and meet new people. You can let yourself go without thinking of the consequences. However, you want to stay at ease whenever you go out. Those jeans and shirts are completely out of place at the beach and your shoes are only good for collecting sand. Also, take into consideration the fact that your clothes will count into the initial impression of any new person you meet, would have about you. Thus, have a few beach dresses for men are a necessity to have in your wardrobe if you’re planning that vacation.

So, for these reasons, I recommend all men should get a few pairs of stylish men swimming costume. My first preference in the department of swimwear is boardshorts for men. Boardshorts, are the longer, baggier version of the classic swimming trunks. They are designed with the objective of creating a durable and robust pair of swim shorts, which dries quickly and is great for use both on land and in water. They are usually made from polyester or nylon, both of which are known for their ability to withstand water and dry quickly. Polyester also happens to resist chlorine in addition to drying out very fast and is thus ideal for anyone spending some time in a swimming pool. So, with a pair of good board shorts, you can hit the beach and have a swim and go directly to a party afterward, without a second thought.

Nowadays, you are not limited by the options your local store has. Due to the recent surge in the number of online fashion stores that stock beachwear, it has become incredibly easy to get your hands on cool swimming costumes. You can choose from hip colour block styles, get some of those cool tropical or floral prints or just buy a classic single tone. And while you are online, be sure to grab some flip-flops and espadrilles too. They are the perfect footwear to compliment your shorts.

5 Hot Looks for Men in Casual Blazers

Blazers are versatile outfits, designed to wear during formal as well as casual events. But the good news is that leading men’s fashion brands like Zobello have come up with new style trendy blazers which are actually casual blazers only. They are slightly different from formal blazers to help find an effortless casual cum dashing look. The key differences of casual blazers from formal ones are patch pockets, unstructured shoulders (means no padding) and available in different colors or patterns. They are slowly getting a place in men’s fashion wardrobe. Let’s get some styling tips for this fashionable outfit to look standout.

Teaming with Polo Shirts

Polo shirts are trendy casual wears for men which can alone give a handsome appearance. If you layer a polo shirt with a casual blazer, your entire look can be enhanced. The combination will give you a sporty appearance and make you ready to go for day as well as night outings. Try to choose contrast colors such as team up a white or cream casual blazer with blue, red, brown and any dark color polo shirt. For the bottom wear, you can select tight fitting blue denim or chinos. Tuck the shirt and wear a stylish belt. Boat shoes, loafers or lace-up style espadrilles can be teamed with the dress.

Pair with V-Neck Tees

Teaming a v-neck t-shirt with a blazer can make your entire appearance appealing. It will be a perfect transformation from a normal look to dapper one. Clad a plain white, blue, green, beige and off-white v-neck t-shirts with plaid or plain blazers. For bottom wears, dark blue jeans or khaki chinos can be worn. Finish off your style with a pair of glasses and a stylish lace-up espadrille.

Combining with Plaid Shirts

You may have varieties of plaid shirts that you like to wear with chinos and jeans to get a casual look. Why not layer the shirt with a plain casual blazer for men. Since the shirt has checked pattern, pair it with plain white, blue, cream or black jackets. Short length casual style plaid shirts don’t need to tuck but if the length is ending at the hip, tucking is a must. To avoid formal appearance, slip-on style plaid espadrille or plain loafer can match to your coat. The combination can be perfect for a dinner date or a casual party.

Teaming with Tropical or Floral Theme Shirts

Experiment with your style. Try to be a little bit innovative and impulsive so that you can set a new trend. Layer your floral or tropical theme shirt with a casual style blazer and finish off your look with shorts or chinos. The combination can be perfect for pool parties. You can also wear the same style while traveling to a new travel destination. Casual jackets have no such fashion rules. You can break a trend and set a new trend. So get ready to experiment.

With Plain Formal Shirts

A plain shirt is an ideal office wear but you can give a twist to your formal shirt to wear it casually. Plain shirts can be teamed with jeans pants and layer them with a plaid, printed or striped casual jacket. Keep your shirt collar out from the blazer.

Many men’s fashion brands in India including Brinell offer casual shirts manufacturing in India at attractive prices. The branded stores have chic and elegant blazers to shop.

4 Chic Beachwear Looks for Men for 2018 Summer Beach Parties

Summers are all about beach or pool parties. For these colorful parties, your appearance should be appealing. Trendy beach themed dresses are available for not only women but also men. Tropical or floral theme outfits look so refreshing and sophisticated. They are different from normal casual outfits and comfortable to wear by allowing you with more hand and leg movements. Men’s top fashion brands like Zobello offer updated varieties of beachwear for men. You can start your shopping from today onwards to upgrade your beach party wardrobe. Buy at least 3-4 pairs of swim shorts, slip-on shoes and tees or shirts to enjoy each beach party in style and comfort. Here we are providing you with some perfect beachwear looks to look hot and chic in 2018 summer beach parties.

A Linen Tree Print Shirt with a Pair of 3 Color Striped Swim Shorts

A pure linen shirt is comfortable to wear in summers. For beach parties, select a palm tree printed linen shirt and wear it with a pair of trio color swim shorts. Finish off your style with a jacquard embroidered espadrille or men’s island printed green espadrille. The palm tree printing on a shirt makes it a perfect beach wear. Now, you are all set to join a beach party and raise the fashion quotient.

A Navy Blue Banana Printed Shirt with a Pair of Solid Color Swim Shorts

Have you ever tried a banana printed shirt? This year get ready to wear the style. A navy blue casual shirt with small sized banana shaped printing all over looks like small polka dots. The trendy shirt will enhance your personality when you team it with a pair of decent and sober solid white or khaki color swim shorts. Wear blue glasses and slip-on style white or navy printed jute espadrille with this swimming dress for men.

A Green Leaf Print Shirt with a Pair of Black or White Swim Shorts

Did you ever notice leaves of a coconut tree? The beachside tree is an inspiration of designers to produce beach themed dresses. If you love ocean and greenery, buy a green leaf printed shirt. Online swimwear stores like Brinell offer green leaf printed beachwear. Wear a pair of black or white swim shorts with this beautiful shirt to give balance to your look. Don’t wear printed shorts; the combination may not look cool.

A Tribal Print Knit Shirt and A Pair of printed Swim Shorts

Fashion can be inspired by anything. The tribal art is an attractive combination of different shapes. If you want to try something different and chic, a tribal printed knit shirt will be an excellent choice for you. The printed shirt has every element of casual wears like comfortable to wear, friendly to the skin, short sleeves and full button placket. Her you are free to keep your shorts either plain or printed.

We are one of the top men’s swimwear supplier in india . There are plenty of options to help find your choice.

Summer Blazers for Men Available in Online E-Commerce Stores

With the arrival of summer, casual dressing takes its higher form letting you choose from various options in casual shirts and bottom wear. Still, you must be wondering what to wear to a summer party or function where the dress code is semi-formal or casual. No worry as Zobello has come up with its premium range of summer blazers for men that can make you the showstopper of any gathering, be it your college prom night or a business party. While staying in vogue, it is equally important to stay comfortable and keeping this aspect in mind, the summer blazers in this collection are crafted with premium quality fabrics that will let you enjoy with ease. So, exploring the collection, pick the ones that cater to both your style and budget.

Casual Blazers: Casual blazers are ruling the fashion trend these days as these outfits can add that extra layer of spark to your over-all dressing. Here we present to you a plethora of collection of men’s casual blazers that blends style with comfort.  You can select from huge color options, ranging from warm shades like maroon, red, multi-colors to elegant shades like black, beige, brown, blue, white and many more. If sporting a simple and classy look is what you prefer then you can have a look at the soothing solid pastel shaded blazers that are appropriate for the summer. You can opt for the Dark Grey Solid Casual Blazer or the Casual Brown Notched Blazer that feature minimalist design in light pastel shades. A casual black summer blazer is all you need in your wardrobe to remain sorted for any casual gathering and the unique Casual Black Notched Blazer is a product to opt for.

Patterns & Prints: Patterned blazers are extremely popular these days and you can have a look at the White Unlined Casual Blazer that is designed with blue prints all over on white base colour. This blazer, when worn with a pair of ripped denim and a white casual shirt can make you the style icon in any day party. If you love experimenting with fashion by sporting bold shades and cool prints, the Casual Printed Black Blazer and the Palm Tree Print Summer Blazer are the products that you can choose from. These blazers can be teamed up with cotton pants or denim and casual shirts from our store.

Fabric & Fit: The men’s casual blazers are crafted of superior quality fabrics like pure cotton, denim and canvas. The superior quality fabrics of the blazers provide extreme breathability and comfort while you wear them for a long hour. The blazers are available in all sizes, ranging from XS to XXL. If you find it difficult to choose the exact size, you can take assistance from our size guide that is available on every product’s page. To maintain the quality of the blazers, all you need to do is wash them with a mild detergent at home. These blazers can be easily hand or machine washed at home.

With so many options in blazers for summer, your wardrobe can be revamped easily for the upcoming season. So, without delay, choose from the wide range of casual summer blazers for men and shop online from Zobello today!

Grab the Best Beach Wear for Men Online

Screen Shot 2018-04-13 at 3.47.58 PM

Get ready to set your holiday spirit this summer to the coasts with a fresh new set of beachwear from the exclusive Zobello store. The collection of beachwear comprises casual shirts, swim shorts and casual footwear that can let you make an unmatched statement, making you score high on your fashion quotient. So, before you pack your bags with the old worn swim shorts and casual outfits, give us the opportunity to revamp your style. Have a pristine look at our collection of beach dresses for men and pick the most stylish ones catering to your choice.

Holiday Casual Shirts: For every urban gentleman who loves to step out in style, we present a premium range of casual shirts that reflect smart casual dressing. Within this range, you can check out the holiday shirts that are crafted exclusively to set your holiday spirit in vogue. In tropical destinations, wearing soft fabrics like cotton or linen are considered to be the best and we present a plethora of designs in cotton and linen half sleeved shirts to choose from. If you are looking for a printed casual shirt in a cool shade, opt for the Mens Palm Tree Print Linen Shirt, which is designed with palm tree prints all over in a pastel blue shaded base. The shirt, made of pure linen fabric will let you chill out with ease. Other printed designs like Mens Forest Bird Print Linen Shirt or the Mens Black n White Tie Dye Summer Shirt can also be opted for. If solid shaded shirts are your preference, you can choose among designs like Mens White Casual Seersucker Shirt, Military Style Twill Shirt With Epaulets and Mens Indigo Linen Short Sleeves Shirt. These shirts are available in all sizes, ranging from XS to XXL.

Swim Shorts: Of course your holiday is incomplete without swimming and here we have a range of swim shorts and board shorts for men that are made of premium quality nylon and polyester fabric. Within this range, you get to choose from various designs like solids, colour blocks, stripes and prints. If you are heading to the most happening beaches and want to have the ultimate amusement, you can have a look at the charming Bold Tropical Print Swim Shorts, Beach Ready Quickdry Swimshorts or the Palm Print Pull On Swim Shorts. With the online shopping option in men swimming costume, it’s easier now to pick the best designs from a varied range. Most of the shorts are designed with side pockets for the added look and comfort.

Classy Espadrilles: To let you enjoy the sun set and sea breeze in style, we have come up with a new collection of footwear that blends comfort with high fashion. Espadrilles are not only classy in design, but are the most appropriate for the humid weather. With jute insole and rubber outsole, the espadrilles provide optimum quality to wear for a long period. The slip-on closure adds to the comfort one step ahead.

So, what are you waiting for? Shop online for the beachwear from Zobello to get summer ready!

Sneakers Style Galore

Go east or west; when it comes to comfort and trendy looks, men and women alike, swear by sneakers. These are the kind of shoes that look stylish while providing a flat sole to rest your foot on. Thus one thing one would never leave home without is, a good pair of sneakers.

Sneakers have come a long way from the time common men and women started using them. Now, sneakers of different kinds are available specific to a person’s preference such as slip-on sneakers, lace sneakers and many more.

Although slip-on sneakers are the current rage and are slated to stay due to the comfort with which they can be put on and removed, lace sneakers are the conventional and traditional style, which keeps doing rounds of staying in and out of fashion. In short, this style is evergreen and is here to stay. They provide the best fit as they can be adjusted exactly according to a person’s foot size or the level of comfort. This is the reason buyers prefer lace shoes over the slip-on version. You can now purchase sneaker online india at Zobello – Online Fashion Store for Men.

Sneakers are also a traveller’s best friend. You can bet that your sneakers will go with you, no matter whether you travel within the country or go globe-trotting. You can trust your humble pair of sneakers to take you for endless hours in a shopping street or adventurous city tour. Mens lace sneaker is the number one preferred footwear when it comes to travelling due to its powerful grip on the foot.

If you are an out-going person, nothing more than a great pair of sneakers is your best friend. Faux leather sneakers that help flaunt your style and complement your outfit are secret to be successful in your social life. These have the advantage of appearing formal while still being high on comfort. Unlike canvas shoes, they always remain new and intact. Not only in terms of usage and practicality, faux leather sneakers have recently emerged as the footwear to make a fashion statement. When you step out in the street every day, your look will remain incomplete without a pair of stylish sneakers.

If you think, high top basketball shoes are only for basketball players, you are mistaken. Ankle length sneakers make a very strong fashion statement. This style is always with laces and a flat sole. These are best suited for hot and tropical Indian summer. Canvas sneakers, more commonly known as canvas shoes are ideal form of india lace sneaker. These are lightweight and made of breathable canvas fabric thus making them comfortable on the foot and are also easy to clean

Shopping for sneakers at Zobello, gives you access to a range of innumerable vibrant colours. Besides the regular blacks and browns, you can also buy all white sneakers, red and silver sneakers are also an option. If you are the daring kind, try our new check sneakers.

Blaze the Fashion Scene with Buoyant Blazers

The winters are good time for men who like to express themselves through their clothes. The hot and humid conditions in the summer severely limit the number of options a man has in his closet. With the onset of colder weather, men get access to a significant number of garments which could previously not be worn due to weather. You have wonderful choices like sweater, shirts, cardigans, jackets, courts that allow you to make some wonderful pairings. Further, with the influx of accessories such as ties and scarves, one can easily layer clothes to make awesome outfits. However, out of all this winter wear, my first choice is always blazer online shopping.

A good blazer is perhaps one of the few things you need to build a reasonable winter wardrobe. In appearance and fit, the blazer is most reminiscent of a suit jacket. And in many ways, the blazer is almost like a suit. It carries the same gravitas and suaveness. Also like the suit, a blazer is constructed with the intention of enhancing the wearer’s physique and directing attention towards the physique. However, the similarities end here. While the suit is a much more rigid and formal garment that comes with its own conventions, the blazer on the other hand, is flexible and fits into almost any wardrobe while still retaining the polish that a suit brings to the table. One does need to adhere to any dress code like wearing a shirt or trousers. Unlike the suit, you can wear almost anything – from a dress shirt to a plain t-shirt – underneath a blazer. Blazer for men online is best way to explore your options.

The greatest advantage which a blazer presents to its owner, is its absolute versatility. A blazer is like a chameleon, it seamlessly blends into any environment you put it in. So, whether it’s a company meeting or your friend’s birthday, don’t think twice before pulling out that the blazer. The same blazer you wore formally with a shirt and trousers can be worn with a plan white tee and some jeans or chinos for a casual look. Further, a blazer is a fantastic purchase in terms of value for money. If you buy a blazer that is in sync with your wardrobe you can make multitudes of combinations like the ones mentioned above. Thus, just a single blazer can allow you to create countless outfits.

So, now comes in the question of colour. Since your new blazer will be reliant on the combination you can make with your existing gear, it is essential to study your own wardrobe and figure out what colour your ideal blazer should be. To first time blazer buyers, my first suggestion is to go for a neutral shade that would complement your wardrobe. Navy blue, black and grey are popular tones that you can smoothly merge into your outfits. After understanding the basics, you can go wild. Since blazers are easily available in all sorts of colours and styles, especially if you buy blazers online, the only thing you are limited by is your imagination.

Complete Guide to Choose the Right Swimwear

Different people have different body types. Some are fat while the other are thin. Some are short and some are tall. When you select your outfit, it should complement your body. You will be amazed to know that from simple t-shirts to swimwear all need to be in a perfect size. One wrong choice can ruin your entire look. So, this summer if your plan is for beach parties, don’t miss to know which type of swimwear can suit you much.

Swimsuits for Short Guys

A man who is short in height should choose trunks which end near mid-thigh. It will give an illusion of longer legs. If your trunk is longer than mid-thigh it may look like you have worn your dad’s swimsuit. Swimming dress for men with short height shouldn’t be bulky or oversized. They can wear floral printed and checked printed trunks to revive their boring beach look. Horizontal stripe printed trunks can look cool on them instead of vertical.

Swimsuits for Tall Guys

Tall guys are lucky because they have much freedom to choose swimwear. They can select long shorts to find a balance between swimsuits and legs. They are also free to wear trunks ending mid-thigh. One mistake a tall figure man often does is that he selects a longer trunk touching or covering the knees. This type of fashion was in the 90s. Your shorts should be long but it shouldn’t cover your knees. Choose a printed style so that attention others don’t go to your legs. Wear the shorts below your abs and just above the hip.


Swimwear for Skinny and Fat Guys


The swimming suit for men should be according to their weight. If you are a skinny man, there will be no problem in terms of length of the swimwear but the width can cause problems. Thankfully, there is a solution. Go for slim fit trunks instead of regular size. The reason is that the extra fabric of the shorts will hang loosely around the legs and your legs will look thinner. Choose thick trunk material to add girth. The waistband should be fitted well. If it is loose fitting, you may have to constantly pull it back to its position which seems too bad.


For fat guys, it is tough to look perfect on the beachwear but it doesn’t mean that they cannot wear swimsuits. Many brands have come up with plus size trunks to complement the look of larger men. During shopping of swimming costume for men’s of larger size, you will have to be careful about the length. For short and fat guys, trunks above the knee are excellent to maintain the balance between their stomach and legs. Tall and fat guys can select a long size swimsuit but it shouldn’t cross the knee. They can buy floral and vibrant printed swimsuits to distract the attention of others from their heavyweight.

Choose Sneakers That Fit Your Lifestyle

Sneakers are those pair of footwear that are not only classy, but also an ultimate companion of every man for regular use. Keeping the global fashion trends in mind and your optimum usage factors, we have come up with a fresh new collection of sneakers shoes online that can make you look extremely stylish besides keeping you comfortable for the entire day. So, go ahead and explore the collection of sneakers for men to add a touch of elegance to your wardrobe.

Designer Men’s Sneakers: It is needless to say that the footwear you wear reflects your style and personality. We ensure that every time you hit the street, you are the trend setter and this collection of men’s sneakers represents colours and designs that are globally acclaimed. Within this range, you can choose among a huge palette of colours like blue, white, black, brown, red, yellow or multi-colour. If you are thinking of getting a pair of sneakers that can accentuate your regular casual wear to college, you can explore the range of sneakers with geometric patterns. The Snake Skin Faux Leather Plimsolls or the Checkered Lace Up Plimsolls feature pattered designs that can complete the look for college or any casual meeting.

High ankle plimsolls are quite popular internationally now-a-days and you have a huge option of this style among products like High Ankle Snap Strap Plimsolls and the High Ankle Bonded Plimsolls. These, sneakers, when paired with your favorite denims and tee shirts or casual shirts, can make you stand apart in any crowd. For those who love to dress classy, the Canvas Lace Up Plimsolls or Mens Elastic Tassel Green Boat Shoes make suitable options.


Comfort & Fit: Here at Zobello, you can choose from a huge range of best sneakers for men that are high on comfort. The sneakers are made of superior quality material like canvas, cotton, faux leather and faux suede. Hence, the sneakers are light weight featuring soft insole. The outsoles of the sneakers are quite sturdy, making them absolutely resistant to harsh weather conditions. Some of the sneakers feature lace up closure where as some feature slip on and snap trap closure for the added comfort. All the men’s sneakers from this range are available in different sizes, starting from 6 UK to 12 UK. If you find it difficult to select the proper size, our size guide is there to make it easier for you by assisting you with feet measurements to match with each size.

Easy Maintenance: The sneakers provide easy maintenance as you can easily clean the stain from their surface using a mild bristled brush or a soft cotton cloth. If maintained properly on a regular basis, the sneakers are sure to sustain for a long period.

If you are thinking of gifting a pair of sneakers to your friend or colleague on an upcoming occasion, go ahead! Moreover, you can avail great discounts and exciting offers when shopping online from us. So, without giving it a second thought shop online for men’s sneakers from Zobello at the comfort of our couch.